Volkswagen Tag Rugby: CLOSE TO MIDWAY!!!! TAGGERS Producing Supreme Skills!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 500+ Action Shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome night of seriously great tag rugby. The athleticism and fitness levels are really starting to have an impact. Crucial games kicked off across Malone RFC from 7pm through to 9ish and throughout the standard and competitice edge of the teams was superb. Some players are simply world class, and of course its teams that are winning these games. Girls running deep and cutting some awesome lines, individual flair combined with good awareness from the guys is really excellent to watch. Roll on the rest of the season. Everyone has an eye on Dublin but calling these leagues is at this stage not possible. Anything can and very often does happen, especially when you have players taking turnover balls from their own try line and sometimes beating up to 3 or 4 opposition players and touching down for a 3 pointer!

We managed to get 500 + shots CLICK HERE to see them

InTouch TV highlights/interview vids to follow from Wed and the BTW Shiells weekend tourno!

Don’tforget to register a team for beach tag its gonna be a mammoth end to the season.

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