Winter Health & Wellness Guide… Gaining the fullest from what is an incredibly beautiful season…. products and services to keep you at your best and healthiest and most well… & warm in the colder conditions affecting us all presently…

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Don’t be BLINDSIDED with a HOSPITAL PASS this Winter!

Being benched due to preventable illness when all you want to do is get on the paddock….is there anything worse?

Cold and Flu season seems to be getting worse each year, so taking preventative action against colds and flu may mean you get a 100% game time this season. Utilising advanced new technology that is WADA compliant, could keep you fit and healthy this summer, and remove any doubt about passing drug tests.

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) therapy is the innovative and drug-free approach to strengthening immune systems to help protect against viruses. Many athletes in soccer, athletics, and tennis are already devotees of the therapy.

Cluzie Enterprises, who are the Australian distributor and leading A-Pac trainers in the therapy, are big believers in helping athletes prevent health crises moments like being struck down by a debilitating virus.

“We’re all familiar with an ECG which measures the electrical frequency of the heart. What many people don’t realise is that our whole body is made up of these types of electrical currents, all operating at different frequencies. Just like a defibrillator resets the heart’s rhythm or frequency, so too does ANF therapy ‘reset’ the other frequencies inside the body through the strategic application of specifically charged ANF discs that are applied to specific locations around the body,” explains Claire who has been nursing for over 20 years.

Being CE registered, ANF Disc Therapy gives patients a way of allowing their body to regulate itself and heal from the inside out, which means the body is at its optimal health and set-up for success in the winter season.

How ANF Therapy can influence your health?

– Strengthen immune systems to help protect against viruses
– Stock up on vitamins levels with vitamin discs: A, B12, C, D and K
– Deal with any free radical action from Summers ‘sun and fun’ times
– Handle any pesky pain and inflammation issues

Bring your A game to the field and get oodles of TRIES this season!

Genital Herpes Treatment

Aciclovir 400mg for genital herpes

Herpes antiviral medication
Aciclovir 400mg
15 tablets (1 course of treatment)
Aciclovir 400mg
30 tablets (2 courses of treatment)

Price match guarantee

Prescription issued online – small prescription fee per order.
Compare prices: Dr Fox prices are 25% – 50% lower cost than other online clinics. For example, less than half price of Superdrug and Lloyds.

Antiviral – Aciclovir – treatment for genital herpes

Do you suffer from herpes? If you do, you will know all too well how miserable it is to have yet another attack. It is now possible to buy antiviral tablets online to treat herpes.

The number of herpes simplex infections treated in GUM clinics in the UK increased by 3% 2017-18. Yes, there’s a lot of it about.

Herpes still causes a huge amount of distress and embarrassment. Take heart – about 70% of the UK population have anti-herpes antibodies, so actually, you are in good company.

Is this the first time you think you’ve got herpes? If it’s a first clinical episode of herpes it’s very important to get yourself to the sexual health clinic for an accurate diagnosis, and a full STI screen. A first presentation of herpes will always be treated with the antiviral – Aciclovir.

Is it a repeat attack of herpes? Once you know what it is, and recognise the symptoms however, you can treat any further attacks at home.

Will Aciclovir help? Aciclovir stops the herpes virus from multiplying. However, most subsequent attacks of genital herpes are mild and self-limiting. These attacks do not necessarily require antiviral treatment. Research suggests that taking antivirals for repeat attacks of genital herpes only shortens the episode by 1-2 days.

However, some people may think this is a good enough reason to take antiviral treatment. It should be started as soon as you get the first tingle and if possible before any blisters appear. If you start too late in an attack, you’ve missed the boat! If you want to do this, you may want a supply kept at home just in case.

Don’t let genital herpes get you down. There is a lot of good advice all about herpes and what to do on the Herpes Association Website

If you want to know more –


Aldi’s liqueurs have scooped FOUR medals at the Spirits Business Liqueur Masters
Aldi’s Infusionist Fig, Honey & Cinnamon Rum Liqueur has won one of the top awards – a ‘Masters’
Tipples including the Infusionist Caramel & Hazelnut Rum Liqueur, Ballycastle Strawberry & Cream Liqueur and Specially Selected Irish Cream Liqueur took home Gold medals

Aldi has been named the best place to get into the festive spirit this Christmas, as the supermarket scooped an incredible four medals, including a sought after ‘Masters’, at this year’s Spirits Business Liqueur Masters.
The nation’s ‘favourite supermarket’[1] showcased four of its festive flavoured liqueurs, winning over the judges, who praised each spirit highly for both their outstanding quality and great taste. Taking home a coveted ‘Masters’ title, the Infusionist Fig, Honey & Cinnamon Rum Liqueur proved to be a popular choice – with notes of sweetness and spice, this rum liqueur retails at the equally tempting price of £9.99.

With rum sales exceeding £1bn in 2018 and Brits now often opting for spiced and flavoured varieties of the popular spirit, Aldi is giving gin a rum for its money this Christmas![1] As well as winning big with the Infusionist Fig, Honey & Cinnamon Rum Liqueur, Aldi also took home a gold medal for it’s Infusionist Caramel & Hazelnut Rum Liqueur (£9.99).

Last year’s Silver winner, Specially Selected Irish Cream Liqueur (£5.99) impressed the judges enough to secure a ‘Gold’ medal in this year’s blind tasting alongside the new Ballycastle Strawberry & Cream Liqueur (£9.99).

Aldi’s spirits range has gone from strength to strength, having been awarded an impressive 52 medals at international competitions this year alone, as well as scooping a staggering total of 222 medals across the entire beers, wine and spirits range. For more information about Aldi’s award-winning range, visit

Cocosolis Organic Luxury Coffee Scrub Box – £34

The Luxury Coffee Scrub Box is an irresistible and aromatic scrub that exfoliates, rejuvenates and nourishes the body. A mix of fine coffee, melting sugar, Himalayan salt and specially selected organic exotic oils, the box contains four scrubs, each with their own mission; to remove dead skin cells, fight stretch marks and cellulite, smoothing skin imperfections, hydrating and nourishing the skin, and improving blood circulation.

The four scrubs included in the box are:

Peachy Melon – sweet aromas of juicy peaches and sweet summer melon.

Minty Vanilla – a light and scent of sweet mint and delicate vanilla.

Chocolate Caramel – delicious scent of tempting chocolate and caramel.

Mandarin Vanilla – a citrus scent of fresh mandarins and sweet vanilla.


– Pick up some fun indoor fitness equipment for the whole family from Decathlon –

– Quality products available including indoor putting mats, darts and ice skates from Decathlon –

Don’t let the winter months stop the family from being active as there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed indoors and enjoyed when it’s too cold to head to the park. With plenty of quality products available, Decathlon will help inspire the whole family to take up a new activity this winter.

With everything from putting mats to help you practice your skills to ice skates for heading to the local rink, there are plenty of ways for the whole family to stay active in the winter. Decathlon’s quality range of products are sure to entertain and delight all ages.


Designed to help golfers progress their perfect strike and line at home, this mat has two hole sizes so users can refine their technique.

The mat has two different surfaces that cause the ball to roll at different speeds due to the varying density of the synthetic turf.

The mat helps to protect floors from the balls impact and noise, so golfers can play around the house without causing damage or disturbing others.

What’s more, the mat returns balls to the player through the helpful tray that holds the holes, meaning putters can aim for the perfect shot time after time.


Challenge friends and family alike to a game of darts on a rainy day with this electronic board, which comes with over 20 games to play.

Arguments about cheating will become a thing of the past as this board keeps score for you.

This board is battery powered and contains a large LCD screen that displays two players scores at the same time.


Billiards is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy and will provide hours of fun. The kit contains pool cues, 15 numbered balls, a triangle for setting the balls, as well as chalk for the cues – everything players need to get started!

For players wanting to practise their skills, the table’s dimensions are the same as an official pool table which means they can get the feel of a real game.

Designed to be compact, the table can be folded away in three minutes by unscrewing the wheels on each side of the table and turning the top vertical, saving space around the house.


Head to the local indoor pool over the winter months and take part in a fun game of water polo. This lightweight net is easy to inflate when you arrive at the pool and can be deflated and folded away to be transported.

Made from a durable synthetic and fibre glass material, the goal is incredibly durable and won’t burst during vigorous play.

Designed to be reversible, the goal can be flipped so that each team has their own colour, while the two weighted pockets on either side of the net mean the goal won’t float away, so players can focus on making the perfect shot.


Badminton is an ideal game for those searching for a new indoor sport to start this winter.

These beginners’ rackets are perfect for learning as the head’s surface area is larger than typical rackets, helping players to return shots.

Made of aluminium, the rackets are very sturdy so they will withstand the long hours of practice.

The heavy aluminium head also makes the rackets easier to handle by providing great balance, giving beginners the power needed to ensure the shuttlecock makes it back over the net.


Get kids out on the ice this winter and make some memories as they learn to skate.

These skates can be adjusted to fit four shoes sizes, growing with your child’s feet, providing fun year on year.

With a triple fastening system, small feet and ankles will be kept perfectly in place and supported as they make their first tracks in the ice.

The tongue and lining on these skates is fitted with a foam padding so that children will be able to skate comfortably for hours.


Rediscover the joy of skating and head to your local roller rink.

These skates are fitted with a soft 3D mesh lining, foam pads and heel cushioning to ensure feet stay comfortable while gliding around the rink.

Fastened with laces, buckles and an instep strap, these skates can be adjusted to guarantee the perfect fit for the wearer, providing ankle and foot support.

The 80mm wheels combined with the aluminium frame gives the skates a good balance between pushing and gliding, so skaters can focus on improving their technique.


Perfect for the whole family, including novices, the 15mm chipboard on this table tennis table provides a good bounce quality so that players can practice.

Thanks to the adjustable feet, this table provides excellent stability on any surface as the legs can be adapted to the perfect height, even on uneven floors.

When disassembled, the table can be stored completely flat, making it easy to put away when you’re done using.

Decathlon has 45 stores in the UK and sells a variety of sports equipment, clothing and accessories perfect for those want to get active or maximise their performance.

For more information, visit

PopSockets. The expandable phone grip offers a secure grip protecting your phone from unwanted falls (and also keeps the post-match mud off your phone!) They also act as a stand to watch videos on your phone.


New PopGrip and PopTop designs allow for easy swappability. Click and twist off to change your PopTop for a whole new look, whenever you feel like refreshing your style.

PopSockets has countless designs and colour schemes:

Swarovski crystal range
Real gemstones such as amethyst, malachite and rose quartz
Disney designs
Harry Potter
PopSockets has also collaborated Harper’s Bazaar and Richmond & Finch.

& PopSockets Neon Rose PopGrip, is perfect for supporting England in the 6 nations.

Neon Rose, PopSockets

Neon Rose – £11.99

Wattbike Atom – £1,599 (available on 0% interest finance)

This award-winning smart indoor cycling trainer combines cutting edge innovations with precise data and analysis. The ideal choice for those that want to hit their health and fitness goals in the comfort of their own home this winter

Ideal for the winter months, and the perfect cross training method for all levels of rugby players.

CEP Winter Run Short Socks – R.R.P £21:00

‘Your heat manager for icy winter days’, the CEP Winter Run Socks improve circulation to support warm feet on cold outings, and medi compression profile helps to support and stimulate muscles and joints’

Protect your belongings in outdoor work and adventures with PELI™ RUCK™ Cases –

The watertight, crushproof and dustproof Cases will take care of your personal items

Peli Products, the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance cases, introduces the new Peli RUCK™ cases. These ultimate personal utility cases are an innovative and strategic storage solution. Designed by PELI’s Engineering team to protect essential accessories on outdoor trips, work under extreme conditions or simply bad weather. The purpose of these is to help the user protect their small electronics, phones, wallets, keys and tools from external elements with total peace-of-mind.

