Zendō Candles | a new all natural home fragrance brand that creates stunning aromatherapy candles. zendocandles.co.uk

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ZENDO are a new all natural home fragrance brand that creates beautiful candles out of 100% pure essential oils and plant-based wax.

This helps to avoid releasing synthetic chemicals into your home as is the case with most candles, and because of the essential oils they are bursting with aromatherapy benefits which means that Mum’s can turn any area of their home into their very own Zendō with one of our candles! A Zendō is a space in a Japanese temple dedicated for mindfulness.

All our products are consciously handmade completely free of chemicals and will always use 100% natural ingredients.

Your Zendō journey starts now. Use discount code SPRING15 for 15% off your first order. Valid until end of April.

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Website: ZendoCandles.co.uk

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