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When we have a dream of building a new home… or radically transforming an existing dwelling it can be one of the most fulfilling, engaging and exciting times of our lives. Formulating the plans. Finding developers, architects, designers. Tradespeople excitiedly installing all the elements from foundations to the finishing touches of trim around newly installed solid oak flooring. A Flu in the chimney… for an open fireplace. Perhaps your putting in a stove?

Images of painting and actually getting covered in paint! Eek! So exciting! From start to finish! Seeing the plans on the architects drawings. Getting an imaginary representation of your future home in your mind and then seeing that happen in realy life is magical.

Do you have the funds!? Is there enough money? Will you have to move out of your existing home or perhaps even move into a caravan on land until your new home is built!? Staying with family!?

Planning the furnishings and interiors. Choosing kitchens and bathrooms. Will the property utilise solar, wind and or water power for electricity generation. What is the insulative rating of the materials. Has an indoors vegetable garden been planned with south facing windows to harvest sunlight! Are you tapping into the idea of storing heat in the ground. Is their underfloor heating. Baths and swimming pools. Panic rooms and what about security. Saunas and steam rooms. A gym!

Just thinking of the endless possibilities and then making your dreams become realities requires at least to critically important elements. Those are all about having the best builders and the best architects. Once these elements are in place then people can get on with that initial stage of planning. Planning can take years. Finding the right piece of land or even finding out what are the building control laws on what you can do with your property. Will local councils allow you to build your dream home on the land you have chosen.

Taking time to choose the right eto work with including interior deisgners will pay you back massively later. Keeping a very close eye on the budget and allowing many thousands of extra currency to allow for unforeseen problems which can and will arise is highly advised.

Finally after several years you could be beginning the process from marking out the grounds and foundations, through to putting the roof on. Sealing in the property, installing windows then moving onto plastering the walls, finsihing floors, installing kitchens, bathrooms, storage, tiling the swimming pool and so on until you begin decorating. The process really never ends in many cases because it will be a constant reality that for many years your then really just getting to know yourself inside these new spaces!

We do hope you are amazed and enthralled from start to finish in your advetnure!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by here and we wish you every possible success moving forward!

Thanky ou for everything that you are doing! Very, very best wishes.

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