Winter Essentials Items to prepare and protect from the cold wet and wintry conditions we are all experiencing! Part 1.

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Winter Essentials Items to prepare and protect from the cold wet and wintry conditions we are all experiencing!

Part 1.

Please be prepared and careful when venturing outdoors particularly!

 The Zippo hand warmer, the perfect accessory for keeping hands toasty when exercising outside – no excuses!


(lasts up to 12 hours!)

 The hand warmer fits perfectly in your hand or pocket and last for up to 12 hours. There’s two sizes to choose from and a variety of colours to suit almost everyone.


Staying Warm in the coldest conditions, but also retaining poise, style and Joie de vivre is the perfect outcome! Add Mina’s unique style to your outdoor wear & Keep stylish and warm with this Handmade with Love ♡ scarf by Zeynep E.

This is made possible by these wonderful designs from artisan producers assembled by trading & retail platform


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Add Mina’s unique style to your outdoor wear.

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Made to Order

Enjoy the comfort of wool blends.

75% Acrylic

25% Wool



Keep stylish and warm with this Handmade with Love ♡ scarf.

So many to choose from and so wondefully made, see more at >>

Made to Order.

100% Acrylic, Machine Washable @40 degrees.

Colour and Size

Colour : White

The website is an indication of style, (colour and tone may vary subject to availability)

Made from 100g yarn, thread the end stylishly through the button detail to sit comfortably around your neck.

Bone button detail.





The most technologically advanced male skincare range, STOER Skincare for Men available in Harvey Nichols, marks the arrival of results-driven male skincare that matches the performance of the very best in female skincare brands. (Available in Harvey Nichols London flagship store, Harvey Nichols online and on

This technologically advanced collection of skin-smart products introduces novel and effective ‘Cosmetic Drone’ technology, a first for the male skincare market. Cosmetic drones focus on delivering the brand’s unique Clima 5™ formulation of active ingredients directly into the skin layer where they work best. Each active has been individually sourced from extreme climates in 5 global locations (Mexico, Japan, Scotland, West Africa and the Alps) to underpin the value of protecting the skin against pollution and the elements, whilst rejuvenating, energising and improving skin health.

The STOER Skincare for Men collection includes:

STOER Skincare For Men Foaming Face Wash RRP: £24.00 / 150ml

STOER Skincare For Men Detox Face Scrub RRP: £27.00 / 75ml

STOER Skincare For Men Firm & Protect Moisturising Serum RRP: £40.00 / 50ml

STOER Skincare For Men Energising Eye Serum RRP: £32.00 / 15ml

STOER Skincare For Men Vitamin Power Mask RRP: £35.00 / 75ml

Climatic Extremes: Globally Sourced Clima 5™ ‘Superhero’ Ingredients

STOER Skincare for Men contains 5 key ingredients from around the globe that make up the Clima 5™ formulation. STOER Skincare’s unique Clima 5™ Technology features naturally-sourced active ingredients from four continents to help firm, hydrate and protect skin from pollution and other environmental aggressors.

Cosmetic Drone Technology: A First for Male Skincare

The most advanced cutting edge ‘Cosmetic Drone’ technology is incorporated into each STOER formulation to help deliver the potent Clima 5™ actives where they can form the ultimate support system and skin benefit. Each active is enclosed in a unique microscopic ‘Cosmetic Drone’ mechanism to deliver the actives to a deeper layer of the skin.

STOCKIST INFORMATION: Harvey Nichols, London | and

Being clean and cleansed with Soothing Aromatherapy Mist, Energising Mist, The Best Hand Sanitizer & Natural Hand Santizers is essential at this time of year in these cold and wet wintry conditions! DA Aromatherapy provide these solutions effortlessly! Shop at


DA Aromatherapy Collection – Sharing the Magic of Hudson Valley with the World

DA Aromatherapy Collection – Sharing the Magic of Hudson Valley with the World


We are Millennials and a family of Explorers & Adventurers from Cornwall on Hudson, New York. After ditching our corporate careers we went on a journey to enjoy finer things in life and to attend the most important priority – our family. It’s the idea of a strong and healthy family with everlasting virtues and values that lead us to strive for 100% organic in our food choices, and then taking the next step and evaluating skincare, bath and body products that we use on a daily basis. It wasn’t easy to find stylish yet natural products we wanted and we decided to start our own brand of safer, natural, fashionable and sophisticated skincare, bath & body products infused with organic essential oils and our promise of absolutely no parabens, no sulfates, no synthetic fragrances or dyes, only biodegradable and plant-derived ingredients + minerals found in nature. We believe that living life organically is better for us and our families, it is also much better for ecosystems and the health of our planet Earth. Every time we choose to go synthetics-, pesticides-, herbicides- or insecticides-free, we are taking a step towards healthier ecosystems and decrease the number of harmful chemicals washed off into our rivers and oceans.

