Does your dog need…hair of the dog?

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Does your dog need…hair of the dog?



Christmas is a time when we’re often a bit worse for wear and realise that being 60% water, our bodies need a lot of hydration. At 80% water, man’s best friend needs even more hydration… Just like us, they LOVE a change from water.

Your dog should drink 50ml water per kg bodyweight daily. That’s half a litre for a 10kg dog or two litres for a 40kg dog!

Slurps are nutritious and super tasty drinks for dogs in organic beef and chicken flavours with high omega 3 fish oils.

In tests, 80/80 dogs lapped up their Slurps whilst ignoring their water bowls so you know they are happy, healthy and hydrated!

You wouldn’t forget your best friend, would you?

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