BOOK: Herman and the Princess Gull Kindle Edition by Lew Maurer…

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A charming new picture book written by retired boat Captain Lew Maurer, with lively illustrations by Candace Camling, Herman and the Princess Gull. Herman’s tale of bravery and friendship will delight and inspire readers of all ages.

Intended for children ages four to eight, Herman and the Princess Gull introduces themes of friendship, survival, and compassion. The educational backstory pages include a glossary of the cast of characters. Marine photography further depicts the illustrations and explains the scientific concepts in ways that readers of all ages will understand.

Book Synopsis:
Beautifully illustrated, the story begins with Herman, a hermit crab who longs to explore the ocean and beach but is too afraid. When a weak Heermann’s Gull named Antares appears, Herman risks his life to help her eat and regain her strength. They soon become friends and Antares saves him from hungry snapper fish and gives him protection to explore. When Antares is strong again, she returns to her family across the sea, but not before helping Herman find a protective shell that gives him the freedom to continue his island adventures.

Captain Lew Maurer grew up on fishing boats, and spent his entire life on the water, repairing, building, and operating commercial and pleasure vessels all over the world. This depth of knowledge and experience gave him the ability to build and captain Moana a very special, long-range power catamaran. His love affair with the sea is tangible as he describes in authentic detail, his fifteen-year odyssey to the most remote places on our planet. He calls San Diego home … when he is home. Learn more at:

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