DA Aromatherapy Team: Max Loskutnikov, Dino Alexander, Jack & Vicka.
At Duncan Avenue, our goal has always been to bring you very best quality products and services that can help enrich different aspects of your life and business. We are excited to bring to you, the next step in our journey. A journey to discover, and share with you, the amazing and wondrous natural treasures of Hudson Valley – a place of spectacular beauty and rich cultural history. Presenting our new range of natural and organic line of aromatherapy products – The Hudson Valley Inspired Aromatherapy Collection.


Bullet Proof Your Health with Ayurveda…. This incredible ancient knowledge… Special herbal preparations carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts in line with original traditional texts!


Utilize the wisdom of ancient traditional system of holistic health, Ayurveda, to be in your best shape in 2018, thanks to special herbal preparations carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts in line with original traditional texts. Feel good, sleep well, be driven, productive, creative, and calm!

-Feel calm and creative

Do you feel on edge, restless, or anxious a lot? Is your mind unsettled? Sleep could be better? Ayurveda says that the Vata or air element in your body is out of balance. A careful blend of liquorice, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger in an Organic Vata Tea

By Maharishi Ayurveda with a full and sweet taste will help bring disturbed Vata energy back into balance. It leaves you feeling soothed, calmed and relaxed.


-Support immune system; prevent colds and boost energy

Tired and sluggish when you wake? Prone to colds, flu and constipation? According to Ayurveda, the cause is a toxic build-up called ama, due to incomplete digestion. Ayurveda places good digestion at the heart of optimal health. Triphala herb consists of three fruits, which work synergistically to detoxify your entire digestive tract. Cabbage Rose is added to support and enhance the other ingredients. Besides helping you detox, Triphala Rose also aids in absorbing nutrients effectively giving you good energy levels.

-Improve concentration, achieve mental clarity and higher productivity

Ambrosia is one of Ayurveda’s most powerful rasayanas (Rasayanas are Ayurvedic rejuvenators designed to have a holistic, nourishing effect on both body and mind), promoting vitality and strength in both mind and body. 13 whole rare herbs and fruits are combined in precise proportions creating a potent synergy. It has been designed to promote the optimum functioning of mind, brain and the nervous system. Maharishi Ayurveda’s Ambrosia tablets boost mental potential and enhance three types of mental function: acquisition, retention, and recall of information. This all-natural blend is said to promote Ojas, the finest body tissue and traditionally seen as central to long life and perfect health.

-Overall vitality, energy and strength

The Nectar tablets is the modern version of Brahmi rasayana, the foremost of all Ayurvedic rejuvenators. This king of rasayanas is designed to nourish every major body system and to enliven the body’s inner intelligence. Using an age-old formula, numerous herbal ingredients are combined synergistically, in hundreds of meticulous steps. This herbal masterpiece protects and brings vitality and strength to mind and body.

-Healthy joints

If digestion is weak, toxic waste can accumulate in the joints. Soothe Joint herbal tablets help stimulate digestion, keep the joints and circulatory channels clear of toxins and purify the blood.The herbs Guggul and Tinospora help cleanse fat tissue, bones and joints whilst Shilajit, Aswagandha and Indian Asparagus provide long-term bone and joint nourishment. Aswagandha, Indian Asparagus and Ajowain also support joint mobility.

-Support woman’s health

The demands of an active lifestyle can make it difficult to keep going, let alone excel. But don’t sell yourself short. The Vital Woman dynamic herbal formula can help you surpass your expectations and realize your personal best. The 25 Ayurvedic herbs including Red Sanders, LodhTree and Ashoka Tree work synergistically for more vitality, inner strength, stability and balance in mind and body.For women of all ages.

-Support men’s health

Prostate problems become a growing issue with men who are approaching middle age. Preventive measures are recommended by Ayurveda.Prostate Balance is designed to deliver nutritional support over a broader range of targeted areas than ordinary prostate supplements. It balances testosterone levels, supports vitality, promotes healthy prostate size and function, purifies the urinary tract, and supports the body’s immune system. This blend of ayurvedic ingredients offers a natural, holistic approach to prostate health.

About Maharishi Ayurveda:

Created by a world renowned Indian teacher and the founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Maharishi Ayurveda is a revival of the most ancient system of natural health care in the world. It emphasizes the central importance of the mind-body relationship for health, describes perfect health and makes it its goal and provides us with a wide range of time honoured practical techniques to enliven powerful natural healing responses in both mind and body.


Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle — the world’s best travel water bottle! > On Amazon &


Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Uniquely portable and versatile, the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle makes on-the-go hydration easy and enjoyable for travel, fitness and an active lifestyle. NOMADer where you go, it helps keep you healthy and hydrated.