The Peli RUCK™ utility case is watertight and built with a co-moulded rubberised liner and exo-skeleton cushioned EVA lining protecting the most important valuables from drops, shock, dust, dirt, snow and water. The abrasion and impact proof ABS outer shell provides a higher scratch resistance, as well as a higher form stability, ensuring the case will withstand the harshest of environments. Convenient storage and organisational solutions, including removable lid tray and divider trays with nylon loops, provide various storage configurations for personal gear like phones and wallets or outdoor gear such as first aid kits and multitools. Peli RUCK™ cases are available in black with three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of gear and lifestyles.

Key Features of the Peli RUCK™ Case range:

IP68 Rating: Submersible for 30 minutes in a depth of up to 2 meters

Rubberised exo-skeleton for added protection, rigidity and grip

External loops and attachment areas for rope, carabineer and more

Organisational solutions, including removable lid organiser and divider tray with cable access points

MOLLE* style loop system with nylon straps to secure items to lid and tray

Dual pivot latch for secure locking and easy opening

*Acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. A system that was first used in the American army as the standard for mounting equipment, weapons, knives, ammunition bags and other gear that could be attached to backpacks and tactical vests.

Peli RUCK™ cases are backed by the Peli Products Legendary Guarantee of Excellence.

For more information visit:

Aker focuses on the health of male skin, by adapting the protective ingredients of each moisturiser according to the seasons.

As weather has one of the biggest impacts on skin health, and winter being the current season full of cold, wet, windy weather, Aker is educating men about the importance of a healthy skincare routine, especially those who seek adventure outdoors.

Inject Elegance and Style Into your Bathroom with Matki

If you are looking for something elegantly unique with eye-catching details, the Matki-ONE Pivot shower enclosure is the perfect choice!

The beauty of the Matki-ONE Pivot enclosure is the subtle geometric design with angular profiles and stylish circular details on the handles and framing and it is now available in NEW 1400mm and 1500mm sizes with extra large doors!
Chrome and Silver are both standard finishes, but there is the opportunity to customise the framing and circular disc details with a range of exciting colour and metallic finishes including Black, Brass and Architectural Bronze.

The outer part of the handle is available in a choice of Chrome, Copper or Brass and these are complimented by a choice of disc detail colours fitted to the ends of the handle as well as defining focal points appearing in different areas on the enclosure adding an exciting pop of colour!

Brand new Wall Mounted Support Rail and Towel Rail have also been introduced, designed to complement the style of the Matki-ONE shower enclosures and panels. They are available in all the Matki-ONE colour sets and combinations.

The Matki-ONE Pivot is a streamlined design with a two-way pivot door mechanism, allowing the door to open both outwards and inwards and is constructed of robust 8mm Safety Glass.

Priced from £924 for a Matki-ONE Pivot Door excluding installation. To find out more visit or call 01454 322888.

Get yourself some impressive ski equipment from Decathlon at an affordable price this year.

With a great range of quality products for the whole family, Decathlon’s equipment will certainly help to improve your skills on the slopes.










1. What exactly is vitality?

ANSWER. Vitality is a proprietary patent pending process which takes natures most effective method of natural detoxification (zeolite, clinoptilolite) and creates a negatively charged nano-particle honeycomb fragment capable of biding heavy metals, toxins, glyphosate, viral particles and biotoxins from the inner most parts of your body and allows them to passively removed from your body.

2. How does vitality work?

ANSWER. Vitality works like a nano sized magnet that traps toxins in a negatively charged cage. The fragments are able to permeate membranes and get in to areas of your body where toxins are stored or are
circulating and bind them allowing for the passive removal of these deadly toxins from your body.

3. Why does someone need to take vitality?

ANSWER… The issue of heavy metals and environmental toxins in our bodies affects everyone’s health including our pets. We are all polluted with different metals and toxins. When it comes to athletes these toxins have a greater impact on their sport performance. Vitality is the most effective safe, simple, passive method to remove these toxins. If you are a athlete and are looking to increase performance and recovery or improve your health and well being Vitality will provide a foundation for the process.

4. How does vitality stack up against other green products in the market place?

ANSWER. Vitality is one of the simplest and most effective products available in the market. Provided by nature, perfected by science.

5. How does this product help rugby athletes?

ANSWER.……When it comes to athletes these toxins have a greater impact on their sport performance.

Two of the biggest issues that athletes face are airborne and water pollution. By virtue of playing sports the athletes breathe in more air affecting their respiratory system which is polluted and drink more water/water related beverages which also are filled with toxins.

Some of the side effects athletes knowingly or unknowingly experience are fatigue, depression, muscle aches and sometimes cognitive problems.

Minimizing ones exposure to everyday products i.e. the food that we eat, water that we drink air that we breathe and other consumer products that we use and what the products are packaged in is another major factor that becomes heightened when one is playing sports at any level.

Our technology helps to remove ” the threat ” i.e. heavy metals and environmental toxins safely and passively from the body!

By removing toxins from cells this helps to improve athletic performance, increasing cellular function,decreasing fat, reducing oxidative stress and improving recovery.

Rugby Player Comment: Duquesne Cook was an All-SEC wing at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. He has used Vitality for two years and loved the increase in recovery and performance. He saw great benefit in reduction of recovery time after a torn ACL and surgery. Recovery time was reduced with minimal scarring.

Go to

Enter discount code intouchrugby for 20 percent off of every purchase and any future purchases.

Dr Will’s All Natural Condiments Classic Mayonnaise, Spicy Mayonnaise and Avocado Oil Mayonnaise


In a market saturated with bland, tasteless mayonnaise, the team behind the first no refined sugar ketchups – Dr Will’s – have created a range of three all natural and delicious mayonnaises.
The Dr Will’s mayonnaise range is made with premium quality ingredients, and as per all of Dr Will’s products, they don’t contain anything artificial or refined, with no added sugars.
The mayonnaises use British free range eggs and apple cider vinegar, making them the ultimate mayonnaise for your cupboard to add a dash of flavour to your favourite dish. It’s homemade mayonnaise, without the hassle.
Classic Mayonnaise: Made with free range egg yolks, British rapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar, this classic mayonnaise is bursting with flavour and rounded off with the juice from zesty lemons.
Spicy Mayonnaise: Made with free range egg yolks, British rapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar, this mayonnaise has a subtle but fiery kick from the fresh chillies, which intensify with age in the jar.
Avocado Oil Mayonnaise: Made with free range egg yolks, rich avocado oil and apple cider vinegar, this mayonnaise is bursting with health benefits – it contains the goodness of 10 avocados per jar!

Annatto GG™ 150 is a must have for men and women over the age of 40 looking to reverse the signs of aging, to not only look but feel like their younger self. Perfect for aches and pains that begin to surface due to aging, this new supplement has been dubbed the ‘magic bullet’ by the experts from Designs for Health (DFH.) These soft gel tablets help compensate for the decline in geranylgeraniol aka GG due to everyday wear and tear and through the use of common prescription drugs used to treat cholesterol and osteoporosis. When taken, Annatto GG™ 150 can help support, metabolic health (blood sugar regulation), maintenance of healthy muscle mass, bone density as well as skin health (because who doesn’t want great skin) and endogenous synthesis of CoQ10 and K2. It also acts a therapeutic agent and helps to relieve joint and muscle pain.
The best part, Annatto GG™ 150 features GG-Gold™, a patented form of GG extracted from the annatto plant, which contains numerous plant-based compounds with antioxidant properties.

Simply put, if aging backwards is your goal, you need Annatto GG™ 150 on your radar!

Annatto GG 150™ is currently available for purchase on Amazon:

Protecting Against Dementia

Award-winning Brain and Mind clinic Re:Cognition Health is dedicated to paving a way for a future without dementia. From the pioneering late stage clinical studies through to the free educational seminars, their pioneering team are at the forefront of evidence-based research and are committed to empowering the public to take control of their brain health.

Recent studies have indicated that individuals can reduce their risk of developing dementia by up to 53% through adopting multi-domain lifestyle habits.

Dr Emer MacSweeney Consultant Neuroradiologist and CEO at Re:Cognition Health comments, “By making proactive lifestyle changes, we can reduce our risk of developing dementia and other cognitive impairment by up to 53%, as indicated by recent research,” says Dr MacSweeney. “Whilst there are many positive developments being made in finding new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, prevention is better than cure and the earlier you start employing lifestyle changes, the better for your brain and your body.”

Dr MacSweeney shares her advice for keeping the brain strong and preventing the onset of brain disease or slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease:


Get moving! Exercise is imperative in promoting a healthy brain and body and is a subject undergoing various non-pharmacological studies to further understand the regenerative power it plays in protecting and repairing the brain.

Exercise has shown to increase brain volume in cognitively normal older adults, it decreases oxidative stress and improves respiration and glucose metabolism. In addition, exercise has been shown to promote the survival of nerve receptors in the brain and support the clearance of toxic Aß amyloid plaques and reduce harmful hyperphosphorylated tau, both of which accumulate in the brain and cause Alzheimer’s disease.

From evidence-based research, Dr Emer MacSweeney advises exercising, vigorously, at least four times a week for 20 minutes, or moderately five times a week for 30 minutes, to help to reduce the risk of developing dementia. Switch one or two of your weekly workouts to dancing for optimal cognitive benefits. Learning and remembering new steps in a dance class activates many neural pathways in the brain, helping to keep it strong, active and healthy.


A recent study has indicated that the MIND diet could reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease by up to 53% for those following it religiously (35% for those following moderately).

The MIND diet is a combination of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) which includes green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, whole grains, berries, beans, olive oil, poultry, fish and wine (no more than one glass a day). Foods which should be eliminated include sugar, fried foods, butter/margarine, red meat, cheese.

We are what we eat! The brain and body rely on good quality nutrition to function adequately and safeguard again disease and degeneration. Diet helps promote and strengthen connections in the brain, improve mood and decrease stress.


In addition to diet and exercise, healthy lifestyle habits are important to employ in reducing the risk of dementia and to slow down its progression; these habits included cognitive training, social stimulation and sleep.

Cognitive training can include many activities such as playing games, completing puzzles, learning a new language, playing musical instruments and reading maps which exercise and strengthen the brain.

Social stimulation not only helps with lifting the mood and reducing anxiety and depression but also improves cognitive sharpness and performance at every stage of life. Research has also indicated that older adults with active social lives live longer.

Sleep is the current buzzword in health, with the therapeutic and restorative effects helping our brains clear away toxins, plaques and proteins that build up throughout the day and also help us to remember new things we have learnt. Sleep improves concentration, mood and metabolism. It is essential to get between 6-8 hours sleep at night for optimal brain performance.


