5 Ways Smartphones Are Better Than Laptops to Play Online

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5 Ways Smartphones Are Better Than Laptops to Play Online

Mobile casinos for real money at SmartphoneGambler is one of the places that allows punters to play their favorite games on their phone. A smartphone can connect to the internet from almost anywhere. You can remain updated through emails, texts, and calls on your phone. Although laptops are portable, they’re relatively heavier and bigger than smartphones, making them unpopular to walk around with. Even among online players, Smartphones are replacing laptops in several ways as explained below.

Smartphones are Supercomputers

Smartphone manufacturers have invested heavily in producing devices with excellent processing speeds. Today’s smartphones are much faster than desktops were a few years ago. The increased speed and performance has made smartphones powerful devices that enable people to perform different tasks such browsing among others.

Many web developers are responding to increased capability of smartphones by creating mobile friendly websites. The move has made phones as powerful as laptops in enabling people to access different websites while on the move. Smartphone users can now play

different online games without worrying about the bulkiness associated with laptops. Moreover, although the gaming experience on both devices is almost the same, you can walk with a phone in your pocket, which you cannot do with a laptop.

Smartphone has become an important part of human life. It’s hard to go anywhere without your phone. One of the factors that have made mobile phones so addictive is their capability. When you have your phone, you can call your friends, send and receive text messages, use social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Therefore, you know you are connected when you have your phone with you.

Although laptops have a wide of ranges uses, they cannot beat smartphones, especially when communication is considered. This has made phones more popular than laptops among online game players. You can remain connected with your family, family, and the world at large while playing at an online casino on your phone.


Although some smartphones are very expensive, many mobile phones variants are available at affordable prices. There is a smartphone for almost any budget in the market today. However, laptops are quite expensive despite offering almost the same user experience. Consequently, smartphones have popular among online players because of their low prices. You can play online without investing a lot of money on your device.


Both smartphones and laptops can connect to the internet quite easily. However, although Wi-Fi networks have become widespread, there are places without wireless network. Consequently, using laptops to play online games in such areas can almost be impossible.

In addition to Wi-Fi networks, smartphones use cellular networks. Even in places without Wi-Fi, you’ll still use your phone to access your favorite online casino. Consequently, it becomes more convenient to use your smartphone to play online instead of a laptop, especially when you are travelling.

Longer battery life

When playing online, you need to be near a power source or have a device that can store power for long. Although playing online games on laptops is quite enjoyable due to their large screens, they consume a lot power compared to smartphones. Therefore, it can be hard to rely on your laptop battery when you are staying away from any power source for long.

Smartphone have much smaller screens that reduce battery drain. Many phone manufactures are creating phone with extended battery life that can even go past 24 hours. Moreover, power banks are enabling mobile users to spend more time outdoors since they can use them to recharge their phones. Therefore, online gamers are finding it quite reliable to use their smartphones over their laptops.

Final Thought

It’s no secret that smartphones have become the most used electronic devices in recent years. Although laptops have been popular among online gamers, mobile phones have emerged as a perfect alternative. Many people are now using smartphones for gaming and other needs and that number is only growing.

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