Affordably priced, wow-worthy, and available in 11 stylish colors, the Nomader makes for the perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers.

For more info, visit Use promo code HYDR8NYU to save 10% on your order (expires February 28, 2018).

Product Features

• Folds up or squashes down for compact travel
• Locking screw cap design ensures no leaks
• Easy to carry with attached ergonomic strap
• Shatterproof silicone survives accidental drops
• Rigid sleeve makes it comfortable to drink from
• Wide mouth makes it easy to add ice and clean
• Made of 100% BPA-free, health-safe materials
• Handles hot, cold, and frozen drinks
• 11 stylish colors to choose from
• Includes a lifetime warranty

Are you tough enough to tackle this? The Departing Details workbook is the ultimate gift of kindness for your family.


Are you tough enough to tackle this? The Departing Details workbook is the ultimate gift of kindness for your family. Every adult with assets and/or dependent’s needs to complete this workbook. It is a step-by step guide to leaving your loved ones with the information they need to know when you die or have an incapacitating injury or illness. It is a simple to use collection system and is the essential companion to your will. It is a new product, only available since April 2017 at

You can instantly download a copy for $24.99 Canadian ( approximately 15 GBP) and insert it in a binder of your choice. It has sold in 9 countries. The Workbook is an excellent gift for your partner, spouse or parents. If they don’t do it now, you will have to do it someday! This gift will be appreciated and not forgotten. Don’t kick this topic down field. Tackle it now!

Cub’s Wish by Angie Flores, on


Angie Flores is the author of the best-selling children’s book and #1 new release, Cub’s Wish..

Cub’s Wish is a touching story about a Papa Panda and his Cub who try and find the perfect wish for the wishing star to grant. Together they find that all you need to do is wish from the heart. Cub’s Wish focuses on the endearing conversation between parent and child, believing that sometimes we need a little guidance to achieve our dreams. With its warm colors and sweet illustrations, this is the perfect book to snuggle with your young one on your lap.

Cub’s Wish just received an Honorable Mention from the Paris Book Festival, an international event. It also has been reviewed from India, which means the message from the book transcends all over the world.

Cub’s Wish is available on Amazon, Barnes&, and on

Amazons Best Ever Selling Tablet Fire7 with Alexa, 7″ Display, 8GB! Check out what this gadget can do! SMART VALUE! SERIOUS ENTERTAINMENT!


The best-selling Fire tablet – now thinner, lighter, and with an improved display for enhanced readability. Featuring Alexa, a cloud-based voice service that provides quick access to the entertainment you want, including music, games, audiobooks, and more. Ask Alexa questions, get news, find sports scores, and even control your smart home.

Fire 7 features a 1024 x 600 IPS display with 171 ppi for a bright display with vivid colours and whiter whites for a great viewing experience at all angles. Compared to the previous generation, Fire 7 features an improved display that provides better contrast and sharper text. With up to 8 hours of mixed use battery life, Fire 7 gives you the flexibility to go wherever the day takes you.

Alexa provides quick access to the entertainment you want, including music, games, audiobooks, and more. You can also ask Alexa questions, check your calendar, get news, find sports scores, and even control your smart home. When connected to Wi-Fi simply press the home button for one second then ask. Alexa will respond to you and will even show visual responses to certain questions.

Enjoy all your favourite movies and TV shows on Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and more. Discover hundreds of thousands of TV episodes and movies, plus fling Amazon Video content to your TV using Second Screen. Expand your tablet’s storage by up to 256 GB using a microSD card to keep your photos, movies and compatible apps and games with you. Plus, enjoy free unlimited cloud storage for all your Amazon content and photos taken with your Fire tablet.

JUST LAUNCHED AmazonSmile… everytime you shop at Amazon will donate a percentage of the purchase price for millions of products to charities! have just launched AmazonSmile – each time customers shop at, Amazon will donate a percentage of the purchase price for millions of products at no additional cost to customers or the charities they select.

Customers can choose from 10 major UK charities, including Cancer Research UK, The British Red Cross, and the Royal British Legion, with enrolment opening to all UK charities registered with the Charity Commission next year.

The U.S, Amazon has donated over $62 million to charities through AmazonSmile since its launch four years ago.


Acting Responsibly and Using Our Purchasing Power to support Ethically Principled Businesses we recommend this wonderful artisan trader! the Ethical Hub is ACTIVE! Choose from Kanimar, Wellpaper, SUND’art & More! 20% Off Sale!


“I am so happy to recommend this wonderful, wonderful producer whoose produce is so beautifully made by artisanal producers and with ethics and discipline in mind! Thank you so much to proprietor Caroline who curates this wonderful boutique of itrems.” InTouch Rugby Homes Interiors & Lifestyle Correspondent.