Australia: 2019 is shaping up to be the deadliest for flu in Australian history to date. With the death toll relating to the flu virus already over 701 and more than 20,000 flu cases reported. The push to get the flu shot is evident.
But what do you do if you have already caught a virus whether flu or not, before you get the shot?
“Book in for acupuncture, now!” suggests Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association {AACMA} President Waveny Holland. “Don’t panic if you are already feeling the first symptoms of a virus, cold or potentially flu, you can book in for an acupuncture treatment immediately as it can help reduce the symptoms of cold and flu”.
Chinese herbal medicines have been used for centuries in China; they are TGA approved and very safe. Your Chinese medicine practitioner may also prescribe these herbal remedies to provide treatment for and respite from the symptoms.
Health experts are predicting around 3 times as many cases this year compared to last year, with early estimates of more than 4,000 deaths expected.2 South Australia has already been hit hard. Why take a chance with your health?
The flu can last anywhere up to 3 weeks with very severe symptoms that are much worse than a cold and really affects the body harshly. Fatigue, muscle aches, fevers, vomiting, diarrhoea drains the body making it impossible to work or continue with our day to day routine.
“Getting to your Acupuncturist as soon as you feel any symptoms certainly will help to fast track your recovery, possibly even reducing the time you suffer by 50%,” continues Waveny, “strengthening your immune system and back to feeling better and able to function as normal”.
Acupuncture and Chinese herbs were the only treatments used effectively to treat upper respiratory tract infections for thousands of years in China.
Chinese medicine and acupuncture focuses on the whole body making it stronger, boosting the immune system and promoting better function.
“These treatments can make your immune system stronger and therefore better at protecting you from the cold or flu viruses,” states Waveny, “this boost can give you a better chance at 1 As of 13 May 2019 2 Immunisation Coalition

Prepared on behalf of AACMA by Missy Mischief PR.

fighting the virus or even preventing you from succumbing to them in the first place. Why suffer from that sore throat, stuffy nose, fever, chills, congestion and headaches any longer then you need to when you can make an appointment to see your acupunctures and start healing immediately”.
Even if you have received the flu shot, acupuncture can help strengthen your immune system and compliment the support the shot might give you.
An integrated approach to your health care will serve you best.
The flu vaccine is designed to protect you from the ravages of the viruses predicted by the scientists to be likely to attack us this flu season combined with Chinese medicine treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, you also get the benefits of supporting your body and helping it with any of the potential side effects that the Flu vaccine make cause.
“Including regular acupuncture sessions along with your flu jab will double the benefits helping to boost your immune system, strengthen your ability to fight off the virus and prevent the onset of common colds and flu. Choose wellness not illness”.
The AACMA recommends that you visit your acupuncturist either before the cold season hits as a preventative measure or as soon as you feel the first signs of a cold.
The AACMA has made it easy for you to find a local, registered, Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist through their handy ‘Find a Practitioner’ database.
“We recommend finding a local acupuncturist through our AACMA database,” says Waveny, “we have over 2200 registered members listed all of whom are members of the AACMA, have a minimum 4 year degree in Chinese medicine and are registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. Therefore you are guaranteed to know you are sourcing the best possible professional who can offer the highest quality treatment and care”.
The AACMA has been representing Chinese medicine professionals for the last 45 years and is considered Australia’s most trusted source for qualified practitioners in the field.
“An AACMA member Acupuncturist will perform a full assessment prior to providing treatment; and integrate any western medical treatment provided by your doctor”.
The AACAM ‘Find a Practitioner” online database is free and open to the public:
Interviews with Waveny Holland, or a local acupuncturist are available on request (
The AACMA Media Kit is accessible by clicking this link:

Prepared on behalf of AACMA by Missy Mischief PR.

Immune booster now available for all:
BioBran Plus

BioBran Plus, from The Really Healthy Company, is a sister product to the highly successful BioBran, used in the front-line fight against cancer and other immune system related illnesses.

BioBran has both peer-reviewed research and clinical studies behind it, and is also the cornerstone of one published protocol, and a vital ingredient in many others; it is widely used among many health care professionals.

Everyone can now buy BioBran Plus through selected healthfood stores, and

The new compound has two main elements:

The same Arabinoxylan compound as in BioBran – made from rice bran, broken down using enzymes from the shiitake mushroom. Studies in the United States, Canada and Switzerland have demonstrated its immune function, and ability to boost the “Natural Killer” cells which constitute the body’s front line of defence against cancer
Brewer’s Yeast, which is rich in beta-glucans, several nutrients including B vitamins, amino acids, and such trace minerals as chromium and selenium, to strengthen BioBran’s effect.
BioBran Plus retails at £29.95 and contains 90 tablets, which last up to 30 days at a preventative level.

Nancy Silverstein, director of The Really Healthy Company, said: “There is a strong demand from people who have seen what BioBran can do, but wanted the compound in a more widely-available form.”

“BioBran Plus will be particularly popular during the winter season, with colds and flu, and with a possible threatened flu pandemic. It has no side effects and is suitable for vegetarians.”

Note to editors:

BioBran is generally used for people with very compromised systems, however there was a demand for a similar but lower dose product for wider use.

BioBran Plus is mainly used for illness prevention and health maintenance, e.g. keeping the immune system strong to prevent colds and flu, like echinachea. However, it is supported by more research, and does not have the bio-responsiveness of echinacea- which can not be taken continuously as the body stops responding to it. This does not occur with BioBran or BioBran Plus and therefore can be used indefinitely for continued benefits. BioBran Plus can also be used to prevent illness recurrence, and higher dosages can be taken if someone develops a cold.

The general dosage is 3 a day (90 tablets last a month) but you can take as many as 9 a day, to swiftly treat colds or viruses.

Brewer’s yeast is rich in beta-glucans (plant polysaccharides with immune benefits), and other nutrients (B vitamins, selenium, chromium) and amino acids. The brewer’s yeast helps strengthen BioBran’s effects. The Really Healthy Company can provide a paper which demonstrates that BioBran and brewer’s yeast induces apoptosis of breast cancer cells.

BioBran Plus contains 50mg of arabinoxylan (the active component of BioBran) compared with 250mg of arabinoxylan in the regular BioBran tablets, or 1g in the regular BioBran sachets. It also contains 112mg of Brewer’s yeast.

Biobran Plus Tabs ingredients (for maintenance): Inactivated brewer’s yeast, BioBran Arabinoxylan compound (50mg per tablet), dextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, shellac coating, cocoa powder, sucrose fatty acids ester, Vitamin D3 (4.9 IU per tablet).

Get your glow on with vegan ayurvedic health tonic Ojamin Herb & Fruit

Unlock the amazing health benefits of nature’s most powerful herbs and fruits with Ojamin Herb & Fruit wellness tonic, the all-natural key to a new and healthier you.

Ojamin Herb & Fruit is a health tonic made from a unique blend of 14 herbs and fruits sustainably sourced from the world’s rainforests and blended together using pure spring water. Their combination has been shown to exert blood sugar lowering effects, reduced insulin resistance, weight loss, fat reduction and decreased cholesterol levels. Inspired by L.K Tate’s traditional Indian Ayurvedic tonic, key ingredients include turmeric, which is an anti-inflammatory, Aloe Vera which has been proven to strengthen hair and nails and Neem which helps to regulate blood glucose levels.

Ojamin’s revitalising daily wellness supplement is vegan friendly and gluten free, it can be taken alongside medication and fits into nearly any nutritional regime. Available in both tonic and capsule form, Ojamin is packed full of vitamins and essential nutrients. The raw ingredients – Aloe Vera, Basil, Beleric, Bitter Melon, Cumin, Gooseberry, Bael, Haritaki, Fenugreek, Java Plum, Neem, Okra, Turmeric and Watermelon seeds – are sourced from pristine forests around the world which are free from fertilisers, pesticides and GMOs.

A recent pre-clinical study has shown that Ojamin’s active ingredients help repair liver cells damaged by fatty liver disease. There are varying levels of fatty liver disease, ranging from a general build of fats to NASH and NAFLD. Increased fat deposits in the liver can be caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Ojamin can help counteract these side effects and can potentially lead to a reversal in Type 2 Diabetes.

Ojamin Herb & Fruit complies with the guidelines laid down by all the relevant UK regulatory bodies including MHRA, DEFRA and FSA. Ojamin is available in tonic form and also in capsules. Stockists include, and many local pharmacies and health stores.

One month’s supply retails at £29.99.

For more information, please visit

Making getting your prescriptions easier, Pharmacy2U takes care of your NHS repeat prescriptions from request to delivery – delivering your medication straight to your door.

Think of them as the Amazon of repeat medication. The ease and automation of the app means no more having to worry about building your day around a trip to the pharmacist – and takes the stress out of having to make a trip with several kids in the school holidays or leaving early from work early to run to the chemist during odd opening hours, or getting there to find out they’re out of your medication.

The app is really simple to use and has undergone a design and functionality overhaul, giving it a modern and simplistic feel, making it easier than ever for people of all ages to use. It also provides handy reminders when your prescription is due for a refill and has an easy re-ordering service.

A founding member of the NHS’ Electronic Prescription Service, Pharmacy2U is available online and as a free app for Apple and Android devices.

To use Pharmacy2U:

o Register and tell Pharmacy2U what medication you need

o Pharmacy2U will work with your GP surgery to order the prescription

o Pharmacy2U will then check and dispense your prescription

o Pharmacy2U will deliver medication straight to your home or work for free


Find inspiration, add variety and support your health with Myvegan’s top tips and products to help you get the most out of a plant-based lifestyle.


Nut milks are a delicious plant based dairy alternative, and surprisingly simple to make.

Made with only 2 ingredients simply blend together your favourite nut butter and water, add a pinch of salt to taste, and you’re ready to upgrade your porridge, protein shake, tea, coffee and loads more!

For the full recipe head to Myvegan’s blog here.

Myvegan All Natural Peanut Butter

£9.49 for 1kg


While on a plant-based diet, it can be difficult to get your recommended amount of vitamins and minerals, so find a convenient tablet or supplement to keep your body functioning healthily!

Your body needs omega-3 fatty acids, but there aren’t many vegan friendly sources out there. One a day of these will do the job.

Traditionally difficult for vegans to find in diet alone, these one-a-day tablets will keep you covered to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Myvegan Vegan Omega

Myvegan Vitamin B12



Often, refined white sugar can contain ingredients that are not vegan, added during the filtering process, so make things easy with natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave nectar or raw sugar.

This handy, squeezy maple syrup is the perfect addition for foods that need a little sweetness, plus it’s organic too!

Myvegan Organic Maple Syrup


Gtech inventor designs massage robot


When Nick Grey, inventor and founder of award winning home technology specialists Gtech, realised that lots of people like him needed a regular massage to loosen up their back, but the NHS simply couldn’t cope with the demand, he decided to do something about it.

The result is the MYO Touch – an automated massaging bed. Underneath a comfortable contoured bed is a powered robotic massage roller that seamlessly glides along a track. The intensity of the massage can be personalised from so light you can barely feel its touch to deeply invigorating. You can simply lie back and enjoy a full-length massage or target problem areas such as your back, arms or legs.

The MYO Touch – where technology meets tranquility

The massage bed has been engineered to bring relaxation and calmness into your day and enable you to enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home whenever you need it.

MYO Touch is quick and easy to assemble allowing you to set up your massage space in minutes. In addition to this, you will also get access to Gtech’s audio library with four 15-minute tracks to help you unwind, whether it’s rainforest sounds, mindful podcasts or guided meditations, all downloadable on your smart phone or tablet. The bed folds down easily and can be packed away for simple storage for use next time.

MYO Touch User Trials

Gtech ran a pre-launch trial with 50 people and the indications are that the MYO Touch could be beneficial to users, at least in the short term. Graduate Sports Therapist Harry Ingham carried out the testing and concluded, “Lower back pain is the leading cause of global disability. During the MYO trials I saw decreases in blood pressure and increases in a range of movement which led me to believe the product has real potential. Also, there is definitely a link between elevated mental health and reduced back pain. Results of a clinical trial carried out by the University of Washington in 2016 found that mindfulness-based stress reduction can be an effective treatment option for patients with chronic low back pain”.

As Nick Grey says “It’s interesting that the only treatments NICE recommend for lower back pain are massage, mindfulness and exercise. But I see them as being linked. Having a massage is an extremely mindful experience and that can be enhanced by preparing the setting and providing a sound track to the massage. And, if the wellbeing from massage and mindfullnness generates extra exercise then we could be on to something!”.

The MYO Touch is available now at RRP £299.99

The Story Behind The MYO Touch

The National Institute for Healthcare Excellence (NICE) recommends exercise, massage and psychological support like mindfulness for long-term sufferers of lower back pain. But Nick Grey found problems with two of these treatments – getting a regular massage was inconvenient and mindfulness is not easy to achieve. “I visited a lady who worked both for the NHS and privately and she told me some interesting stuff. Back pain is incredibly common – 80% of adults suffer from it at some stage and for some it is a regular state – they just live with it” says Nick. “However despite the NICE recommendations the NHS is pushing staff towards ‘hands-off’ treatments such as stretching. The NHS simply do not have enough practitioners to spend thier time massaging the massive number of back pain sufferers. In addition providing deep tissue massage can be extremely demanding risking repetitive strain conditions on the practitioners themselves. Given the hard repetitive work and the need for 1 to 1 personal service providing treatment is costly – you can’t get enough therapists to service the demand. As an inventor that struck me as an obvious application for a robot.”




