A Few Ideas for the TECH lover in your life this Valentine’s Day

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A Few Ideas for the TECH love in your life this Valentine’s Day from NETGEAR and Kingston Technology

M6 Pro Mobile Router

So you can be with them always, even when you’re apart.
Price £899.99
• Work on the go- make national or international travel a breeze with the M5, keeping you connected while travelling (requires local SIM card or SIM card with data plan), with support of up to 32 devices connected
• Secure and Reliable Network — Avoid the risks of public WiFi with VPN pass-through support and password protection.
• 5G — Blazing fast Mobile Broadband Internet up to 4Gbps.
• WiFi 6 Technology for reliable connectivity and increased network capacity.
• Can be used as a fixed wireless option — Bring revolutionary 5G connection to your home or office by simply connecting your Nighthawk M5 Mobile Router to your existing home router.

( https://www.netgear.com/uk/home/mobile-wifi/hotspots/mr6450/ )

VP80 Secure SSD

The ideal companion to ensure your private data stays protected.

Price: £324 – £580
• FIPS 197 Certified with XTS-AES 256-bit Encryption
• Secure SSD with Unique Intuitive Touch-screen
• 480GB – 2TB
• Configurable Password Rules
• Multi-Password (Admin/User) Option with PIN/Passphrase modes

( www.kingston.com/unitedkingdom/en/ssd/ironkey-vp80es-encrypted-external-ssd )

Meural WiFi Photo Frame

Re-live all your favourite memories in stunning detail.

Price £340.00
• Beautiful Display—Crystal-clear 15.6″ Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution.
• Instantly display your best photos and videos with the Meural App from anywhere, at anytime.
• Compatible with Apple and Android photo albums, 4K Photos and 15 Second Videos.
• Curate photos into personalised playlists and schedule to play at different times of the day or special occasions.

( www.netgear.com/uk/home/digital-art-canvas/photoframe/ )


So those that love to live in the moment can connect via up to 7 different devices.

Price: £43.19
• Seven ports from one USB-C connection: USB-C, HDMI, (x2) USB-A, SD, microSD
• Unrivalled capacity: power up your Apple® MacBook, connect to a USB Flash drive and charge an iPhone simultaneously
• Compact size and built-in cable

( www.kingston.com/unitedkingdom/en/memory-card-readers/nucleum-usb-type-c-hub )

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