Ethihub brings you beautifully crafted gifts from inspiring artisans we have carefully chosen from southern India. Every purchase you make will help them to create a better future for their families. Our featured suppliers include:


Hand-embroidery by the Irula Tribal artists inear Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. Each artist works from home, creating a unique intricate Rangoli design for every product she makes.


Accessories to brighten up your home made from recycled newspaper by women from villages around Auroville in Tamil Nadu. THE “Well” in “Wellpaper” stands for ”Women Empowered through Local Livelihood”.


Gifts in cheerful fabrics made by the talented tailor, Sundar and his hand-picked team of seamstresses in Pondicherry and the nearby villages.

Find out more and shop with us at

Look after your kit with Cleaning & waterproofing products from STORM not least at this time when things can get so waterlogged and because of the exposure to the prevailing weather conditions!


Staying dry, protected and comfortable is key to enjoying the outdoors this winter. Properly cleaning and caring for technical apparel is imperative to maintaining the performance of kit that is used year after year. Over time dirt and oil mask the water repellency treatment on waterproof kit – whether it’s clothing, footwear or accessories – meaning it will start losing performance and absorbing water.

Leading cleaning and aftercare specialist Storm offers a range of high performance cleaning, waterproofing and after-care treatments that can be used on a wide variety of outdoor kit including, waterproof jackets, mid and base layers, down jackets, leather, suede and synthetic footwear and backpacks.

STORM has rebranded for 2018: the products have a new name and packaging; yet still offer the same trusted performance STORM users have come to expect.


Significantly enhancing the technical performance and prolonging the life of outdoor clothing, STORM products are suitable for the aftercare and re-proofing of ALL fabrics and materials including, Gore-Tex®, Sympatex® and eVent®, plus much more. STORM’s PFC-free ONE WASH & ECO FRIENDLY PROOF Twin Pack 75ml (SRP £7.50) for outdoor clothing is the handy option when you want to clean and proof your garments in one easy wash cycle; using less water and energy than other products on the market and ensuring your kit delivers the same protection it did when you bought it.

Use the WASH in the detergent compartment of your washing machine and the ECO FRIENDLY PROOF in the conditioner compartment. To activate the proofer, first line-dry the garment then tumble dry for 20 minutes or iron without steam. This will cure the garment for maximum performance.


Perfect for down jackets and sleeping bags, STORM’s WASH for down filled items and Eco Friendly PROOF for down filled items removes dirt and impurities to keep down garments performing at their best this winter.

STORM’s WASH for down filled items has been developed in partnership with major manufacturers to maximise the performance and feel of down and down filled items. The balanced pH allows for the cleaning process to be gentle on the fibres so they remain soft to the touch, maximise loft and maintain the intended performance.

SRP £6 for a 300ml bottle (100ml recommended per wash cycle).
Wash one garment at a time and ensure adequate drying time to allow the down to loft fully. Tumble drying will maximise drying and lofting.

STORM’s Eco Friendly PROOF for down filled items restores the original finish to waterproof down garments and down filled equipment. Providing long lasting performance, it maintains loft and is PFC free. Use in a 30°C wash; requires heat to activate DWR finish.

SRP £9 for a 300ml bottle.
Use the WASH and PROOF together in one wash cycle for further environmental and cost saving!

STORM Footwear Products Keeps Feet Fresh & Dry in the Outdoors

Having clean and dry footwear is key to keeping feet comfortable and protected in the great outdoors. Downpours can quickly turn walking and hiking trails into muddy bogs, leaving boots and shoes caked in mud and dirt. Over time this dirt masks the water repellency treatment on footwear, meaning it starts absorbing water – resulting in damp and soggy feet.

Suitable for all footwear, STORM’s WASH for outdoor footwear (SRP £6.50 for a 150ml trigger spray bottle) is a high strength cleaner that removes stubborn stains and marks. STORM’s WASH for outdoor footwear lifts dirt from fibres in preparation for a proofing treatment. Standard washing powders and liquids designed to stay on fabrics after rinsing to give them a ‘bright clean look’ also cause waterproofing to fail so it is advisable not to use these type of products on waterproof kit.

Once cleaned, use STORMs PROOF for outdoor footwear (SRP £7.50 for a 150ml trigger spray bottle) to restore the original water repellent finish to the surface of your waterproof footwear. The easy to use direct spray-on proofer is suitable for all footwear including; fabric, leather, suede and combination materials. Even non waterproof footwear, such as approach or running shoes can benefit from a treatment of a waterproofer as it will reduce the water take up of the material, reducing the added weight of wet shoes and also allow them to dry quicker.

