Why the 2022 Rugby World Cup is so important

Why the 2022 Rugby World Cup is so important

The 2022 Rugby World cup is already well underway. As the world’s best teams battle it out in New Zealand, there is a real sense that this year could be something that’s a little bit special. Of course, the tournament was due to take place in 2021 but, like so many other sporting events, it had to be postponed due to the pandemic. That led to another 12 months of waiting and 12 months of the excitement building.

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Over at Betway, Jamie Peacock has been sharing details of his World Cup experiences. As well as reflecting on his own performances, he’s also been looking at the 2022 tournament and why he believes that it’s so important to the sport.

How the sport has changed

Peacock reflects on his very first World Cup that took place back in 2000. This was certainly a memorable event for him as he picked up the Player of the Tournament award. His solid performances just kept on coming and by 2008 he was captaining the England side. Looking back, Peacock feels that the sport perhaps wasn’t given the attention that it deserved but that’s all set to change in 2022.

Peacock states “The difference will be packed out stadiums, lots of media and it really feeling like the country’s involved. I think when I played, it felt like a bit of an afterthought”. Peacock believes that this change is down to the hard work that has been put in by the tournament’s Chief Executive, Jon Dutton.

A wider reach

The work put in by Dutton may well be vital but that now needs to translate into something else. For Peacock, it’s now down to the players to put on the performances of their lives so that viewers will be inspired.

Yes, there will already be fans watching who are loyal to the sport, but there is a chance to go far beyond this. With the media on board, there is every chance that more casual viewers will watch and, if they see a true spectacle, there’s a real chance that they will become the next generation of dedicated fans.

The need for a top performance by England

On the back of the England football team experiencing success in the Euros, Peacock believes that now is the time to tap into that momentum, While rugby doesn’t quite have the same popularity as football, the exposure given by this World Cup is set to be huge.

If England can work its way to the final, you can be sure that it’ll become one of the biggest watched sporting events in this country.

Who does Peacock see as winners?

Peacock is clear when it comes to his predictions. He is adamant that England has what it takes to win the tournament and becomes world champions. While he fears that Samoa could up-skittle things there is still a confidence in the English side and to see them lifting the trophy would be something that’s more than just a little bit special.

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