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The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house and as our homes become filled with even more junk, it’s hard to find bathroom design ideas that make a statement with décor and furniture if all you see is clutter. Here at Bathrooms NI, we’ve found the solution and are excited to introduce the Vitra range of crafty and contemporary bathroom furniture and storage solutions.

Why Choose Vitra?
Often when choosing bathroom fittings, most people find that they have to sacrifice aesthetic for function. But bathrooms are one of the focal points of the home and one of the rooms that most visitors see, so why shouldn’t it match the design standards of the rest of the house? Nowadays, as we buy more and more lotions and potions which promise to keep us young and beautiful and with extensive male grooming routines becoming more common-place, storage space in the bathroom is becoming particularly precious. This is where Vitra comes to the rescue, with the concept of optimum minimalism being the very essence of their design ethos. This idea of optimum minimalism means that they aim to optimise the space available at the same time as creating designs that are simple and classic with a strong minimalistic flair that transforms your bathroom into an intimate and aesthetically pleasing area.

Need Some Inspiration?
The beauty of the Vitra range is that it offers so much scope for design ideas. Whether you dream of opulence or have your mind set on a simple elegant theme for your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with Vitra.

Vitra Retro

Capturing the essence of 1960’s Hollywood Glamour with all the trappings of modern functionality, the Vitra Retro range makes for the perfect luxury bathroom. Ramp up the nostalgic feel with a nod to the Roaring ’20s with Gatsby inspired colour scheme. Try black tiles either on the floor or wall (not both) and use gold taps and fittings on the wall mounted toilet and wash basin unit.

Vitra S20 Bathroom Furniture

Practical and stylish, the Vitra S20 and S50 ranges are perfect for those looking for clever bathroom design and storage solutions. The range of semi-recessed sinks in various sizes facilitate the inclusion of an all-in-one bathroom cabinet and basin while the choice of vanity units enable you to add a means of extra storage in your bathroom.

To view and purchase the range of Vitra available at Bathrooms NI visit our website and for more design ideas and inspiration, check out Vitra’s Pinterest Profile. Bathrooms NI are leading providers of stylish and affordable bathroom fittings and furniture solutions, stocking a range of high quality brands such as Mira, Aqualisa, Ideal Standard, Neptune, Multipanel and, of course, Vitra. All our products are available online and our service representatives are ready to answer your queries at every step of your purchase.

Bathrooms NI have also recently moved into new territory with the announcement of two new websites to the portfolio. With the Irish Bathrooms website, we are able to cater exclusively for the Irish market and extend our extensive range of high quality, great value bathroom fittings and fixtures to a new customer base. The Plumbargain website offers a range of pipes and fittings, pumps, boilers and more at reasonable prices to both tradesmen and the general public. To find out more about our range of plumbing goods, you can speak to one of our experts by contacting sales@plumbargain.co.uk

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