Storm’s PROOF for outdoor footwear is an advanced air cure proofer, meaning it requires no direct heat to become active. Just leave the treated footwear in a warm room for 12 hours after a line dry to achieve the best results.

Boody Bamboo Eco Wear. Meets the needs of women and men who want a fashionable garment that fits perfectly, Boody looks and feels fabulous, is healthy to wear and doesn’t ‘cost the earth’.


Imagine slipping into superbly-soft bamboo eco friendly fabric that keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, is hyperallogenic, sweat and bacteria resistant, odour free and provides UV protection…

Introducing Boody Bamboo Eco Wear – the game-changing Australian brand of fashion underwear and outerwear, Meets the needs of women and men who want a fashionable garment that fits perfectly, Boody looks and feels fabulous, is healthy to wear and doesn’t ‘cost the earth’. It can be worn for travel, working out or for everyday comfort.

Boody fabric has been exclusively sourced and developed with up to 95% organic and chemical free bamboo yarn mixed with a touch of nylon and elastin to create a fabric that is soft, stretchy and wrinkle free. The seam free garments wash and wear beautifully, lasting much longer than cotton garments.

Boody is also hypoallergenic. The bamboo fibres naturally contain many micro-gaps which provide substantial ventilation and moisture absorption. It’s these micro-gaps in the yarn which make it highly breathable, helping you keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Bamboo fibre is hydroscopic – moisture is shunted away from the body and evaporated rapidly allowing your skin to breathe more easily. It’s also quick drying after washing, and durable – meaning that no matter how many times you wash and wear, bamboo lives on .

Bamboo thrives naturally without pesticides because it contains a super antifungal and antibacterial bio agent named Bamboo Kun. The most noticeable benefit is that Bamboo cloth is odour free – odour being an unpleasant by-product of bacteria proliferation. So Boody will keep you fresh all day every day.

Born in Australia, now loved worldwide, Boody bamboo fabric is renowned for its moisture absorbency, breathability and antibacterial qualities so it’s the perfect fit for you – and the planet.

Skullcandy Method BT Sport Earbud. ALL DAY ACTIVE WIRELESS


These sporty ear buds are ideal for wintery conditions and with the right playlist, will keep you running for a while. From personal experience these are perfect for skiing as you can wear them around your neck and your phone can remain in your pocket which stops all the fiddling around. The Method Sport Wireless are ideal for those long evening runs or taking the dog out for a walk in the woods. They have incredible range, great bluetooth connectivity and are a reasonable price. Even with the grim weather outdoors these headphones make you want to go out and be proactive. The Methods are from the Skullcandy sport range and also come in a women’s specific model to fit the form of the female collar/ears. With these you can take on any wintery condition.

Skullcandy Method BT Sport Earbud
Price: £49.99


The lightweight and secure design have a DualLock™ fit which offers comfortable, all-day listening. The women’s-specific FlexSport™ collar lets you focus on your workout, thanks to a comfortable and secure fit and when the going gets tough the sonically-welded construction helps these buds resists sweat. A major positive is that you can work out up to 33 feet away from your mobile device with Bluetooth® connectivity and with nine hours of rechargeable battery life you can work out for longer and harder. You can manage your calls, music and volume with the built-in mic and remote for interruption-free workouts


NOVEMBER 8th to 11th 2018


This event marks the signing of the First World War Armistice combining Education, Remembrance and Sport, providing a unique experience of taking part in a Centenary Event.

The City of Compiegne in the Oise Department, France.

The Mayor of Compiegne and Rugby Club Compiegne.
Co-Founded by John Dennison from the World Rugby Memorial Project & Francourt Events and Pascal Mitchell, Director of Rugby at RC Compiegne.
The project is supported by Rugby Club Compiegne, Francourt Events, City of Compiegne, Federation Francais Rugby, Oise Department, Oise Tourist Office, Conseil Department l’Oise, 14-18 Centenaire Mission and Single Step Tours who are all represented on the Steering Committee

A combination of Adult and Youth represented by the Armed Forces and Schools.
The Military will include Male and Female Teams, and Schools age grade teams.

1) Education
Friday November 9th is reserved for Schools who will visit local sites in Compiegne and the Somme.
Saturday November 10th the same format for the Military.
Each day will be fully guided

2) Remembrance
A special Multi Faith Remembrance Service will be held on the morning of Sunday November 11th and dedicated to the Game of Rugby and to the memory of all who served in WW1 from around the world. Led by French and UK Military Chaplains

3) Sport
It has been decided to make the Rugby Festival “7’s Based” in order to increase the potential number of participants.
Friday November 9th is reserved for the Military Teams. Featuring Male Female Teams including the French & UK Army, Navy and Air Force. In addition, the French Pacific Army and Gendarmerie Nationale. Teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada. Italy, Germany and Belgium have also been invited.
Saturday November 10th is reserved for Schools and there will be a maximum of 10 Teams in each of 2 categories, U16 & U18.
Squads are limited to 12 players, 3 trainers/managers and there are 5 places for Senior Officers and other team members such as physio’s, or students, teachers. See additional notes below.
The Rugby will conclude with a Charity Game on November 10th. At this stage we anticipate between Stade Francais Veterans v Crawshay’s.

