CAASI CBD. Helping The Mind And Body Feel The Way You Want To Feel, FAST. ​ Use ITRUGBY20 for 20% discount (through May 2020).

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CAASI CBD. Helping The Mind And Body Feel The Way You Want To Feel, FAST. ​

CAASI is a trusted space for connected wellbeing through plant based products, c​ommitted to making consumers feel great while providing transparency and education.

Please note that international pricing is increased on this product due to shipping and duty.

May 21, 2020 ​ , ​Portland, Oregon “CAASI,” the Greek word for pure, is everything that we stand for as a product. We provide one of the cleanest, purest CBD oils in today’s market. CAASI hemp CBD beverage drops are versatile, because they are flavorless. They are also sonically vibrated in production to make the formula more bioavailable to the body, which means it’s easier for your body to absorb and feel the results faster than some other ingestible CBD products on the market. Our non flavored product is so mild that you can hardly detect a taste. CAASI is a great product to mix with water or your favorite beverage and is easy to incorporate into everyday routines. The CBD liquid is white and cloudy, and​ we choose not to remove the white color because some of the nutrients would be removed with it.

Just a few reasons CAASI Beverage drops are great: ● Clean ingredients, ethically sourced in Oregon. 3​rd​ party lab results on website. ● THC free = non intoxicating. Great for those that are required to drug test for work or sports. ● Nano emulsion makes it more bioavailable for quicker and more thorough absorption. ● Non flavored. Most products made from isolate have a bitter aftertaste. Not this one. So mild you can hardly detect the taste making it very versatile. Add to anything from water to smoothies, cocktails or mocktails. ● High potency (most CBD beverages range from 5-20mg per serving), ours is 30mg per serving. ● Most CBD beverages range from $4.50-$7 each making this $90, 1oz bottle a value at $3 per serving ● Enhances exercise tolerance, reduces recovery time ● May help relieve inflammation associated with normal daily exercise and activity ● Promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness ● Helps maintain optimal health.

CAASI offers transparency, clean products, education and community. We source the best ingredients from ethical vendor partners and always share our third party lab results. We align ourselves with leading experts in our industry, including those in the health and wellness space from scientists, doctors and nurses in Eastern and Western medicine. We’re here to educate as well as listen to what you want. We know a lot, but we’ll never pretend to know it all. We’re in this together because we’re just trying to live our best lives, just like you.

About CAASI: CAASI founder, Lori Peck, a breast cancer survivor, dealt with divorce, losing the family home and the sudden death of a loving pet, all within a short period of time. We all have stories. How we move forward in the face of adversity is a choice. The foundation of Lori’s strength and resilience comes from gratitude, forgiveness, love of friends and family, meditation, an active healthy lifestyle and yes, the help of CBD. What we put in our bodies, matters. She is determined to live her best life and help others do the same. That goal is what lead her into this industry and on a path to find clean ingredients, amazing partners and vendors that share those same goals.

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