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BOOK: Mr Jones by Alex Woolf… for Easter Reading!

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BOOK: Mr Jones by alex Woolf… for Easter Reading!

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Ben hears noises in his basement and witnesses weird goings-on in his local park. His eight-year-old daughter Imogen starts receiving messages from someone claiming to be her missing mother. And then there is Mr Jones–the man who haunts the imaginations of the children at Imogen’s school. But they are just stories, surely? Ben soon develops a creeping suspicion that someone is out to kidnap his daughter. Are his fears real or a result of his own stress-induced paranoia?Alex Woolf’s psychological thriller explores loss, fear and an overwhelming desire to keep those we love safe from harm.

Mr Jones
“A work of great delicacy and skill, Woolf creates a very real world that is also teetering on the edge of the uncanny” – Dan Brotzel, author of Hotel du Jack

“A book you must read! Very rarely has a novel creeped me out as much as Mr Jones. It goes well beyond the blurb, that you end up wondering about your own safety and your own family, absorbing Ben’s feelings and emotions. It is very difficult to say any more without a series of spoilers so I will just say, for those looking for a book that will get inside your head, go straight for Alex Woolf’s Mr Jones!” – Damien Mosley, author of Joined Up

“Suspenseful and haunting, Mr Jones will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time.” Emily De Vogele, Commissioning Editor, Indie Novella

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