The sun may not be the first thing that springs to mind during winter but it’s super important to apply sun protection all year round. Believe it or not, we are susceptible to sun damage throughout the year as skin is still exposed, particularly around the face and neck.

Calypso Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion SPF50 protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It’s specially formulated for sensitive skin, in a lightweight and non-greasy formula which is perfect for daily use and wearable under makeup.

Whilst UVB rays are responsible for causing burning and often weaker during winter months, UVA rays are strong at all times of the year. UVA rays can increase the risk of premature aging, with the Skin Cancer Foundation stating that more than 90% of the visible skin changes associated with ageing are caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

To ensure the best protection, it’s important not only to use makeup products containing SPF but also use sun care with UV protection. Calypso’s Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion is easy to use and can be built into your morning makeup routine, simply apply after moisturiser and before foundation. Alternatively, you can use it instead of a moisturiser as it contains moisturising properties meaning skin can stay hydrated and protected.

Calypso’s Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion also comes in Factor 50 which is perfect for the extra protection need during ski trips as the sun is stronger at higher altitudes. UV rays can double in strength when reflected off of the snow’s surface and even during winter UVB rays can still be prevalent.

Sized in a handy 50ml bottle, it’s great for taking on the go, making topping up throughout the day a breeze. Calypso sun protection is available to buy in Morrisons, ASDA, Wilko, Home Bargains, B&M Bargains, Bodycare, TJ Hughes, Well Pharmacy, Semichem, and independent pharmacies.

Get ready for snow with Decathlon

Embrace the snow with little ones this week by grabbing a sledge and heading for the hills. Make sure kids stay cosy while playing with warm mittens, hats, and base layers from Decathlon.







Dr.Numb, B.C. based topical anesthetic cream brand, is set to launch its best-selling numbing formula in a more compact and accessible format at Esthetique SPA International in Vancouver, on 23-24 February. Dr.Numb 5% Lidocaine Numbing Cream will be available in 10g tubes, designed specifically for industry professionals offering cosmetology treatments for their patients.

“Following the increase in the interest toward cosmetology treatments, we felt the need to create a product that would perfectly suit this industry,” – shares Daniel Shin, Dr.Numb CEO and Founder, – “More compact, 10g tube was designed to provide the exact dose of numbing cream for those performing skin treatments. The formula contains the most effective ingredients to guarantee fast and long-lasting anesthetic effect to increase patient’s comfort”.

Containing 5% lidocaine, Dr.Numb 10g Numbing Cream is one of the most powerful on the market, providing effective and quick anesthetic effect. The formula also contains Vitamine E, which hydrates the skin to guarantee an increased comfort and quick recovery. The potency of the formula is employed through an advanced delivery system that guarantees improved bioavailability resulting to sufficient duration of action.

To use Dr.Numb 10g Numbing Cream for skin treatments, like mesotherapy, dermarolling, fillers, botox injections and others, the formula needs to be applied to cleaned area in thick layer and stay on the surface of skin during 15-30 minutes, depending on the strength of the anesthetic effect required. The skin will stay numbed during up to 4 hours.

Shinpharma Inc.’s brand Dr.Numb will showcase its line of anesthetic products at 22nd edition of ESI Vancouver, 23-24 February, at Vancouver Convention Center, booth #1613.

Red Shot

Red Shot contains beetroot-, ginger-, curcumin-, and aloe extract as well as natural vitamin c and fulvic acid. All in a liposomal base which means it’s transported directly into the sells of the body. It’s been tested on swimmer by the physiology department of the University of Pretoria with excellent results. A natural product that can really boost sports performance.

Launch of a new CBD brand by former GP

Are you looking for a trusted CBD brand that delivers on taste?

Our range of premium CBD oils are available in amazing flavours and have been designed for ease of use.

Created by our Medical Director and former GP Dr Peter Naylor we use the finest CBD oil in all our consistently high-quality products.

Our flavours include Pure Chocolate, Mixed Berry, Peppermint, Lemon & Lime and Orange. We also have a Natural CBD oil for those who like the mild earthy flavour of CBD and a new Lavender Night Oil to help you enjoy your night’s sleep.

All our CBD oils are made in the UK, come with a guaranteed CBD concentration, are independently tested and always THC free (which means they don’t have any psychoactive properties).

Once our Oregon plants are air-dried we manufacture our oils using a luxury MCT (medium chain triglyceride) coconut oil for maximum flavour and a broad-spectrum hemp extract oil with naturally occurring CBD.

Our CBD is extracted by a unique delicate distillation method which does not require the harsh effects of CO2.

All our products are sold as food supplements to help to promote wellbeing and we are proud to comply to the UK’s highest standards.

Time to change the game with a plant-based lifestyle


It’s suggested that the diets of gladiators were predominantly plant based, eating mostly grains such as spelt and barley. If we take a look back in history, we can see that certain athletic groups have eaten, if not plant based, very low animal products diets.
Nigel Mitchell, a Leading Sports Nutritionist and Elite Expert Panellist, explains why athletes are taking such an interest and why plant-based eating can support high performance athletes. ”This is a relatively new area for athletes but a 2017 review paper, Vegan Diets Practical Advice for Athletes & Exercisers, by David Rogerson who as published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition concluded that: ‘A nutritive vegan diet can be designed to achieve the dietary needs of most athletes satisfactorily.’”
Ensuring you’re knowledgeable about nutrition and dietary needs is a must if you’re transitioning to a vegan diet, especially as you could create gaps in your nutritional needs if you don’t adapt your diet accordingly. Adding a multivitamin, such as Elite’s newly vegan formulated Gold A-Z Multivitamin (120 tablets, £9.99) can help bridge those gaps.
“All too often, people will cut out animal foods without replacing with plant-based alternatives, you may need to think about some supplements to help with the transition or long-term support. On a macro-nutrient level, the main thing really is protein and omega fats, you can get these from plants and seeds, such as flax or chia for omega-3 fatty acids or try Healthspan Veg-Omega 3 (60 capsules, £24.99). For protein, Healthspan Elite Complete Vegan Protein (1kg, £24.99) is soya free and provides a range of vegetable proteins to provide a complete protein presentation, it’s also GMO free.”
As one of the UK’s leading Performance Sport Nutritionists, Nigel’s advice for athlete’s considering plant-based eating is:
The main pitfall to look for is going too long without taking nutrition, especially after hard training – this will delay recovery and can cause people to feel really hungry and binge eat so plan ahead
Food first approach always, focus on fresh, high-quality foods as these not only provide the macro-nutrients but vitamins and minerals too
Keeping the body well hydrated
Look for fortified food where necessary, soya milk is fortified with B12
Just enjoy your food and don’t over complicate things
Try to minimise processed foods, take Elite Pro20 Biotic (120 capsules, £39.99) to support your gut health
Eating a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs is key
Monitor your diet and health – the more metrics you can monitor and track to gauge the impact of your diet will help you address potential issues before they have a negative impact

Nigel Mitchell’s new book ‘The Plant-Based Cyclist’ (£14.99) is an accessible, complete and practical guide to plant-powered cycling, however it’s an unbiased guide for any athlete wanting to either cut down or cut out animal sourced products. Available on the Global Cycling Network.

Healthspan Elite has a 22 strong, suitable for vegan product range to allow you to maximise your nutrition during hard training sessions. All batch tested and Informed Sport approved for your peace of mind. Available online at



The Spice Tailor

With long summer days coming to an end, gone are the evenings spent cooking out on the deck and enjoying the late sunset. As we welcome the cooler months with open arms, it’s time to pull out the winter warmers – meals that heat you from the inside and distract you from the cold.

Just like that, the search for quick and easy, soul-warming meals begins… and nothing says warmth like a classic, authentic Indian curry. Keep the microwavable soups and two-minute noodles in the pantry, and turn up the heat with ​The Spice Tailor​’s super easy meal kits. In just 15 minutes you can create delicious, authentic meals at home.
The ​Classic Tarka Daa​l with Cauliflower, Spinach and Ginger, is perfect for those cosy nights spent at home on the couch. All you need is the kit and a few extras!

Classic Tarka Daal with Cauliflower, Spinach and Ginger

● 1 tbsp vegetable ghee, butter or vegetable oil ● 1 packet of The Spice Tailor Classic Tarka Daal ● 12g fresh ginger, cut into fine julienne/shreds ● 150g cauliflower, cut into 2” florets ● 1/8 tsp turmeric powder ● 50g baby spinach ● Seasoning to taste
1. Heat the ghee, butter or oil in a pan and add the spices from the spice pouch and sizzle for 20 seconds. Add in the ginger and cook until browning on the edges 2. Add in the cauliflower and a little seasoning and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add a good splash of water and the turmeric powder and cook for another 3-4 minutes. 3. Add the lentil and tarka pouches from along with a small splash of water and bring to a boil 4. Simmer for 2 minutes or until the cauliflower is cooked. Add in the spinach and once it is wilted, season to taste and serve.

Healthy lifestyle idea!
EverSmile® AlignerFresh™

EverSmile® AlignerFresh™ solves the number one problem with wearing aligners; whitening and cleaning on-the-go. Which comes in handy for after meals when you can’t rinse. AlignerFresh™ uses hydrogen peroxide-based, anionic EverClean™ technology and in laboratory testing, 99.999% of common oral bacteria were killed within 60 seconds of exposure. AlignerFresh can be applied up to 6 times per day and it’s so easy to use!

Having Fun Strengthening Your Immune System

Flu season is a great reminder of just how much a healthy immune system can improve the quality of our lives. Instead of being stuck in bed with a vapor rub, thermometer and chicken soup, a healthy immune system can empower a more active and fulfilled version of our lives. It’s common knowledge now that supplements may help like: Vitamin C, Zinc or Elderberries. These routines are helpful, though not necessarily fun. But what if there was something you could do to strengthen your immune system that research suggests may offer cognitive and social benefits as well? Perhaps you wonder what that could be?

Neuroscientists have been very interested in understanding the profound link between brai n health and music. They have looked a great deal at music listening effects. However, not just any music will be helpful to your health. If you find yourself with the winter blues, Music4Life® Music Medicine programs ( are developed by a licensed, board-certified music therapist and teach you how to build a music medicine formula-based music playlist to address personal goals for emotional regulation (mental health) or performance goals (physical health). This can be helpful if you are charting physical fitness goals, or struggling with depression, anxiety or even addiction related behaviors. They offer several options, a DIY education and tools version via membership in their Music Medicine Club. There is the Music Medicine Academy, where you can learn a little more, or become an expert via certification. If you want immediate help, they offer professional, individualized help with a board-certified music therapist via their Music Telemedicine program.
< br>Researchers have also been very interested in how music-making can positively impact our health and well-being. The most profound health effects of music-making seem to come from singing and rhythm (or drumming). You can be trained as a facilitator of an evidence-based group drumming program called HealthRHYTHMS® ( or This program was developed from the ground up based upon peer-reviewed, published research. This research demonstrates a strengthening of the immune system, reduction in stress and burnout rates and improvement in mood states. As a skeptic myself, I was shocked when I attended my first session (having never used a hand drum before) and discovered how quickly the scientific protocol breaks down barriers, reduces or eliminates feelings of stress, and helps you bond with other participants. People were sharing at an unprecedented depth after just one hour of a group session. So, for getting rid of the winter blues, and feeling con nected and hopeful while strengthening your immune system, I have not found anything that is as transformative as Health RHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming.

