Bubble Baths for the Rugged Individual this Mother’s Day… TOAwaters.com (SHE DESERVES TO RELAX MORE THAN EVER!)

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Bubble Baths for the Rugged Individual this Mother’s Day


TOA Waters provides premium bubble baths for the rugged individual. We’re not your typical rose-petal, pinky-up scented bubble bath company. Prepare to hike through a forest or swim in the Red Sea – all in the comfort of your tub.

Their bubble baths are bursting gender stereotypes, one bubble at a time. Men no longer have to worry about what indulging in a bubble bath will do to their image. And women, who ever said that flowery scents and a side of glitter are all that is appropriate for you? The perfect gift for the Rugby player at heart ๐Ÿ™‚

These bubble baths are enriched with whole milk, B-vitamins, calcium, and much more. Best ingredients = “touch-me-now” skin.

TOA Waters signature scents include elements like cedar wood, oak moss, smooth spices, citrus, and dark cocoa. Plus, they are small business products are proudly made in the USA.

With stresses at an all-time high (post elections, a pandemic, etc), a nice warm bubble bath is exactly what the doctor ordered to ease stresses, soothe your mind, and relax sore muscles. Plus, theyโ€™re super luxurious your Mum this Mother’s Day (and granny), even for the most difficult shopper. Give them the gift of a relaxing night off for your mom this Mother’s Day.

Recently featured in NorthJersey.com and the Frederick News-Post.

To view their bubble baths and Mother’s Day gift sets visit www.TOAwaters.com.

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