World Rugby takes steps against unofficial hospitality providers

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World Rugby takes steps against unofficial hospitality providers
World Rugby has successfully taken steps against a number of unauthorised hospitality providers who have offered Rugby World Cup 2015 match tickets as part of corporate hospitality packages. The measures underscores the governing body’s commitment to protect consumers.

Only the official hospitality provider appointed by World Rugby (Rugby Travel & Hospitality Ltd) and it’s appointed official hospitality agents and official travel agents are authorised to sell packages containing match tickets with revenues flowing directly into the development of rugby worldwide. Fans who wish to buy hospitality can do so officially at

While World Rugby cannot name the providers at this stage, it has proactively taken measures requiring unofficial providers to cease offering such packages and to clearly communicate the official channels. Match tickets purchased via unofficial sources are not valid and are subject to cancellation and may result in fans, customers or clients being refused entry to match venues.

Chairman Bernard Lapasset welcomed the move and warned fans to be vigilant and only buy from official sources to guarantee their place at England 2015: “Rugby World Cup 2015 will be a very special celebration of rugby and these important steps against unofficial providers reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that fans have a wonderful England 2015 experience. We will continue to monitor the sale of unauthorised hospitality packages and are currently pursuing hospitality companies who engage in similar activities.”

“Fans risk paying over the official price, tickets being cancelled and ultimately run the risk of their Rugby World Cup experience being ruined if they purchase from unofficial ticketing, supporter tours, hospitality and merchandise sources. We urge fans to check out where fans can check the source they are buying from is official.”

“Rugby World Cup is the financial engine that drives the growth and development of Rugby worldwide across our 120 national unions from community to international level. Around 90 per cent of World Rugby’s revenues come directly from the tournament’s commercial programme and unofficial providers prevent fans money from going back into the sport they love.”

The steps taken to date reinforce the commitment of Rugby World Cup Ltd. to protect fans and purchasers of official hospitality and supporter tours packages. World Rugby continues to work with the official law firm of Rugby World Cup 2015 Clifford Chance to investigate and rigorously pursue unofficial hospitality operators who offer hospitality packages containing match tickets.

While England 2015 is proving Too Big To Miss, there are still a number of official routes to tickets to Rugby World Cup 2015. Fans who are yet to secure their place to rugby’s showcase event should visit for information about the official options.

World Rugby also welcomes an amendment to the UK Consumer Rights Bill to strengthen the consumer protection legislation which will come into effect later this year. These positive steps will tackle secondary market profiteering which has been the product of an unregulated web-driven market.



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