US U18 Team v MS U18 Team

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Ulster U18 Schools v Munster Schools

on Saturday 10th September 2016

at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)

Kick off 1.00pm

Ulster U18 Schools Team


  1. Mark Thompson (Ballymena Academy)
  2. Jonathan Hunter (Wallace HS
  3. Stewart Moore (Dalriada School)
  4. Angus Kernohan (Ballymena Academy)
  5. Aaron Sexton (Bangor GS)
  6. Robin Wilson (Down HS)
  7. Niall Armstrong (RBAI)
  8. John McKee (Campbell College)
  9. Clayton Milligan (Down HS)
  10. Scott Agnew (Ballymena Academy)
  11. JJ McKee (Antrim GS)
  12. Oisin Kiernan (Campbell College)
  13. Ethan Field (RBAI)
  14. Matthew Crowther (Captain, Campbell College)
  15. Jamie Macartney (Campbell College)



  1. Tim Savoury (Ballymena Academy)
  2. Ben Savage (Ballymena Academy)
  3. Ben Crangle (Methodist College)
  4. Jack Rutledge (Enniskillen Royal GS)
  5. Max Baillie (Coleraine GS)
  6. Tom Gilpin (BRA)
  7. Lewis Finlay (Down HS)
  8. Bruce Houston (Ballymena Academy)
  9. George Pringle (Friends School)
  10. Tiarnan Martin (Ballymena Academy)
  11. Jack Lewis (Ballyclare HS)


Team Management:

Head Coach:  James Topping

Assistant Head Coach:  Bryan Young

Assistant Coaches:  Gavin Murray and Chris Nash

Strength and conditioning coach:  Matthew Maguire

Video Analyst:  Ryan Dennison

Physiotherapist:  Jason Patton

Doctor:  Ryan Hamilton

Resources Manager:  Adrian Walker

Manager:  Richard Clingan

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