No White Flag by Jamie Peacock Co-written by Phil Caplan Rugby League’s finest forward tells his story

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No White Flag

Jamie Peacock


Co-written by Phil Caplan

Published 31st March 2014, £9.99 Paperback



Rugby League’s finest forward tells his story


Jamie Peacock is known and respected as one of the most powerful, committed and patriotic forwards in world rugby. After more than ten years playing the game professionally and having overcome all odds to become one of the greatest players of the modern era, Jamie brings us his story.


From almost losing his hand due to injury to winning every award possible, this autobiography candidly reveals the highs and lows of playing the professional game. Coming from a forthright Yorkshireman, it is packed with honest opinions and anecdotes which provide the reader with a unique look into life as a top sportsman. Written with the same passion and determination that Jamie brings to the field and describing Rugby League exactly as he sees it, No White Flag is an essential read for anyone with interest in the modern game.


  • Looks at Jamie’s working-class upbringing and how he overcame a near fatal disease, a firework accident and innate shyness to play the sport he loves


  • Focuses on an eventful 2003, Jamie was awarded several individual honours including the coveted ‘Man of Steel’ award and the ‘Professional Player’s Player’ trophy whilst also undertaking painful surgery twice in order to save his hand.


  • Jamie gives his honest opinion of sport, the characters and coaches that have guided and confronted him and a rare insight into the dressing room culture surrounding them.


Jamie Peacock played for Bradford Bulls for nine seasons, before fulfilling his lifelong dream and signing for his home city club Leeds Rhinos in 2005. He has since become a key figure in his club and country’s success in 2007. Phil Caplan is a book shop owner and the author of several Rugby League-based books including Super League: The First Ten Years and Leeds RLFC 100 Greats. He is also a regular contributor to Rugby Leaguer & League Express and Rugby League World. Phil and Jamie both live in Leeds.

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