UUC RFC Varsity Football Team I XVII v CIYMS RFC I XVII in 565 Action Shots LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A very very good game on Saturday past. UUC RFC will be quite justified in feeling but for the bounce of the ball the win could have been theirs. Undoubtedly that is the case, they are a very good team who have had a very very difficult season not least with having their clubhouse taken off them. In a credit to them and their strength of character the motivation has not in any way diminished and their coaching team have rallied round the guys to support them. They all know what they are up against and no matter what happens the University rugby club has been in existence and it will be here in 40 years from now. We are proud to support UUC RFC and look forward to many many years of supporting them.

The game was fast and FURYONS! We got 565+ action SHOTS LIVE CLICK HERE For them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very merry christmas guys and looking forward to the new year.

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