A thoughtful plan that includes Urban Market Bags® promises to elevate a relationship at any stage ! >> www.urbanmarketbags.com

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Urban MARKET BAGS® a unique + stylish + sustainable accessory that adds a little polish to real life. Let’s face it, experiencing together is growing together!

A thoughtful plan that includes Urban Market Bags® promises to elevate a relationship at any stage.

For the newly dating, it’s all about the romance. Fill Urban Market Bags with sheets, pillows and a list of your favorite movies. Build a fort and make some popcorn. The romance of finding your inner child together beats a night out on the town.

For the committed relationship, there’s nothing better than a surprise. Give Urban Market Bags with a cookbook and a treasure map leading to the farmers market where you will be waiting. Together, discover the various ingredients composing that evening’s candlelight dinner. A thoughtfully created surprise builds a shared memory that lasts a lifetime.

For the newlywed, giving is better than receiving. Grab your Urban Market Bags and raid your pantry or make a trip to the market together. Once filled, deliver your donation to the local food bank and enjoy the mutual satisfaction of philanthropy. Giving back together can be more meaningful than giving to each other.

For the long-term marriage, supporting one another reinforces the foundation. Maybe there is a project that your partner has been wanting to do but needs help, like painting an accent wall or hanging the family photos. Head to the hardware store and stock up on supplies. Carry everything home in Urban Market Bags topped with a bow and offer your services. Completing an overdue project together not only spruces up your home but also your relationship.

Why our fans love Urban Market Bags:

· 3 or 6 bags per drawstring pack (a real solution)

· Contemporary colors (look great)

· High quality, durable, and machine washable (truly reusable)

· Fits in a handbag or the cupholder of your car (so you’ll never forget)

No matter who you are, everyone needs reusable bags. That’s why those in the know have sought out Urban Market Bags—the only bag system designed for everyone.

From the farmers market to the gym, the soccer field to the grocery store—and everywhere in between—these bags have you covered.

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