Welsh Rugby Star Lands Himself In Ice Cold Water

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Welsh Rugby Star Lands Himself In Ice Cold Water

Adam Jones teams up with SSE SWALEC to tackle boiler breakdown

(3rd June 2015) After a long and hard season, Welsh prop Adam Jones was today spotted taking an icy cold bath at St David’s Dewi Sant Shopping Centre in Cardiff.

The former Welsh international player has been recruited by SSE SWALEC to stamp out boiler neglect in South Wales and took an ice cold plunge to bring to life the importance of keeping your boiler in peak condition all year round.

While ice baths are traditionally used to help top athletes recuperate after big matches, a frosty bath could be a direct result of not taking care of your boiler at home. And few people would welcome a cold bath in the comfort of their own homes. Boilers might be top of mind during the winter months as we rely on them so heavily, but looking after them all year round will ensure they remain fighting fit now and ready for the next long season.

Adam Jones comments: “One thing is for sure – no one likes an ice bath… not even rugby players. There is no off season for your boiler, and like professional athletes, a boiler need to be kept in top condition. We may not think about it but our boilers take a bit of a beating during the winter season, so it’s important to give them some TLC to ensure they stay in peak condition all year round.”

Adam adds: “Investing in SSE SWALEC boiler cover means that you have peace of mind that you won’t have to fork out for costly care for a boiler breakdown. Also, with free annual service checks included, you’ll be helping your boiler avoid early retirement!”

For a limited time, SSE SWALEC is offering South Wales residents boiler cover for £12.40 per month. New customers will receive a full boiler health check and boiler service upon signing up and if it ever breaks down, the cover includes parts, labour and unlimited call-outs, so there’ll be no surprise costs to get it fixed. It also includes an annual service and carbon monoxide check so you can be sure your boiler is safe and sound each and every season.

For more information visit swalec.co.uk/shieldoffer

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