We Drifters… Unique Anti-Insect Sleepwear for Christmas. www.wedrifters.co.uk 20% off with code RUGBY.

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We Drifters… Unique Anti-Insect Sleepwear for Christmas. wedrifters.co.uk 20% off with code RUGBY.

We Drifters are a UK premium unisex sleepwear brand using bamboo and anti-insect technology, inspired by travel and wellbeing. Thier sleepwear keeps pesky bugs away, giving peace of mind and better sleep. It’s lightweight, breathable and incredibly soft, making it the perfect loungewear set to slumber around the house in too.

We think it’s the ultimate gift that never goes out of style. Find out more about their Anti-Insect Sleepwear at wedrifters.co.uk.

The Anti-Insect Sleepwear is treated with HHL Technology Vital Protection – a revolutionary insect protection that is OEKO-TEX® approved. It is 90% effective against many biting insects, including…
🚫Bed bugs
🚫Sand flies

Plus, the treatment is invisible and odourless, with no unpleasant feel or effect to the fabric! Yay! 😃

Take a closer look and find out what all of their happy customers are saying about it!

20% off code : RUGBY

Sleepwear that makes for the perfect gift for loved ones this Christmas

Gift peace of mind this winter with a set of Premium Bamboo Anti-Insect Sleepwear

£2 of every purchase is donated to help end malaria

Get a good night’s sleep for you and your partner/loved ones with premium,
bamboo, Anti-insect sleepwear.

Lounge into winter with the only sleepwear you need this season, and for the rest of the year.

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