Whistles ‘99.9%’ Safer for Rugby Referees. ACME launch a campaign to include antimicrobials in their entire plastic whistle range…

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Whistles ‘99.9%’ Safer for Rugby Referees
ACME launch a campaign to include antimicrobials in their entire plastic whistle range



The world’s leading whistle manufacturer, ACME Whistles, has this week announced the addition of antimicrobial additives to its plastic whistles designed to give scientifically proven protection for Rugby referees from potentially harmful bacteria across its range.

Antimicrobial plastic technologies are used in a range of products from healthcare to food offering user’s protection against potentially harmful bacteria. The new plastics which will be included as standard in all of ACME’s plastic whistles from this week, designed for everything from referees and coaches, to dog owners – and will come ACME’s wide range of signature colours.

Ben McFarlane, marketing director at ACME Whistles, said; “Having invented many of the significant developments in whistle technology over our 150-year history, we are always looking for the best solutions. We are proud to make this step to update our plastic specification, whilst working with our dedicated team designing the next generation of whistle.”

“As we continue to live in an ever-connected tactile world, hygiene and in particular, effective measures to counter the spread of harmful viruses, have never been more important, said Chris Bird, sales manager at Broadway Colours, ACME’s partner in developing the antimicrobial solution. “The antimicrobial active agent has been specially formulated to control the build-up of bacteria on the surface of plastic products.”

The antimicrobial plastic used in ACME Whistles is safe, non-toxic, fully compliant and can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms, often eliminating dangerous bacteria throughout a product’s lifespan. Based research the new performance enhancing additive in ACME’s whistles can achieve a 99.9% reduction in the spread of surface bacteria minimising the risk of staining, bad odours and material degradation.

ACME’s Ben McFarlane added; “This new addition to our plastics will help to give rugby referees the confidence that their whistle is as clean as possible throughout its lifetime. We always recommend maintaining your whistle and have cleaning instructions on hand, yet the addition of our antimicrobial plastic range will add another level of confidence and safety.”

To find out more about the new antimicrobial range at ACME, visit www.acmewhistles.co.uk/stories/the-sound-of-safety-our-new-range-of-antimicrobial-whistles

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