There is going to be a huge demand on accommodation in and around Compiegne and we are working with the Regional Tourist Office to secure spaces for all. This will be on a bed & breakfast basis.

There will be a requirement to make a contribution to the event per person. Packages are available from our appointed Tour Operator, Single Step in the UK.
Groups will be required to make their own travel arrangements to/from France. A detailed schedule with timings will be made available and those arriving by coach must ensure that there are enough “driver hours” to meet the timings. Failure to do so may affect your participation in certain elements of the event.
Those arriving via Paris on flights to CDG, or Eurostar, we will provide a costing from a local coach company covering all transfers and event scheduling for your approval. Compiegne is approximately 45 minutes from these locations.

ALL Accommodation in twin rooms on a bed and breakfast basis
Friday Military Teams, food boxes including water, fruit, energy bars, yogurts
Military Vouchers for use at Food Market at RC Compiegne
Friday School’s Packed Lunch
School’s Guide and Meet & Greet Member for Education Tour
& Entrance Fees where required

Saturday Military & School’s arrangements reversed

Saturday ALL Event Dinner & Presentations
Sunday ALL Event Lunch

ALL will receive 1 of each
Event Polo Shirt
Event Book
Event Programme
Event Memorial Lapel Pin Badge
Men’s Event Tie or Ladies Silk Scarf

The Volunteer Team will be an important component at the Event and will allocated to specific tasks at the Rugby Festival but also looking after individual teams and groups. They are there to assist all visitors and will also be a conduit to the Event Management Team

Military & Youth
Although the pitches are floodlit, we have to consider the weather and temperature possibilities in November.
Therefore the following format has been agreed.

The maximum number of entries per category is 10.
Military Men
Military Women
School U16
School U18

Each Team will play 4 games in a pool format, and everyone is guaranteed a final. You will play a maximum of 5 games in the Festival.

2 Pools of 5 Teams per category
Each team will play the others in their pool for ranking points in a league format.
The Pool Winners will meet in the Final.
The 2nd ranked teams will play each other through the 5th placed. Therefore each team will play in a final.


Thursday November 8th
12h00 to 20h00
Meet and greet team at RC Compiegne for those travelling direct
Meet and greet teams at Paris CDG and Paris Eurostar
Book into accommodation on a Bed & Breakfast basis
Time at Leisure

Early arrivals can book a training session at RC Compiegne. The Club will be open from 12h00 to 18h00

19h00 Option to attend WW1 Centenary Concert at St Paul des Sablons, Avenue de Huv, Compiegne
Welsh Male Voice Choir & Compiegne School of Music and Chorale

Friday November 9th
RC Compiegne
09h00 Team arrivals and registration
10h00 Men’s and Women’s Military 7’s Rugby Festival begins
16h30 Rugby Festival Ends

Men’s Festival “Hugh Diaz” Trophy
Women’s “Hugh Diaz” Shield

Education Day
09h30 Depart Accommodation
10h30 Arrive Somme
Site visit menu
Villers-Bretonneux, Thiepval, Lochnagar Crater, Beaumont Hamel, Mametz Wood, Albert WW1 Museum, Peronne WW1 Museum
If there are other sites of interest to your group please let us know so that it can be included. Please note it will be dark by 17h00 local time.
All Educational Tours will be fully guided and a member of the Meet & Greet Team will also accompany you. Includes packed lunch.
Return to accommodation Compiegne by 18h30

19h00 International Rugby Conference at RC Compiegne
Special Guests include
Michel Merckel leading French Historian and advisor to the FFR
Dennis Gethin President Wales Rugby Union

Saturday November 10th
Educational Tours. Please see School notes above

10h00 Rugby 7’s for U16 & U18 begins
16h00 Conclusion of Rugby

U16 Earl Haig Cup
U18 Marshal Foch Cup

The draw for both Rugby Festivals will take place on Saturday September 22nd and will be made available on Facebook live “World Rugby Memorial” Confirmation will be e mailed to all Team Leaders.
A printed programme will be made available to all at the Event.

