VIP Programs On Live Betting Platforms

VIP Programs On Live Betting Platforms Loyalty programs and VIP clubs are very common at online casinos, but some bookmakers are also eager to reward their most loyal punters. Some […]

VIP Programs On Live Betting Platforms

Loyalty programs and VIP clubs are very common at online casinos, but some bookmakers are also eager to reward their most loyal punters. Some live betting platforms offer truly rewarding programs, but this is still quite new to some fans of sports wagering. Stay tuned to discover how such programs work, which benefits you can get, and how the progress is earned.

VIP Basics
The main idea of any VIP program is to encourage users to make more bets and wager more funds. After all, this is why the bookmakers are introducing such programs in the first place. However, it does not mean they can be mutually beneficial. In case you would be doing your live betting anyway, getting some freebies for it is always nice.
Even though VIP clubs and programs might sound as something limited and exclusive, in most cases, they are not. Instead, the bookmakers introduce layered programs with multiple tiers you can earn. Typically, for each tier you unlock, you will receive some bonuses. Thus, even low-budget players can get something from the VIP club, as the first levels are usually easy to reach.
It is worth mentioning that some bookmakers do have exclusive invitation-only VIP clubs. This is a whole different case, as such clubs provide only the few most outstanding bettors with the most generous benefits. With such clubs, there are no specific requirements or criteria you have to match, and all the applications are reviewed individually. In the article, we will focus on layered programs, as they are much more common at bookmakers.

Benefits and Rewards
With multi-tier programs, the list of rewards may vary a lot among different sportsbooks. The assortments are so individual, it is quite hard to come up with a universal list of what you can get. Some bookmakers give out instant cash prizes and free bets, while the others focus on additional features like cashbacks, personal account managers, exclusive promotions, and others.
The general rule is that the rewards of the higher tiers are much more generous than the prizes for reaching your first levels. Correspondingly, reaching the last levels is a lot more difficult. For example, the same number of loyalty points you get to reach the second level won’t typically grant you even a single percent of what is required to get level five.

Most live betting platforms have a very simple system of progressing through their VIP clubs and loyalty programs. You will get some loyalty points for every wager depending on its sum. For example, there might be a ratio of 10:1, which implies that for every ten euros wagered, you will get one loyalty point. Thus, for making a bet worth a hundred euros, you will get ten points.
As you can understand, high rollers will have a huge head start in such programs. It is logical, as for major players, the bonuses for the lower levels will be insignificant. Moreover, the bookmaker encourages other players to scale up their bets with some attractive bonuses.

Tips for Progression
In case you wish to get tiered up faster, there are some tips we can share. First of all, it is not necessary to scale your live betting experience up. You can make ten smaller bets and end up with the same number of loyalty points. In fact, it should be the preferred option as it allows you to lower the risks.
Winning some of these bets will grant you funds to make new ones, increasing the total number of loyalty points you earn. What is even better, you will become more experienced in placing correct wagers along the way.
Another tip we can suggest relates to mastering specific segments of live wagering. Sticking with only one sport and knowing everything about it will grant you much better results than spreading your wagers across multiple sports.

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