If you are already an exercise regular, but you find the social connection just doesn’t happen or that your joints are getting too sore, there is another program that may be helpful. Drums Alive® is an evidence-based “whole brain & whole body” workout which promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive health at all life stages. It utilizes exercise balls you probably already have in your routine, and a pair of drumsticks or for low impact, tuned plastic tubes called boomwhackers. ( Program participation requires focus and attention, and it combines music listening with drumming and movement. I guess that’s why when you watch a group of seniors doing it, they seem to forget their pain and physical limitations and are able to do the important exercises that help prevent falls, and enhance social engagement. It is fun and generates a lot of laughter.

So in addition to your supplements and handwashing habits this flu/corona virus season, consider adding a heaping helping of music to improve your quality of life and strengthen your immune system!



Human Food (, the revolutionary British wellness brand on a mission to make it as simple as possible for individuals to get the very best nutrition in order to optimise their performance, is launching a world-first range of vegan Organic Daily Nutrition Bars.

The brand’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars are the world’s most nutritionally-dense organic food and have been designed specifically to support a plant-based lifestyle, but provide all individuals with a solid nutritional base from which to easily complete an optimal diet. Unlike other brands, they deliver all this from whole foods, without the need for synthetic nutrients.

The unique recipes for Human Food’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars have been developed by a team of nutritionists and doctors. The bars combine 20 organic whole foods and whole food extracts, which have been carefully selected and combined to provide the maximum functional benefits. They contain essential nutrients that can often be difficult to obtain from a plant-based or vegan diet, alongside key functional ingredients that can help to improve cognitive function, optimise performance and support overall health and wellbeing.

Human Food’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars are available in three delicious and satiating editions: A fruity Red Bar, with organic Goji Berries, a subtly spicy Yellow Bar, infused with organic Turmeric, and a power-packed Green Bar, containing organic Spirulina.

Each bar also contains:

100% RI Vitamin B12 – Human Food’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars are the only products in the world to contain 100% organic, whole food-derived B12, as opposed to the Vitamin in a synthetic form.
50% RI Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and D
11g Protein
800mg Omega 3
500mg organic Maca
200mg organic Ginseng
3g organic Cacao
Other essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including: Potassium, Phosphorus, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Omega 6 and Omega 9

Unlike other brands, Human Food only uses 100% whole food-derived nutrients in its products, as these are packed with essential phytonutrients that are required for optimal absorption by the body. The Organic Daily Nutrition Bars contain no added sugar, sweeteners, flavourings, synthetic nutrients or GMO’s, are allergen-free and each one has all of its seeds whole to protect against oxidisation, which causes degradation in taste and nutrition.

Human Food recommends enjoying its Organic Daily Nutrition Bars every day to provide a solid foundation from which to complete an optimal diet. The bars are hugely versatile and a quick, nutritious solution that is ideal for time-poor, busy individuals to enjoy at any time of day. They can be eaten on their own, blended into a smoothie, crumbled on top of Bircher muesli or porridge and also can be consumer pre- or post-workout, with slow-releasing whole foods that satiate for longer.

Human Food’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars (RRP: £3.30 per bar) are available via the brand’s website ( and can be purchased individually, as a two-week trial pack (RRP: £33.00) or as part of a monthly subscription (RRP: £66.00 for 20 bars).


Instagram: @_humanfood_

How your family can tackle conjunctivitis this winter

Just as we’re finally getting rid of colds and other bugs that are common in December and January, families may find in early February they’re hit by another health issue – conjunctivitis. Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists found that over the last five years, there has been a spike of people searching ‘conjunctivitis’ online in February as people look for health advice for the eye condition.

What is conjunctivitis?

Lasting anywhere between a few days and two weeks, conjunctivitis is a common infection causing inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid, and the membrane, which covers the whites of the eyeball to keep it moist. The condition can cause redness, itchiness and discharge in and around the eyes.

Conjunctivitis thrives in lower temperatures and dry air, which is why we see a spike in cases and people searching for health advice in February.

Conjunctivitis is typically caught in one of two ways – a contagious virus passed by air, or a bacterial infection passed by skin contact. Both can transfer from one eye to the other, as well as between people.

Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis

Adults are especially prone to viral conjunctivitis if they have come into contact with someone who has been coughing, sneezing, or has a cold. Viral conjunctivitis is very contagious.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is most common amongst children and older people. You might catch it if you come into physical contact with somebody else suffering with it, wear infected contact lenses, touch your eyes with unwashed hands, or use contaminated eye make-up or cosmetics. Most children will suffer from bacterial conjunctivitis at least once while they are growing up.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis

According to Angela Wiggins, clinical & business development director at Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists, one of the most common symptoms of conjunctivitis is red eyes, but you might also suffer from:

Itchy, bloodshot eyes

A hot or ‘gritty’ feeling to your eyeballs

Sticky eyelids and eyelashes

Watery eyes

Discharge from the eye lining, either clear or yellow

Flu symptoms, particularly if you’re suffering from viral conjunctivitis

Angela advises: “Parents of young children at nursery or school probably know all too well how contagious conjunctivitis can be, so it’s important to take as many steps as possible to prevent this common infection spreading.

“You can start by treating conjunctivitis easily yourself at home using cooled boiled water and clean cotton wool pads to gently clean eyelashes and around the eye. Make sure you dispose of the cotton wool immediately so no one else comes into contact with it. Repeat this process three or four times a day, until the infection clears. If your eyes feel hot and irritated during this time, hold a cool flannel against them.

“If you wear contact lenses, avoid them until your eyes are better and throw away any soft contact lenses that had been worn just before or when your symptoms first occurred. Make sure everyone in your home washes their hands regularly with warm, soapy water, and clean all materials you come into close contact with – pillows, bed sheets, towels and face cloths – in hot water and detergent.

“Conjunctivitis should hopefully clear up by itself after a week or two and it doesn’t tend to cause long-term damage. However, if your symptoms continue after this time or you experience any additional problems such as blurred vision, seeing spots, sensitivity to light, or pain, you should get medical advice as soon as possible. You might need to be prescribed an antibiotic eye drop, or you might need reassurance from an optician who can check your eye health and vision to make sure the symptoms aren’t the cause of something more serious.”

For more information about eye conditions, including conjunctivitis, visit:

How to protect your eyes on a ski trip


Whether you’re heading to the slopes for the very first time this half term, or you’re au fait with après ski, it’s important to bear in mind that exposure to winter sun can take its toll on your eyes.

Although you’ll be keen to take in those blissful, panoramic views from the mountain tops, the combination of altitude, winds, bright sunlight and cold temperatures can impact your eye health and even risk your safety.

The biggest culprit for affecting your eyes on the slopes is powerful, UV light. The huge masses of white, reflective snow on the mountains and clear atmospheres experienced at high altitude work in partnership to intensify levels of UV light, making it more likely to enter and burn your eyes.

While the effects of this are temporary, they can cause serious discomfort. Taking some simple steps to protect your vision will mean you don’t end up remembering your trip for all the wrong reasons.

According to Angela Wiggins, clinical & business development director at Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists, there are some tell-tale signs your eyes have been exposed to too much UV light on the slopes. These include:

Eye pain

Burning or red eyes

A gritty sensation to your eyes

Sensitivity to light

Watery eyes

Blurred vision

Swollen eyes or eye lids


Glare or ‘halos’ around lights

Angela advises: “Winter sun can make for a very special getaway, but it can also be the cause of damage to the eyes which, if not treated, can put a skier or snowboarder at risk or even ruin their entire holiday.

“To prevent photokeratitis, also known as “snow blindness” – a common phrase for the effects we might feel when on the slopes – holiday goers should wear sunglasses or goggles that block 100 per cent of the sun’s UV rays, whenever they are outside during daylight hours. Some sunglasses even include a wrap-around feature that protect from indirect as well as direct sunlight.

“Snow or sport goggles with side shields or rubber ribs which completely block sunlight offer maximum protection from sunbeams hitting the eyes from the front, sides, above and below. Remember that UV rays penetrates clouds, so there is a risk of damage to the eyes even on cloudy days.”

If you do succumb to the power of the sun this half term ski trip, you should:

Remove contact lenses and avoid using them until your eyes have healed
Stay indoors, wearing sunglasses at all times
Keep eyes moist with an eye mist or eye drops from a pharmacy or opticians
Place a damp, cool facecloth on your eyes
If the pain is extreme, seek pain relief, using only trusted brands and adhering to quantities stated

For more information about eye conditions, including conjunctivitis, visit: .



Innovative Gut Health start up TrooFoods Ltd are excited to announce that their unique, fibre-packed alternative sweetener Troo Spoonful of Fibre is now available in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett stores nationwide. Shoppers can now buy the award-winning product from Guernsey to Glasgow.
Made from Chicory Root Fibre and nothing else Troo Spoonful of Fibre is claimed to be ‘one of the easiest ways to get fibre into your diet’. Lack of fibre is one of the biggest nutrition issues we have as a nation; with on average people consuming only 19g of fibre – a whole lot less than the recommended 30g. This is particularly concerning with athletes, including rugby players. Athletes often consume high levels of protein which can have a negative effect on gut health – generally they also do not eat the target 30g of fibre per day. Increasing fibre consumption could negate the issues caused by the excess protein consumption as well as providing a host of other health benefits including improved immunity.
With more fibre in a dessert spoonful than a bowl of bran flakes, Troo Spoonful of Fibre is a super easy way to reach your 30g target. It can be added to hold or cold drinks; drizzled over porridge or added to cooking and baking as a honey substitute.
Awarded ‘Most Innovative New Product’ at the Nourish Awards along with two other prizes in the Ingredients and Gut Health Categories it had the biggest haul of the night in what’s dubbed ‘the toughest health food awards’.
RRP: £4.99 for 227ml jar (Waitrose Price: £5.25 for 227ml jar)

TrooFoods also make fibre-packed Troo Granola and Troo Porridge+ – every proportion of Troo is at least 25% of your daily fibre requirement. Our breakfast cereal are vegan, gluten, wheat and dairy free and come in plastic free packaging.

About TrooFoods Ltd

TrooFoods is a prebiotic-based gut health food company on a mission to inspire people change their diets to live long, healthy & happy lives whilst being kind to the world.
We do this in 4 ways:
1. By helping people UNDERSTAND the gut health science and the research – see our blog
2. By INSPIRING people to make better food choices (including getting closer to the recommended 30g of fibre per day)
3. By making it easy to buy and eat gut healthy food that is DELICIOUS & CONVENIENT
4. By allowing people to track the difference and SEE THE BENEFITS.
We do this in the most sustainable way, aiming to be a B Corporation in the next few months.

Chlamydia test
Buy chlamydia home test kit
√ £17.99 (with discount code TEST10)
√ Free for under 25s in some areas
√ CE quality assured
√ Results in 1-3 working days

Chlamydia Testing Kit Online
By Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy

New Year, new you! … So don’t forget those miserable creatures – sexually transmitted infections (STI’s!)
Sadly, you can be infected with an STI, but have no symptoms and be totally unaware you have it.
Chlamydia is the major culprit. In 2018 there were 126,000 cases of chlamydia diagnosed in young people aged 16-24. However, the numbers of people being tested had dropped by a worrying 7%.
Chlamydia treatment is usually a simple course of antibiotics. It’s really important to have a chlamydia test, especially if you are aged under25, have never been tested or are about to start a new relationship.
Yes – condoms do reduce the chance of transmission, and you are strongly advised to keep using them, but even using condoms 100% of the time does not guarantee you can’t get chlamydia!
The best thing you can do for yourself is to have a chlamydia test. This will protect you from the consequences of untreated chlamydia – painful sex, pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Chlamydia affects both men and women.
Chlamydia tests can be done free of charge at the Sexual Health Clinic, or the GP surgery. If however, you prefer to do the test yourself at home, you can purchase a kit online and do this in privacy. It’s safe, discrete, accurate and inexpensive. Just visit Dr Fox Online Pharmacy.