Charity Game
16h30 International Charity Rugby Match
Stade Francais Veterans v Crawshay’s
18h30 Conclusion of Rugby

20h00 Event Dinner & Presentations
23h30 Venue Closes

Sunday November 11th
09h30 Remembrance Service starts
11h00 2 minute silence
11h02 Tribute to the Rugby Players of WW1
11h15 Conclusion
12h00 Event Lunch and Closing Speeches
14h30 Event End & Farewells


Friday May 25 (option)
Arrival in Laon
Check into accommodation
19h30 Evening meal at RC Laon & Champagne Reception

Saturday May 26
10h00 Visit World Rugby Memorial, Craonnelle, Chemin des Dames
11h00 Visit Medieval Town of Laon
12h30 Arrival at RC Laon
13h30 Start of Vets Rugby
18h30 End of Vets Rugby
Evening Rugby Party & Presentations at RC Laon

Sunday May 27
11h30 “Hair of the Dog Lunch” at RC Laon
13h30 Depart to Epernay to visit Champagne House
16h00 End of visit
Return to Laon
Evening Soiree at Les Bruscades, Laon

Monday May 27
Depart Laon
Although a Bank Holiday in the UK it is a normal working day in France.

Saturday May 26
11hoo Arrival in Laon
Check into accommodation
As above

Sunday May 27
As above

Monday May 28
As above

Option A
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday £250.00 p/p

Option B
Saturday, Sunday, Monday £190.00 p/p

Both options include accommodation based on twin rooms and breakfast
Meals as listed at RC Laon
Visit to Champagne House in Epernay

Not Included
Travel to/from France

Rugby Games are 20 minutes each way with unlimited substitutions. FFR to appoint referees.


Featuring Five, Fully-Functional and Kosher Certified Options


Los Angeles, Calif.—January 17, 2018—The Cookie Department®, a Los Angeles-based food company, is proving that all cookies are not all created equal. With a unique line of all-natural individually packaged fully-functional cookies, The Cookie Department® offers an array of products containing no artificial preservatives or trans-fats.
It starts with clean ingredients and classic cookie formulations, which are then fortified with unique and innovative elements to provide consumers extra benefits in every bite. Whether its training for a marathon or preparing for a marathon day at the office, The Cookie Department’s line of grab and go items fulfills a purpose.

The idea of creating fully-functional cookies took shape one afternoon in 2009 when Founder Akiva Resnikoff refueled with a jolt of caffeine and a sweet snack at the original Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley, California. He noticed other patrons were also experiencing an afternoon slump. It was at that moment that he decided to combine his love of coffee and baking to create a functional treat. After creating more than 50 batches of cookies in his mother’s kitchen, the trial and error phase was over when the first fully-functional cookie, the Awaken Baked® was realized.
Infused with coffee and chocolate, the Awaken Baked was the jolt the Bay Area needed. The caffeinated cookies were a hit as fitness centers, cafes, college campuses and specialty markets –from Berkeley to San Francisco– stocked their shelves. Today, The Cookie Department is a nationally distributed brand offering discerning customers five kosher, fully-functional and decadent cookie options, including:
● Tough Cookie™ – Peanut butter toffee cookie with 10 grams of rBST free whey protein
● Great Full® – Sweet potato cranberry oatmeal antioxidant cookie (vegan)
● Snap Back® – Ginger and cayenne spiced cookie
● Chocolate Chip Nookie™ – Rich chocolate chip cookie infused with Maca Root
● Awaken Baked® – Double chocolate chip cookie containing 40 mg of Fair Trade coffee

The Cookie Department’s line of Fully Functional Cookies® are available at select specialty markets, juice and smoothie bars, gyms, college campuses, cafes, sporting goods stores, movie theaters, hotels, and grocery stores throughout the country. Additionally, some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach and Austin, Texas, keep their employees energized with a steady supply of functional treats.
To find a location near you, order online or inquire about having The Cookie Department provide product to your company, please visit their website at or call 510.803.3002 ext 1

Top Paddock Dairy Sheep milk is categorised as a whole food as it’s high in protein, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals!


Sheep milk is naturally homogenised, easier to digest and less of a problem for people intolerant to cow’s milk, it has double the amount of butterfat, however, the smaller fat globules are more easily digested and are less likely to cause high cholesterol they are also easier to digest than other milks. If you are worried about cholesterol – remember that the level of fat does not necessarily relate to the level of cholesterol.

Sheep milk contains: vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, calcium, protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, and medium chain amino acids

It’s naturally high in protein and calcium.

Top Paddock sheep dairy milk in West Sussex is great for rugby players all over the land.

Sheep milk is categorised as a whole food as it’s high in protein, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals.

Milk is naturally more hydrating than water as proven on Dr. Moseley’s, ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ tv show.

For more information and case studies on how sheep milk has helped people please have a look at website:


REVIEW: With vaping gaining popularity we review a brewer who is making great vaping one shots, mixing liquids, flavours and accessories!


