Village Barber Award Winning products are unique and produced using only top quality, therapeutic-grade natural oils from around the world in a synergistic blend – GUARANTEED! >>

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Village Barber Award Winning products are unique and produced using only top quality, therapeutic-grade natural oils from around the world in a synergistic blend – GUARANTEED!

“I am absolutely delighted with this range of wonderful products! They arrived so timely and then when I tried them because I had read all the recommendations, I knew they were good, so great smelling but the impact on my skin, I’m not surprised at all these are award winner! What a great producer!” InTouch Rugby Lifestyle, Travel and Men’s Grooming Editor!



Premium Shaving Oil & Shaving Balm Products

Since being launched onto the International market back in 2010, Village Barber Shaving Oil & Aftershave Balm have been highly acclaimed by customers, specialists, shaving blogs & forums as well as fellow barbering professionals alike.

The natural & paraben free products are made from the very best ingredients, providing your face with the very best shave it deserves


About Village Barber Shaving Products

Iain Kane, the proprietor of the Village Barber brand, originally comes from Glasgow, Scotland where he was personally trained in the noble art of ‘traditional’ barbering by a Master Barber, Mr Saul Green. In over 35 years in the business, Iain has amassed a wealth of experience in places such as Jersey (Channel Islands), Spain, Gibraltar, England and of course, his native Scotland. Iain now lives in Durham in the north east of England where he owns his own successful barbershop in the Langley Park area of the City.

It was as a direct result of opening his own barbershop back in 2007 that Iain decided to do something about the type and quality of the shaving products he could offer his discerning customers. We’ll let Iain explain;

“As a traditional barber for many years, I was being continually asked for advice on the best shaving products, particularly from men who had skin irritation problems which left them with red, sore skin after shaving. I found myself teaching them the correct shaving techniques, however most, if not all commercially available ‘shaving products’ were loaded with chemicals and parabens (a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries).

It became obvious to me that many of the skin problems associated with shaving were, in part, due to the “additives” in these modern foams and gels as well as poor shaving technique. I therefore set out to find or have produced a completely natural, chemical and paraben free product that would not only give the best shave but would also leave the face feeling great and irritation free.

Once the synergistic blend of Shaving Oil had been produced to my satisfaction, I then set about having a quality, paraben-free Aftershave Balm produced to be used in conjunction with the Oil. My Aftershave Balm contains the same 100% pure and natural therapeutic-grade oils as the Shaving Oil but with further skin enhancing ingredients added to complete what I feel is the perfect ‘skin food’.”

In the nine years since Iain first offered his shaving products, initially only to his customers, Village Barber Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm have received critical acclaim from not only satisfied customers all over the world, but also from his peers and fellow professionals in the business. Village Barber is now delighted to offer these products online as well as from carefully selected retail outlets the UK, USA and around the world.*

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