5 Reasons to Get Walking this Winter

What makes humans different to other animals? One of the fundamental properties, that distinguishes us from our ancestors and relatives, is the unique way in which we walk. We only use two feet and hold our heads up whilst doing so – what you may hear scientists refer to as “Upright Bipedalism”.Now you may say birds, monkeys and apes walk on two legs but unfortunately although they can be described as bipedal animals, they do not possess the ability to walk with an upright spine.

At around the age of one years old, a major milestone of child development is walking -following learning to sit, crawling and pulling up to stand, yet as we grow older, people tend to take this evolutionary wonder for granted. Taking the lift or car is opted for over walking.

I appreciate how winter can present some frustrating barriers to exercising. It might be that it is far too cold to play your usual summer sports or that you are struggling to get yourself out of bed in the chilly mornings and head to the gym. Walking is a great way to keep fit and can be done layered up to combat the cold. Here are my 5 main reasons why you should get walking this winter:

1. It is good for your Health

Walking is not only good for your fitness, it has been associated with a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, decreased risk of breast cancer , an improved mental wellbeing and quality of Life, a decreased risk of heart attacks and strokes and decreased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Some interesting research has been done which has uncovered some of the neurological benefits of walking regularly for more than a year, especially in regard to the natural process of ageing that your brain undergoes.

2. It is free and accessible

Unlike most other forms of exercise walking absolutely free. It doesn’t require you to buy any memberships, fancy kit or equipment. That said a pair of comfortable shoes or trainers are ideal for walking around most city environments. For my Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, I invested in a pair of walking boots and they have done me well so far. I like to wear them, because they are extremely comfortable but also because I never need to worry about getting them dirty. In the UK we are so fortunate to have a huge number of free walking trails which make anything from taking a stroll to going on a hike really quite easy.

3. It is easy on your knees

Personally, I have fallen in love with walking because of how easy it can be on our joints compared to other sports. I have suffered through knee pain from a young age which has made it incredibly difficult to enjoy many other sports that I partook as my knees had a tendency to flare up unexpectedly, in long aching episodes. During the bouts of pain, walking allowed me to gently exercise without putting excess strain on my knees.

4. You can meet your exercise guidelines

The World Health Organisation guidelinesrecommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week, but what does this actually mean? Moderate Aerobic activity can include cycling, dancing, doubles tennis, pushing a lawn mower, hiking and brisk walking. Brisk walking means walking around 3 miles per hour (mph) but for everyone that finds it hard to know what walking 3mph feels like. The sweet spot lies when you are walking fast enough that you can comfortably talk but cannot sing. Essentially incorporating brisk walking into your daily life will help to ensure you reach the exercise recommendation or even exceed it.

5. It is easy to fit into your normal life

From my experience of most other sports fitting it into your life can be very difficult especially if you have a busy schedule like me. The beauty of walking there is always lots of opportunities to sneak it in there. Next time you are pushing the button to call the lift consider taking the stairs. Next time you are leaving work consider walking back home. Next time you are feeling stressed consider just taking a walk.

Written by Sajan Patel, medical writer from Dr Gabi Clinic’s Purpose Print Team.

The clinic is located in Notting Hill, Private GP and Wellness Services, we focus on combining the best of traditional and lifestyle packages. We have a number of Purpose Packages (wellness screening) available in addition to Private GP appointments. To book call: 0333 335 5031. We have a blog called The Purpose Print with more wellness and lifestyle articles that can be accessed via the website above.

Got a sore throat? Here’s how to tell if it’s viral or bacterial and if you need antibiotics

Ever had a painful sore throat and wondered if it was caused by a viral or bacterial infection? While bacteria and viruses can both cause mild to serious infections, but they are actually very different from each other. Therefore it’s important to understand the differences as they will need to be treated accordingly – misusing antibiotics to treat a viral infection can contribute to the growing problem on antibiotic resistance and should only be used where necessary.

Dr Chris Smith, Consultant Virologist, discusses how to tell the difference between viral and bacterial infections.

“Bacteria and viruses are different types of pathogens that both cause disease. Bacteria is larger than a virus and can reproduce on their own, whilst viruses are small and cannot reproduce on their own. Viruses reproduce by using the host’s DNA repair and replication systems to make copies of itself.”

1. You have a runny nose

“The symptoms of either infection depends on the area of the body and sometimes the symptoms of the two can be very similar, particularly when related to the ear nose and throat – e.g. a sore throat, headache or fever. However the telling sign is that an upper respiratory infection (a virus) can typically be detected by the symptoms of a runny nose”

“95% of sore throats are caused by a virus[i] and don’t require antibiotics and people demanding antibiotics from the GP becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. GP’s are under pressure and in the instances where they have prescribed antibiotics for viral infections, the individual believes that it’s the antibiotics that have made them feel better when in fact the virus has just gone away as it would have done anyway.”

2. The throat is red, swollen and has white spots

“There are a number of different bacteria that cause illness, and you become exposed to them in a variety of ways, including streptococcus A – also known as strep throat. Strep A is a bacterial infection that affects your throat causing pain and a range of symptoms, including red and swollen tonsils with white spots. This is usually a tell-tale sign that it is something more than a viral infection. Strep throat can also spread to other areas of the body such as the skin causing a prominent rash known as Scarlet Fever.”

3. Your sore throat doesn’t improve after a week

“Usually symptoms of viral infections last from a few days to a week and can be eased using over-the-counter medicines, such as medicated lozenges or menthol cough drops (such as Covonia), which provide a cooling sensation and temporarily numb nerves in the throat. Lozenges also increase saliva flow, which washes away germs and lubricates the throat. If symptoms do not ease or worsen after 5 days or more, you should consult a GP.

“With bacterial infections, painful symptoms are likely to persist longer but patients will respond to antibiotics within 24 hours and with a course of antibiotics, this will go away within a few days although could take up to two weeks for a serious one.[ii]”


NEW Covonia Medicated Sore Throat 5mg/1mg Lozenges have a dual action formula that numbs pain (Lidocaine Hydrochloride) and fights infection (Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride). The lozenges are sugar free and suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Available in two flavours – lemon and menthol to provide soothing relief from sore throats[iii]. Covonia Medicated Sore Throat 5mg/1mg Lozenges Lemon & Menthol (RRP £5.99 for 36 lozenges) are available from Lloyds Pharmacy. Always read the label.

NEW Covonia Double Impact Cough Drops – for when you need that extra power. The two halves of the non-medicated cough drops work together – one half has a flavour that warms your throat, whilst the other half releases powerful menthol vapours. The cough drops are suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, with berry blast and sugar free flavours also available. Covonia Double Impact Cough Drops RRP £1.65 (51g) or £1.35 (30g) packs of Cough Drops and are available from Boots, Asda, Morrison’s and pharmacies nationwide.

To ‘FEEL THE POWER’ of the Covonia range visit and don’t forget to join the conversation on, @CovoniaUK on Twitter and @Covonia_UK on Instagram.

Weather Warnings: Snow Much Fun or Broke it like Beckham?

For many January marks the arrival of harsh weather conditions dominated by ice and snow. Whilst the excitement of snow can be undeniable, it comes with a dangerous edge we all need to prepare for. Whether you’re looking for solid and fun aids to help prevent an injury or are recovering from an injury which requires trustworthy support – Cool Crutches are here to keep you on your feet in style.

Cool Crutches have designed sleek, chic and frankly fabulous colours and styles to keep you, your family and friends smiling whilst healing this Spring. Available in a range of colours to suit your style as well as zebra print, leopard print and star prints amongst others, the team at Cool Crutches are keen to make you feel comfortable, pain free, stylish and on trend whilst you mend!

Each pair of crutches is created with comfort in mind so the handles are not only moulded but cushioned with a removable and washable neoprene grip. The crutches are also silent with tidy clips to adjust the height of both the main leg and forearm sections so you can wave goodbye not only to blisters but also clicking crutches. There is also a removable cuff on each crutch so as and when you can weight bear, you can lift and pick up things without the crutch dropping to the floor.
Whether you’re looking for a smart and simple crutch, or feel you’re better suited to bold and bright, these crutches are guaranteed to put a spring in your step! You can also design your own so if you’re looking for your favourite sports team / colours or pattern just email with details your dream pair!

About Cool Crutches

In October 2005 founder Clare Braddell’s daughter Amelia fell off a quad bike and smashed a vertebra in her back. She initially lost all feeling and movement from her waist down and spent two months in the specialist spinal unit in the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow where she was operated on before being airlifted to Stoke Mandeville for further treatment. Amelia was immediately advised to take a year away from university to get better. Five months on from the accident and after numerous surgeries and physiotherapy sessions Amelia could stand on two crutches.

It was at this point that rehab came to a halt, the NHS crutches she was using were so uncomfortable Amelia had developed severe blisters on her hands, a reputation for clicking and clunking as the constant rattling meant everyone could hear when she was coming and most importantly a crippling frustration with the situation which made her look and feel disabled. During this time Amelia was advised to bed rest until the blisters healed and it was then that Clare and her daughter researched, designed and sourced the first pair of Cool Crutches.

The crutches were an instant hit, Amelia was able to jump into her rehab and now blister free, gain progress instantly. At the same time the reaction from other patients, doctors and nurses inspired the dynamic duo to start a company to help other people who have suffered debilitating injuries get better faster and also cheer everyone up!

13 years on the company is still going strong with incredible feedback from their clients the team adore delivering such positive products to the market:

“Amelia’s Cool Crutches are just the business” The Scotsman

“These are the Rolls Royce of Crutches” Wendy Waugh

“Silent, comfortable, chic and already turning heads for the right reasons” Lisa Tracey

Sleeping on the job: Customs from countries around the world

There’s a proven link between lack of sleep and negative emotion, but is catching 40 winks whilst at work a proven solution?
Research via the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggests that lack of sleep can have a negative impact on emotion. Could naps of 20-30 minutes make for a more productive workforce, and have a positive impact on mood, concentration and attention?
Following the findings that loss of sleep could be costing the UK £40bn a year, is it time to make a change to our sleeping habits? To find out, we investigated eight sleeping customs from around the world, and explored how they could have a positive impact on your business.

China – Bring your bedroom to work
In factories and offices across China, the lines between bedroom and workspace are becoming increasingly blurred. Due to longer working hours, many employers now advocate a short nap after lunchtime to increase concentration. Certain offices have even installed temporary or permanent sleeping and washing facilities in their office spaces to encourage employees to stay round the clock.

Japan – Inemuri
Taking a nap at work could well be perceived as a sign of laziness or a poor attitude, but not in Japan. The hectic lifestyle of Japan’s city dwellers has led to the wide-scale uptake of “inemuri”, or “sleeping whilst present”. Thanks to inemuri, Japanese workers can nap on public transport, at their desk or even during meetings – and it’s commonly seen as a sign of hard work.
Spain – Siesta
Originating in Spain and parts of Latin America, the siesta is perhaps one of the most well-known daytime snoozing traditions across the globe. This practice might be under threat, however, with new business laws introduced in 2016 limiting how late employees can work, and effectively reducing the time they have to squeeze in an afternoon nap.

Italy – Riposo
Where the Spanish have a siesta, the Italians have “riposo”. Commonly taking place after lunch, riposo can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Frustratingly for tourists, this means that many attractions are closed throughout the day. Unfortunately, the non-stop pace of modern industry means that fewer and fewer office workers are able to benefit from a midday snooze.

Norway – Napping outside
Take a stroll through Oslo, Helsinki or another Nordic town, and you might well see some infants taking a nap in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius. Don’t worry – they haven’t been abandoned; sleeping outdoors in the daytime is actually believed to be very good for their health. Could local office workers take some inspiration to increase their productivity?