“Family made E-Liquid Concentrates

The Brews Bros are Jake and Liam Addison. Both the brothers and the business were born in the coastal county of Lincolnshire where family loyalty, pride and determination are the mainstays of people’s characters. The boys are no exception and the Brews Bros ethos is based on quality, locally made products at affordable prices.”


An excellent producer, friendly efficient and professional service, we got our package within 2 days. I was absolutely delighted when i tasted these liquids which had been recommended to me! Vaping is a culture and has become a significant business in recent years, rules have been changing of course and that is where trusted businesses such as Brew Bros with a track record in quality who continue to produce with complete relibility over time a product which is amongst the best in the UK. Their online business and sales platform at is stocked with their superb liquids and a range of accesories. You can purchase Brews Boxes, Brews Shots, Shortfills, VG & PG, Bottles & Accessories, Wire & Cotton, and a really cool range of apparel & merchandise items!

The liquids are delicious and cover a wide range of tastes with flavours such as Donut Blues, Fruit Chews, ICED OJ, ICEd Tropicade, Strawbiscuit Split, Strawsome Shake, and these can be purcased as 5 bottle or 10 bottles bundles and varying ml amounts!

A really great producer with tremendous customer service and a 5 start trusted rating! Well worth checking out for the quality liquid and superb customer service. The liquids have been expertly mixed and the delicious flavours really do mimick successfully the items they capture the flavour of! We thoroughly, thoroughly recommend this producer and have had a superb experience.

Find out more at :-


Protein isn’t just for the Pros


Refreshing new brand, Vieve brings benefits of protein to active men and women, without the sugar, fat or artificial ingredients. A recent report from Mintel suggests that while 60% of adults in the UK exercise at least once per week, only 28% use any kind of sports nutrition product. Why? Firstly, despite becoming increasingly health conscious, people in the UK still lack awareness of the health benefits of protein, with 25% unsure of how much protein they really need in their diet. Secondly, people have major concerns about the ingredients and taste of sports nutrition product, with 40% of adults believing that products contain too many artificial ingredients to be healthy. This has meant protein supplements have largely been the reserve of dedicated elite athletes and bodybuilders looking to “bulk up,” but a brand new protein water drink is set to change that by addressing these two issues. With no messy powders, no sugar, no fats and no artificial colours or flavours, Vieve is a refreshing way for active men and women to get the protein and hydration their body needs on the go.

Why is protein so important? Quite simply, protein is the building blocks of the body. It is essential for the body’s growth and repair. Protein is created from amino acids. The human body is able to make nonessential amino acids, but we rely on what we eat and drink for the essential amino acids that maintain and repair our muscles, bones and organs. While a healthy, balanced diet can usually provide enough protein for general daily life, physical activity increases our need for protein. This means people who play sport, run or go to the gym may benefit from a protein supplement, to help their body recover and improve muscle mass.

Every bottle of Vieve contains: 0g sugar 0g fat 20g protein

The first sports-nutrition product to achieve Sugarwise certification With growing consumer concerns about added sugar and the imminent introduction of the Sugar Tax, Vieve’s innovative approach has seen it become the first sports nutrition product to be Certified SugarFree by Sugarwise. Founder of Sugarwise, Rend Platings, said: “Savvy consumers are increasingly looking for products that not only have the bad stuff taken out, but also more good stuff put in. We are proud to work with Vieve, the very first company to take protein water to the masses.”

3 great flavours… One of the challenges of protein products is that protein notoriously doesn’t taste nice, which is why so many protein drinks are either milky or packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. After 2 years of development, Vieve have created 3 delicious, refreshing flavours using no artificial flavourings or colours.

Founded by entrepreneur Rafael Rozenson, Vieve is a disruptive new protein water brand launching in the UK in 2017. With no fat, no sugar, no artificial flavours or colours and 20g of protein in every bottle, Vieve is a refreshing way for active men and women to get the protein their body needs for recovery, muscle growth and maintenance of healthy bones.

For further information or to try Vieve for yourself, go to

T-REX® Tape! A tape like no other duct tape. Enjoy 4X the Staying Power 3X Stronger.


What puts this tape leaps and bounds ahead of other tapes? T-REX® Tape consists of three different layers, giving T-REX® Tape four times the staying power, three times the holding power and two times the bite over regular tapes. Ultimately, this double-thick, super-aggressive adhesive allows the tape to offer superior hold on more surfaces than other ordinary tapes – including rougher and dirtier surfaces in a wide range of temperatures (-7 to 200!) and humidity levels. T-REX® Tape also is specifically designed with a thick sun-resistant skin which gives the tape its famed holding power – inside or outside.

The uses for T-REX Tape outdoors – and in the home – are virtually endless. In fact, it’s the favorite product of Survivorman, Les Stroud.

A tape like no other duct tape.
4X the Staying Power
3X Stronger


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