Motionize! REVIEW ! This awesome device gives real time stroke & technique info!! It works / tested on lough Navar, 10 out of 10 !

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Near our office we have several moutain lakes, they are very well protected by forest, though easily accesable with jetty and launching facilities, they offer an array of conditions almost daily and after setting up we tested out the motionize !



Amazing little product! Its easy to set up, very user friendly and for those hours of practice, if your coach is not available then this item is with you throughout practice and giving feedback. Knowledge and precision is the basis of success so getting the knowledge from this device which is analysing your stroke as its happening is totally invaluable, a full spec of the product is below!  We have no doubt in this product and enjoy it! Your technique will improve so quickly using this!


Motionize >> Paddle Tech Superior Tracker, real time stroke and technique info



Motionize’s soon-to-be launched paddle tech superior tracker is going to shake up how consumers train for paddle boarding as the sport continues to grow in popularity among recreational enthusiasts and competitive athletes around the world.

From the creators of the popular Paddle Edge, the new Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Tracker is poised to be a first-of-its kind virtual coach for the sport and the only paddle board product to provide real time stroke and technique info for users. With this new ability to analyze each session, athletes’ techniques will get the feedback needed to improve through optimization of early angle analysis, distance per stroke, and stroke count per side.

What makes the SUP Tracker tick? Here are some of the tech specs for you to check out:

· BLE connectivity: Bluetooth Smart enabled;

· 5 hour operation time: Powered by Lithium-Polymer 3.7V 150mAh paddle sensor battery;

· Smart phone compatibility: Works with iPhone 5 & iOS 8 and up; Android 5.0 and up;

· Super-durable: Built with fiberglass infused nylon.

Priced at $149 USD, early buyers will be pleased to find out that for a limited time the product will be available for $99.

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See the distance covered and your route on an interactive map. Track your speed and the number of strokes per minute to find the paddling pace that is best for you. SUPerior provides a real time view of your stroke count and water entry angle for of the board, combined with data about the distance covered per stroke you will be able to optimize your stroke for maximum efficiency.  Heart rate (HR strap not included) and calorie burn information will allow you to pace or push yourself to achieve your fitness goals.

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