Indonesia – Fear sleep
Stresses of work getting you down? The ominously named ‘fear sleep’ might be the solution. Locally referred to as “todoet poeles” – the practice of fear sleep enables people to nod off instantly to avoid feelings of excessive anxiety and stress. Nodding off when your boss walks in might not be the best solution, but regular naps could well help avoid work-related worry.

Botswana – Sleeping on your own schedule
You should sleep when it’s dark, correct? Not quite. At least, not in Botswana. The country’s native Kung hunter-gatherer tribe are well known for sleeping only when tired, regardless of the time of day. With an increased uptake of flexi-time, rise in self-chosen hours and growth of contract-based work, could businesses be embracing the way of the Kung sooner than we think?

USA -Silicon Valley sleepers
Though it’s not a national custom just yet, sleeping on the job is widely being embraced by some of the USA’s biggest employers. Technology and software companies are leading the napping revolution, with firms like Google going so far as to have purpose-built sleeping pods installed in their offices to help employees rest and refresh.

Mini Monkey Teether

Award-winning Matchstick Monkey, leads the market with the first teether ever to contain BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology

With more bugs going around at this time of year, parents take comfort in the knowledge that the Mini Monkey teether is the first and only teether to have added BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology, which kills 99.99% of microbes*, preventing bacteria from growing on the teether.

Mini Monkey, from the Matchstick Monkey family, is hygienically cleaner than any other teether, as well as being made from FDA approved food grade silicone, BPA free, non-toxic and dishwasher and fridge friendly.

At just £7.99, the fun, soft teether features a range of different textures to help massage sore gums and ease pain. It’s the ideal teething solution for even the littlest hands and mouths.

*BioCote® is the only antimicrobial supplier approved by HACCP International.

Skyfoss Hand and Body Cream.

It is a luxurious and ultra moisturizing hand cream packed in a convenient and eco-friendly tin that makes it portable to take wherever you go – your skin’s new best friend during wintertime!

Skyfoss Hand Cream is made from all natural and plant based ingredients, and is cruelty free and eco friendly. It is made fresh and exclusively with the highest quality ingredients typically used only by top tier natural skincare companies.

The product naturally has a floral blossom scent with a natural pink color, and the texture is initially fluffy but melts deeply into your skin with no greasy residue. The scent is also naturally calming with soothing effects.

For more information, please visit and see our Instagram (@skyfoss.skincare) and see some of our reviews and tagged posts (


Stay happy and healthy this Winter with the Wellbeing Bouquet, created by the UK’s leading independent online florist, Serenata Flowers
Reduce stress and depression, boost mood, and remove harmful toxins from the air
Free next day delivery on orders placed as late as 10pm, seven days a week

The Wellbeing Bouquet

RRP: £39.99

As the days get colder and darker – and the sniffles begin to set in – the winter months can leave many feeling a little under the weather. Fortunately, award-winning online florist, Serenata Flowers, has created the perfect floral remedy to keep you happy and healthy throughout the winter months

The Wellbeing Bouquet has been lovingly hand-arranged by floral experts to bring together a selection of mood boosting stems with known health benefits. If the bright, sunny yellow blooms in this gorgeous bouquet aren’t enough to lift you out of the winter slump, their extensive range of health benefits ought to do the trick.

The large yellow chrysanthemums in this arrangement not only add colour and vibrancy to the home, they are also known to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Playful gerbera daisies also feature in this bouquet, which are known to be excellent air purifiers, removing harmful toxins such as trichloroethylene and benzene from the air, to improve respiration and promote a restful night’s sleep.

Two white oriental lilies, often used in aromatherapy to treat headaches and depression, add a touch of sophistication to the arrangement and are accompanied by high altitude roses which are renowned for their healing abilities and relaxing scent.

Pretty alstromeria and aster flowers nestle into this uplifting arrangement and are framed by an assortment of lush green foliage to complete the bouquet. Serenata Flowers also takes the stress out of ordering, thanks to their next day delivery service, available until 10pm on all bouquets, lovingly hand-arranged by their team of floral artists.

Serenata Flowers offers the best possible prices and provides a fast and convenient way to gift fresh flowers to family and friends, whatever the occasion, offering FREE next day delivery seven days a week. Customers can order as late as 10pm for next day delivery.

Serenata Flowers sells affordable fresh flowers and bouquets lovingly arranged by floral artists and hand-delivered by couriers in the UK. For more information, visit

Tecar Therapy – the fastest solution to peak physical performance

London’s leading Tecar Centre, ALO Physiotherapy Clinic, are pioneers in their field introducing this progressive technology to Harley Street. This international clinic (one of the best-kept secrets in Central London) is based in Marylebone close to London’s affluent Bond Street and Knightsbridge on the world’s most famous street for private clinics in medicine and surgeries. The ALO Physiotherapy team have over 20 years experience between them, and due to their highly welcoming nature, professionalism and knowledge are incredibly busy and extremely popular with wealthy international Londoners and VIPs from the Middle East.

ALO are forward thinkers in their industry and believe in combining new technologies in physiotherapy and more traditional manual therapies during their treatments. Tecar Therapy has been scientifically proven to improve functional recovery and is a hugely popular form of treatment worldwide with professional athletes and sports teams such as Chelsea Football Club.

The Tecar machine sends a high energy current through the body which stimulates tissue regeneration and helps to reduce pain. The treatment is non-invasive, pain-free and totally relaxing. It’s therapeutic effects promote a faster functional recovery after just a few sessions which makes it the ideal go-to treatment post-exercise.

Tecar can also be used to treat muscular, joint and lymph problems such as traumatology, rheumatology and sports injuries. It is much loved by professional athletes and amateur sportspeople who swear by this treatment to help them reach their peak physical performance. 2017 World Athletics Championship athlete, Dwayne Cowan, says:

“I had treatments with Andre at ALO Physiotherapy, using Tecar Therapy – Andre did a great job of helping me to recover and be able to compete back to back and go on to win a bronze medal.”

Tecar only sessions can now be booked online on the ALO Website: or alternatively booked over the phone: 0207 636 8845

Combat the cold this winter with Sebamed’s dry skin range

Winter is well and truly here and it’s now more important than ever to protect your skin from the harsh weather conditions that this time of year brings!

From dry, chapped skin to eczema and rosacea – our skin needs extra TLC this time of year and Sebamed’s products offer the Ph balance needed to keep your skin glowing whatever the weather brings.

Sebamed Lip Defence – RRP £2.99

Sebamed Lip Defence SPF 30 is the ideal care for dry, chapped lips. Defending against the irritating, drying effects of environmental influences and UV rays, it leaves lips soft and tender.

Sebamed Anti-Dry Moisturising Lotion – RRP £6.49

Boosting hydration by 26% in just 3 weeks, Sebamed Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion regenerates dry skin conditions, increasing skin’s moisture content and restoring lipid balance. Rapeseed phytosterols protect against (and relieve) itching, roughness, tension and burning sensations, as well as skin redness.

Sebamed Intensive Hand Cream – RRP £5.29

Intensive care with Avocado Oil for rough hands exposed to manual labour and environmental influences

Sebamed Anti-Dry Derma Soft Wash Emulsion – RRP £7.29

100% soap and alkali free, Sebamed Anti-Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion protects against dryness and irritation during cleansing. Created with the same pH 5.5 value of healthy skin, it supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle, whilst regenerating and balancing the skin’s moisture content. Helping to increase the hydration of dry skin, skin is left soft and supple.

Sebamed Cracked Heel Balm – RRP £5.99

Immediate relief for very dry, rough and callused feet, Sebamed’s hydrating complex with Allantoin penetrates rapidly into skin for noticeable relief with the softening of the callused skin.

The full range of Sebamed can be found here –



BRITAIN is sitting on a goldmine worth up to £13 Billion as it stores valuable second-hand goods tucked away in its bits ‘n bobs drawers.

The research also found that 78 per cent of people in Northern Ireland have purchased pre-owned goods.

The average bits ‘n bobs drawer contains tech worth up to £500, according to national research by Mazuma Mobile. And with almost 9 out of 10 of the 27.6 million households in the UK having a bits ‘n bobs drawer, that’s a staggering amount of forgotten loot lying dormant in UK homes.

It does seem, however, that Britain is becoming savvier about the value of its pre-loved, often unwanted, goods, the Mazuma Mobile study reveals. And the nation is increasingly keen to cash in on the contents of those bits ‘n bobs drawers by selling them to make cash.

Almost 85 per cent of Brits now regularly purchase pre-owned products instead of paying full cost for new item equivalents. From books and handbags, to higher value tech items such as computers and mobile phones – the second-hand market in the UK is blossoming.

The research suggests that the amount of pre-owned wares in the average Brits home is growing as the majority of the nation partake in the buying and selling of second-hand goods.

The items Brits are most happy to buy pre-loved are books (68%), cars (62%) and furniture (49%). Other items in the list include mobile phones (34%), beds (13%) and even underwear (4%).

The savviest shoppers are those aged 35 – 55, following by the younger generation under 25. Shrewd shoppers also differ across different regions, with the Welsh being most stringent with their cash; 90 per cent purchase second-hand compared to just 78 per cent of those in Northern Ireland, who are splurging the most on brand-new products.

Those aged between 35 and 44 are most likely to purchase a pre-owned mobile phone with the over 50s most likely to purchase cars, books, crockery and jewellery. The most likely age group to purchase second-hand underwear is 25 – 34.

Whilst women are the most likely to purchase second-hand goods (86%), the survey found that men are more likely to sell their pre-owned goods (73%).

A fifth of Brits regularly sell on our unwanted items (at least once a month) and the average Brit has made up to an average of £441 selling a second-hand piece of technology.

Eighty-eight per cent of those surveyed admitted they have a drawer at home where they keep random ‘bits and bobs’ and tech, which have on average three discarded mobile phones and with 10% hoarding more than seven old phones, some of them more than ten years old (17%).

Craig Smith from Mazuma Mobile said: “Many of us could be sitting on a lot of cash in our bits ‘n bobs drawers. The second-hand goods market is on the rise and this means there are new opportunities for people to sell their unwanted items. For example, old mobile phones can be swapped in for cash easily via websites such as

“Buying and selling pre-loved phones and other items also has a positive impact on the environment. Buying second-hand reduces the huge carbon footprint from producing new mobile phones and other technology and selling stops waste from going to landfill.

“Companies such as Apple are regularly launching new models, such as the iPhone 11, meaning fantastic savings can be made after these launches by purchasing a good-as-new second-hand iPhone X from Mazuma. The good news is that as soon as new model is launched, many people trade theirs in for the next model up. Models such as the iPhone 7 still offer what most of us need from our phones, and they can be picked up as good as new for under £200.”

Money Magpie’s Jasmine Birtles is a huge advocate of the second-hand and pre-owned goods market. Jasmine, a financial and business expert, author and presenter, has focused her career on making and saving money for consumers. She said: “Buying second-hand goods can offer huge savings for shoppers and many are now not ashamed of owning pre-loved products and becoming proud of bragging about their bargains and how much greener it is to buy ’nearly new’ instead of new.

“I’m surprised that only a third of us would be happy to buy mobile phones second-hand, compared to two thirds who would buy a second-hand car. We all know how a new car loses money as you drive it off the forecourt, but what many people don’t know is that buying a brand-new mobile phone has exactly the same effect. As soon as you walk out of the store with it and take it out of the box, it loses a big chunk of its value.

“I’m pleased to see that Brits are finally waking up to the idea that there’s no shame in buying pre-loved goods. In fact, not only is it often the most cost-effective option, it’s also kinder to the environment. What’s not to like?!”


