Week 2! The Country Garden! My Raddish Seeds Germinated! Plus…Using my new Leatherman T-Series Device from www.whitbyandco.co.uk (UK Outdoors specialists)! Also… prepping and marking out the vegetable beds! #SoExciting #SpringHarvests !

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Well… it certainly is all starting off in the garden this year! Here are some pictures of this weeks activities! After starting out with Gardener’s panic we quickly began to break our problems into small portions and work through them logically! Check out the pics and some info on the amazing range of Letherman devices now available!

Leatherman engineers the next generation of small but mighty tools available at > www.whitbyandco.co.uk (UK Outdoors specialists)!

“Absolutely delighted with my new Leatherman tool from Whitby & co, as a keen outdoors person and loving hiking and the woods, haveing this sturdy well made tool adds a little peace of mind should I need a particular tool ready to hand for opening a water bottle lid for example” InTouch Rugby Outdoors Editor

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