BOOK: Fatal Equation is a light-hearted, yet poignant, novel about an age gap relationship by Gethyn Jones… (for many dads this is an ideal Father’s Day gift)

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Fatal Equation is a light-hearted, yet poignant, novel about an age gap relationship. It would make the perfect gift for Father’s Day especially as Gethyn covers issues that Dads can relate to!

4th May 2023|Paperback £8.99 |Ebook £2.99 | Available via Amazon and to order in all good bookshops.

Love, Loyalty, Tragedy, Revenge, Forgiveness, Ambition – and Music.

It’s a pan-emotional rollercoaste

At the tender age of 16, Ali Kurmi was cruelly exiled to the south coast by his domineering father, to protect the family name. He was never asked to return. Now in this thirties, he’s forced to work as an unofficial bailiff for his father’s property company, a job he detests. The only thing keeping him going is songwriting and DJing.

Ali invests all his cash in recording his songs, in a plan to break into the notoriously unwelcoming music business. His off-beat passion for 70s and 80s music leads him into DJ work on the corporate events circuit, where he meets and is smitten with, a beautiful, older woman.

Laura O’Brien recently inherited a fortune after the tragic death of her husband Frank, the internationally acclaimed Irish racehorse breeder. In shock, and determined to avoid returning to the bottle again, she’s left Tipperary to start afresh in Hampshire – with plans to put her new-found wealth to good use.

This unlikely couple’s happiness, and their plans to launch Ali’s music career, are soon imperilled when Ali finds himself being blackmailed by his own father – and innocently falling foul of a drugs cartel. Trouble’s brewing for Laura too, not least her unhinged and dangerous step-daughter, hell-bent on revenge – and reparation.

Fiction Meets Fact

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