On track for explosive 25% gains in rugby specific strength! Claire Withers Personal Trainer and Peter Baird Complete Gyms Nutrition have been working with Alan Whitten for 4 weeks and the gains are plain to be seen! With the three inputs of Alan’s determintation to push himself, Claire’s training regime and Peter’s balanced nutrition supplements, the outcome looks assured. Alan Whitten Training Blog: Week 4!

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Below – blog notes from week 4.

“After Alan’s holiday it was back to business and sweating in the gym. Alan has had a good break and the recovery time should leave him fully charged for not only our training but his clubs pre season training. As he trains twice a week with his club, I have to be careful to structure our workouts correctly. Too much and he will be depleted for squad training , too little and we wont achieve the gains that we want.

This is week four and we are really starting to push the weights up keeping to the same principal as train how you play. His KB drills are good and any more improvement I will have to order heavier weights! I included one new exercise with the bells called a renegade row adding in a push up between rows. The weight used may seem light (12kgs) but when you keep a strict form and rely on your core for stability the exercise is a difficult one to execute. Pictures of Alan looking wrecked looking at the bells show just how tough a workout i gave him.

Here is week 4s workout. 4 sets of everything.

Warm up dynamic stretches lower and upper body.

Static stretch key muscle groups.

Kettlebell warm up recapping drills and raising heart rate, bell used is a 16kg.

Clean and press. Reps are Weight used on first set is 28kg on other 3sets is a 32kg (heavy bell indeed)

Superset with a Renegade row 2x12kg bells. Push up between each rep. Reps are 6each arm.

TRX chest flyes lat drop combo. Reps 12 of both exercises.

Superset with 32kg overhead walk. Keeping strict form.

6mins 2arm swing with 28kg and 24kg bells. I let Alan choose which weight he used and also what rep range he done. The idea is to change the weight and mix the reps throughout the 6mins, as long as he keeps his form I do not mind.

After all that I stretched and slowly returned his heart rate to normal.

Pictures included are of the TRX lat drop, TRX chest fly,32kg overhead walk, renegade row and alan looking wrecked during the row.

Look forward to next weeks workout and back to the rings.”

Training By Claire withers PT, Nutrition By Peter Bairt Complete Gyms Nutrition

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