4 Ways To Prepare Your Pet for Halloween. (petreleaf.com) 30% Off Promo Code is PRHALLOWEEN30 (expires 11/15) at PetReleaf.com

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Pet for Halloween. (petreleaf.com) 30% Off Promo Code is PRHALLOWEEN30 (expires 11/15) at PetReleaf.com

One of the tips includes administering pet CBD to help with the situational stress that pops up with the trick-or-treat doorbell rings or scary costumes. pPromo code PRHALLOWEEN30 (expires 11/15) atPetReleaf.com for 30% off sitewide + free shipping. See all 4 ways @ :- petreleaf.com/blog/dog-noise-anxiety

Here is some more background on Pet Releaf since there are so many CBD brands to choose from:

• Pet Releaf began in the early 2000s with a mission of changing what healthy means for pets, and it has helped over 2.5 million pets on their health journey. Its products support calmness, a healthy immune system, healthy hip and joints, and a healthy digestive system.

• Pet Releaf is the first and only pet brand to receive program certifications from the three most trusted organizations in their respective industries: National Animal Supplement Council, U.S. Hemp Authority™, and USDA Organic on some products

• From seed to sale, from plant to pet, Pet Releaf oversees the entire manufacturing process to provide pets with the highest quality CBD pet products. Its hemp is sourced from US-based farms, using sustainable and regenerative practices, and grown with no herbicides or pesticides. It also extracts from the entire hemp plant to retrieve all of the beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant including CBD to benefit your pet’s overall wellness as well as target specific areas in their body. From there, all the Pet Releaf chews are made using whole food, human-grade ingredients that contain no fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chemical preservatives. After production, its products go through third-party laboratory testing monthly to ensure product quality and potency. You can view all of its product testings and certifications at https://petreleaf.com/product_testing.

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