Zippo® … the outdoors specialists! >> & on Amazon!

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Zippo® … the outdoors specialists! >>


The leather wallet (£21.50) – a simple, timeless accessory, perfect for the men if your life.

The Passport Cover (£16.75) – The quality leather passport cover is a great gift for a keen traveller.

The Toiletry Bag (£43) – A stylish companion for someone who travels and/or enjoys grooming.


The Hand Warmer (£23.95 or £21.95 depending on size)

– The hand warmers are the perfect accessory for anyone bravely tackling the outdoors in the cold weather this winter, and come in a range of different colours – silver, orange, black, white, pink and camo.

Personalised / Gifts:

The Windproof Lighter (prices and designs vary)

– The iconic windproof lighter is the perfect keepsake, available in an array of different designs.

– Some lighters can even be engraved with a message for a more personal touch.

– Available in a variety of designs online or Amazon.

– Each lighter also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it really is a special keepsake.

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