WORLD EXCLUSIVE….. LAURIE STONE meets Dr O, the Harley Street visionary, who is leading a sexual revolution.

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LAURIE STONE meets Dr O, the Harley Street visionary,
who is leading a sexual revolution

There is no shame or taboo in wanting to improve your relationship, says physician with the movie star looks

“With this experience, I am able now to design an individual personalised program for each patient based on his/her age, condition, for example treating ED (erectile dysfunction) for a diabetic patient is different from the way I would treat a post-prostatectomy patient.

“With a specific dose, time frame interval and specific sequence, patients get the best and most effective results, so it is not about one treatment any more – it’s a combination of treatments that gives the best results.

“This is what the O Concept™ is all about and it is now attracting large numbers of patients from across the world – its success rate is around 90 per cent. Talking about these treatments is how I became known as Dr Orgasm.”

Using the overall O Concept™, Dr Wakil introduced a number of a new treatments, including the ‘O-Shot’ from the USA, which mainly increased sensitivity in the vaginal area as well as dealing with stress urinary incontinence. It can also, to some extent, relieve vaginal dryness.

“The O-Shot works by injecting PRP – platelet rich plasma – in specific areas in the vagina with the growth factors inside the platelets helping to regenerate the targeted tissues. Of course, it goes without saying that accuracy in this particular protocol is of the essence to achieve safe and effective treatment.

“I have modified the protocol of the O-Shot more than six times so far to reach the most effective injection protocol.

“I am also using a high-quality centrifuge which produces the highest platelet concentration in order to get the best and most effective results.

“The use of PRP in this way was invented by an American colleague of mine called Dr Charles Runes, who trained me personally in the protocol.”

Dr Wakil, who has treated more than 22,000 patients and trained around 2,000 doctors so far also uses the ‘G-Shot’ when administering dermal fillers into the G Spot to increase sexual sensation or compensating for fat loss in areas like the labia majora. It also helps in hydrating the vaginal wall.

“We also use radio frequencies and lasers as well to improve vaginal laxity among other interventions,” Dr Wakil adds.

“All these treatments are performed in the clinic and they normally take between 20 and 40 minutes with no surgery, no side effects, and with no recovery time at all.

“Patients can go straight back to work and even have sexual intercourse the same day for the majority of them.”

As for his male patients, Dr Wakil says they have a different set of problems, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease), small penis or micro penis and reduced sensation due to ageing or the side effects of conditions like diabetes.

Statistics show that 40 per cent of men in their forties suffer various degrees of erectile dysfunction, rising to 50 per cent in their fifties, 60 per cent in their sixties and 70 per cent in their seventies.

“When treating male patients I use the ‘P-shot’, which is the equivalent of the O-shot for the female, which entails injecting the penis with plasma rich in platelets (the patient’s own blood), which help in rejuvenating the penile tissue blood vessels and nerve endings, resulting in an enhancement of both the erection and the sensation.

“Provided the patient follows the protocol with the pump provided, it can also result in an increase in the penis’ length and girth, a treatment that is gaining momentum, and for which I have become quite famous. I have testimonials from many satisfied patients as to the efficacy of this particular procedure.” He also uses various other treatments of his O Concept™ for men including the Shockwave, Radiofrequency, Botox, Dermal filler and many other protocols based on each patient’s medical condition.

Dr Wakil says those facing problems in their intimate relationships should seek treatment just as they would with any other health problem. “Enough with the shame and making it a taboo. Seek help, but I urge those wanting help, to deal only with well-trained doctors who have adequate experience and expertise in this field – and that way you can be sure you will receive efficient, effective – and most importantly – safe treatments.”

“She was so mad at me for turning down these offers that she abandoned me altogether.”

Later, Dr Wakil pursued post-graduate studies in cosmetic medicine in Europe and the United States for about 13 years.

Now he is acclaimed as the leading expert in sexual aesthetics – and is known globally as Dr Orgasm, often shortened to Dr O.

An imposing 6ft 4in, Dr Wakil lives in west London and is a big sports fan, especially ice hockey, basketball, boxing and football. He has a 12-year-old son.

From his private cosmetic clinic in London’s Harley Street, he explains why patients – women and men – come to see him from all over the world.

“It all began ten years ago when a new specialty known as aesthetic gynaecology came to the fore in America, which was intended to restore both the aesthetics and the functions of the vagina.

“I was lucky to be among the first physicians and surgeons to receive intensive training in this field.”

Dr Wakil was also very involved in regenerative and functional medicine which is using your own body to heal itself.

He practised using this regenerative medicine in restoring both female and male sexual function.

It was a speciality which later became known as ‘Sexual Aesthetics’ and was further developed as ‘Regenerative Sexual Aesthetics’.

“I was so passionate about how these treatments changed people’s lives, I then introduced them to Europe and the Middle East.

Dr Wakil gets invited to lecture on this topic and to raise awareness at medical conferences all over the world.

As for his female patients it is not just about making the vagina look good it is also about the improvement of its functionality.

He explains: “It deals with vaginal laxity after childbirth – both from natural and Caesarean deliveries – as well as reduced sensation and stress incontinence, all of which play havoc with good sexual relations and the ultimate happiness of couples.

“There are various issues for females including reduced or loss of sensation, loss of desire, not reaching orgasm at all (Anorgasmia), painful intercourse and many more.”

Dr Wakil began his work in this field by developing and trademarking the O Concept™.

“It’s a set of protocols that I offer the patient based on his or her case – it is like tailoring different sets of interventions for each patient,” he says.

“Its protocols, under my name, have resulted from treating more than 15,000 patients, both men and woman.

“I’d studied medicine in my home city of Cairo for seven years, but was always passionate about acting.

“I was really in two minds about which path I should take, but after much soul-searching I decided that full-time medicine was my future.

“It was an agonising moment in my life, having rubbed shoulders with Hollywood A list actors like Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, John Malkovich and Anthony Hopkins, but the die was cast.

“It took me two and a half years to gain my British medical qualification, which I needed in order to work here although even then I was doing some acting jobs and voice-overs to help pay the rent.

“My passion was for cosmetic surgery, but I couldn’t find an opening in the NHS and got my first big break in the medical profession in 2007 when I worked as a spinal surgeon at the Royal London Hospital, a big teaching hospital in Whitechapel.

“Even then I was getting good acting roles offered to me by my agent, but she went crazy when I told her that my medical commitments came first.

SUAVE and sophisticated Dr Sherif Wakil looks like a film star or a jet-setting model, but there’s much more to him than meets the eye.

Yes, he has actually graced the silver screen and strutted his stuff on catwalks around the world.

But a few years ago, Dr Wakil found himself at a crossroads in his professional life.

And he chose to turn his back on films and fashions shoots and throw himself full time into medicine, specialising in the field of non-invasive surgery.

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