1. Books (68%)

2. Cars (62%)

3. Furniture (49%)

4. Clothes (43%)

5. Jewellery (37%)

6. Musical instruments (35%)

7. Mobile phones (34%)

8. Televisions (32%)

9. Handbags (29%)

10. Computers (29%)


1. Batteries (68%)

2. Cables (63%)

3. Old coins (58%)

4. Allen keys (52%)

5. Mobile Phones (53%)

6. Spare buttons (50%)

7. Tools (45%)

8. Various electronics (37%)

9. Jewellery (30%)

10. MP3 player (24%)

The rise of mushroom in skincare this Winter– Eminence Organic Pure Forest Collection.

Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties which boosts the cells regeneration and hydration, the reishi mushroom has fast become a trend in recent skincare launches. Improving our immune system and reducing the signs of ageing on our skin, reishi mushroom in our skincare can leave out skin looking clear and younger, as well as healing the skin and reducing skin irritations. Containing a high concentration of polysaccharides to enable skin to retain hydration, reishi is a powerful source of antioxidants to repair and renew the skin, reducing inflammation, puffiness and the signs of free-radical damage.

Award-winning natural and organic skincare brand have launched a brand-new skincare collection, inspired by nature, and harnessing the very best of reishi as well as snow mushroom and birch water.

The Pure Forest Collection from Eminence Organic is a blend of premium ingredients sourced from nature to bring the healing properties of the forest directly to our skin in three luxurious indulgent new formulas. With each product containing a blend of three of nature’s most potent ingredients that work in harmony to soothe, detoxify and repair, you are guaranteed to see results of a pure and glowing complexion.

The Pure Forest Collection consists of: Snow Mushroom & Reishi Masque, Birch Water Purifying Essence and Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream.


Add a heart-warming touch to your loved one’s day this Valentine’s, with the fabulous Personalised Johnston Alphabet Mug from the London Transport Museum shop.

Show them just how much they mean to you, with breakfast-in-bed and the perfect cuppa in a mug that’s just for them!

Featuring the iconic Johnson font, a bespoke creation for London Underground, these monochrome cups can be personalised with your special one’s name and initial!

Personalised Johnston Alphabet Mug – £14.99
London Transport Museum shop –



As the days and nights get colder and your little one’s skin becomes exposed to harsher weather and central heating, it soon becomes drier, chapped and can even lead to an eczema flare-up. Winter is the key time to nourish and protect delicate skin – from bath time through to bedtime – and to also ensure you’re following a skincare routine which suits your little one’s needs.

A nationwide survey conducted by AVEENO® Baby has revealed that 1 in 5 (20%) parents have felt like they have failed as a parent because their child has a skin condition, over a fifth (21%) worry about what others think of their parenting abilities, and 19% feel like they are obliged to explain why their child looks different to others. 40% of fathers admit that they feel embarrassed about their child’s appearance in public when suffering from visible flare ups, vs. 31% of mothers. Similarly, 48% of fathers admitted to feeling like their child is being stared at because of their skin’s appearance.

Commenting on the research, Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and expert in baby skincare: “A skin condition could be as common as eczema, yet the research has shown that 45% of parents who have children with a skin condition feel unprepared when dealing with situations these conditions present them with.

The AVEENO® Baby Dermexa range is formulated with an Oat Complex, made up of oat essence and colloidal oatmeal, plus ceramides. This combination of ingredients helps fortify the skin’s natural barrier function, locks in moisture and has calming benefits.

Oats as a skincare ingredient for dry skin prone to irritation has stood the test of time, as it is known to soothe skin and help restore the skin’s natural barrier.”

AVEENO® Baby Skincare Expert, Rebecca Bennett, has provided her top tips for parents looking to ease their baby’s discomfort and eczema concerns over the cooler months.

Weather Protection: When taking your baby outside make sure they are fully covered, think scarf, hat and gloves – anything to protect your little one’s skin. Like in the Summer, make sure to not have your baby outside in the cold for too long. If your baby’s extremities begin to look red, take them indoors and give them a lukewarm bath.
Bathtime: If your baby’s skin becomes dry and irritated in the cold weather, avoid bathing them in water that is too warm, as this may strip essential protective oils from their skin. During bathtime, I recommend using theAVEENO® Baby Dermexa Moisturising Wash which helps to soothe baby skin and preserve its natural barrier.
Remember the cheeks and lips: Exposure to cold weather can cause chapped and irritated lips, cheeks and redness around the mouth. Protection is key during this season, so make sure to carry the AVEENO® Baby Dermexa Daily Emollient Cream and use daily, also try the AVEENO® Baby Dermexa Goodnight Emollient Balm at bedtime or on particularly dry areas.

*Research of 2,002 parents in the UK conducted by Atomik Research, 30th August – 4th September 2019

CLASSIC BLUE: Pantone Bouquet


RRP: £49.99

To compliment Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Classic Blue – award-winning online florist Serenata Flowers is launching the Blue Horizon Bouquet. This sophisticated arrangement of pretty blooms features soft shades of twilight blue and pastel pinks, offering a palette of complimentary shades to style with Classic Blue.

The Blue Horizon Bouquet has been lovingly hand-arranged by floral artists, combining blue hydrangeas with light pink lisianthus and pink rose avalanches, framed by eucalyptus.

Whether creating an on-trend centrepiece or brightening up your living space with a new pop of colour, indulge in the gorgeous scent from this bouquet as you embrace 2020’s hottest colour.

Serenata Flowers offers the best possible prices and provides a fast and convenient way to gift fresh flowers to family and friends, whatever the occasion, offering FREE next day delivery seven days a week. Customers can order as late as 10pm for next day delivery.

Serenata Flowers sells affordable fresh flowers and bouquets lovingly arranged by floral artists and hand-delivered by couriers in the UK. For more information, visit


with Muddy Puddles

Knitted Bobble Hats – £16
Knitted Trapper Mittens – £18
Beanie Hat – £15

Keep kids looking stylish while staying toasty warm this winter with gorgeous woolies from Muddy Puddles.

Fun and super warm, the Knitted Bobble Hat is this winters must-have. Made from super soft, non-itchy Icelandic fabric with contrasting pom poms, it’s the ultimate winter accessory designed to keep your muddy little ones happy and snuggly.

Don’t forget, keep those little hands extra warm and protected with the super cute Knitted Trapper Mittens – with their handy fold over finger warmers, these gorgeous mittens can be worn fingerless on those warmer days!

And, the classic Beanie Hat in two fun colours is super cosy and perfect for keeping little heads warm in the winter chill.


London Transport Museum shop have just the thing to keep you warm and toasty on long, cold winter nights – the fabulous Moquette Hot Water Bottle.

Exclusively designed for the London Transport Museum, the hot water bottle and cover set come in the beloved District line pattern and iconic Routemaster design, making the ideal gift for all transport-lovers!

Moquette Hot Water Bottle – District / Routemaster
£15 each

London Transport Museum shop –

A winter essential

Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo

If you’ve already tried everything, try Nizoral® dandruff shampoo for clinically proven, long-lasting relief from dandruff[i]. Compared to most anti-dandruff shampoos that only act on the surface, Nizoral® treats the root cause of dandruff itself, not just the symptoms[ii]. The medicated formula gets to work fast to help treat the underlying cause of the condition, restoring the scalp to its normal healthy state.

Trichologist Stephanie Sey explains: “Using a scalp treatment such Nizoral can help prevent dandruff during winter season. Not wearing hats all the time is a clever tip, as they can create the perfect environment for malassezia to thrive. Making sure you wash your hair regularly to get rid of the excess oil you may be producing to combat the weather”.

Nizoral® Dandruff Shampoo, priced at £6.39 for 60ml and £9.29 for 100ml, is available from Boots, Superdrug, Amazon, Lloyds Pharmacy, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and independent pharmacies nationwide.

Looking after your wellbeing is number 1 priority and B.OK help individuals and businesses do that easily with their guided B.OK gift boxes and experiential events.

B.OKideas is a social support movement helping individuals and businesses take charge of their wellbeing through work, life, physical and mental health changes.
They have curated B.OK Boxes, workplace wellness events and community initiatives to help anyone, anywhere support those they care about. Whatever the change may be, maternity leave, parenthood, job changes, they can help you support holistic wellness and a positive mindset in others.


Research reveals 58% don’t believe that cardio helps you lose weight quicker, while 1 in 4 think more sweat equals more fat loss
Data shows the misinformation could be being caused by people relying on non-professionals and the internet for advice
A NEW STUDY has revealed a number of myths believed by a high proportion of British adults, which could be scuppering many people’s attempts to get fit and healthy.

A survey of more than 7,600 UK adults published by Decathlon in the Decathlon Activity Index, revealed a series of incorrect beliefs that British adults have about diet and exercise.

More than half (58%) of those surveyed didn’t believe that doing more cardio helps you lose weight quicker – despite the fact that this is in fact the case.

The misconceptions around healthy lifestyles and exercise were widespread – despite the fact that 92% of Brits polled in the same survey said they feel confident they fully understand what a healthy balanced lifestyle is.

Meanwhile, more than 1 in 4 (28%) wrongly believe that the more you sweat, the more fat is burned.

1 in 5 Brits wrongly think that workouts lasting less than an hour are ineffective and similarly, 17% felt that the longer the workout, the better the results will be – meaning many could be missing out on the benefits of shorter, more intensive sessions when they are pressed for time.

Almost 1 in 5 (19%) believe it is more effective to exercise in the morning – again meaning those who are not able to train before work could be writing off the benefits of evening workouts.

More than 1 in 10 (14%) believe that lifting weights will make you look bulky, while 10% wrongly think that you need protein after a workout or it is a waste.

3,986,136 million adults believe that eating carbohydrates means no weight will be lost.

While the same number think that taking supplements before and after exercise is key, which completed the top 10 list of fitness myths.

The research also investigated potential reasons why, and revealed that many are relying on health and fitness advice from those who are not necessarily trained or knowledgeable on the subject. People are more likely to turn to friends for tips and advice on diet and exercise than anyone else – with 28% admitting they do this.

A similar number (23%) admitted they use the internet to become better informed.

Joshua Gutteridge, sports manager at Decathlon commented: “Given so many are turning to non-professional sources for advice on diet and exercise, it’s perhaps unsurprising that so many are getting the facts wrong about fitness and exercise. But this could be really hindering their progress as many could be discounting cardio, shorter workouts and evening exercise – or even putting undue emphasis on things like the amount of time they have exercised for or how much they have sweat.

“No matter what your reasons for embarking on a fitness regime, whether it be to lose weight, feel fitter or to be more sociable, it is important to educate yourself about exercise beforehand to understand what a healthy balanced lifestyle – but to do so using a qualified professional. Talk to a personal trainer who has knowledge and a clear understanding about fitness so you can learn how to start your new regime in a healthy way. There are many different myths about diet and exercise, so speaking to someone before you get started is a great way to prepare yourself for the fitness journey ahead.”

The Top 10 Most Commonly Believed Fitness and Nutrition Myths:

Doing less cardio helps you lose weight quicker – 58%
Sweating more means you burn more fat – 28%
Workouts should be an hour or longer to be effective – 20%
It’s not effective to exercise in the morning – 19%
The longer the workout, the better the result – 17%
Lifting weights will make you look bulky – 14%
You need protein after a workout or it is a waste – 10%
Crunches results in weight loss – 8%
Eating carbohydrates means you won’t lose weight – 6%
Taking supplements before and after exercise is key – 6%
The Decathlon Activity Index tracks rates of participation in sport and other physical activities across the year through a national survey repeated every month throughout the year. To view the Decathlon Activity Index, visit

Decathlon has 45 stores in the UK and sells a variety of sports equipment, clothing and accessories perfect for those want to get active or excel their performance.

For more information, visit

The Protein Ball Co. offers a delicious range of protein balls from the indulgent Raspberry Brownie and Cacoa + Orange to the vegan-friendly Lemon + Pistachio and Goji + Coconut, or the high protein range Peanut Butter and Coconut + Macadamia – there’s a protein ball to suit all tastes.

All Protein Ball Co. products are 100% natural, with no added sugar and are made from the finest ingredients. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, with 4 vegan flavours.

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