SOFRANCISCO offers unique Addictive Softness and Chic Style >> >> “And once you start with the Full Grain leather of the SOF Case you can’t stop using it, it’s an addiction.”, Charlotte Boedec, Founder & CEO @SOFRANCISCO

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SOFRANCISCO offers unique Addictive Softness and Chic Style with SOF Case >>



At the heart of silicon valley a leather engineer from the luxury industry is spicing up tech accessories with stylish Parisian inspired designs

Charlotte, a French entrepreneur who has lived in Paris, London, San Francisco and now in Silicon Valley reinvents the iPhone Case. She advocates for chic cases in line with people’s style and absolutely disapproves the classic cold plastic cases.

When Charlotte found herself in need for a leather case as she didn’t want her new iPhone to break she could only find cases that didn’t showcase the design of her iPhone and didn’t match with her style and identity.

“We carry our phones all the time, show them more than any other accessory we carry but still just a few brands are in line with our look.”, Charlotte Boedec, Founder & CEO @SOFRANCISCO

On top of that, considering that we hold our phones a few hours per day it simply doesn’t make sense for Charlotte to hold something so cold all day long. For SOFRANCISCO’s founder, leather, a subtle and surprising material that she is passionate about is the most appropriate material to add coziness to any tech devices.

She started to discover its secrets and its manufacturing process when studying Leather Material Engineering in Graduate School in France and then increased her knowledge and her love for this fascinating material through her purchasing experience in the Parisian luxury industry.

Charlotte created SOFRANCISCO to offer high-end, modern and chic tech accessories made of fine leathers combined with European craftsmanship and sleek design.

The SOF Case incorporates modernity, French Savoir-Faire, Italian Leather as well as many details from the luxury leather good industry and unmatched design.

“And once you start with the Full Grain leather of the SOF Case you can’t stop using it, it’s an addiction.”, Charlotte Boedec, Founder & CEO @SOFRANCISCO

However, the SOF Case still offers great protection thanks to the hard part made of shock absorbing ABS.

Assembled with hand-picked Italian leather, and designed in California by Charlotte herself, the SOF Case is engineered in partnership with an upscale crafter of the luxury industry.

The partner manufacturer represents French craftsmanship over 30 years of experience in fine leather-good accessories as they produce for most renowned luxury European brands such as Cartier, LV etc.

Prototypes and pre-production are handcrafted in Bourgogne, France in an area with a history of traditional craftsmanship when the company has an exceptional leather good expertise.

The Full-Grain leather is sourced from a famous Italian tannery .. The tanner possesses over 50 years of experience and have their main leather factory located near Venice, Italy.

Today Charlotte is thrilled to share her passion and to have adapted it to your modern needs and to your tastes.

The company launched a few months ago in San Francisco and is now offering complimentary personalization. Once the clients have fulfilled their SOF Case need, many of them purchase SOF Cases for family and loved ones. It made sense for the company to offer the possibility to offer a unique product to its customers.

Customers can choose to monogram their SOF Case whether it is to show their loved ones they are truly unique or to tailor their SOF Case to your image.

Monogramming is made with a traditional hot stamping machine where all the characters are placed manually and carefully by the hot stamping craftsman in a luxury boutique workshop in Laurel Heights, San Francisco.

Hot stamping is a traditional way to mark leather at high temperature where foil papers -such as gold- can be transferred on the leather.

SOFRANCISCO has just launched a brand new website and invites users to play with its exclusive online personalization tool. The tool provides exquisite images of monogramed SOF Cases in real time.

Thanks to their interactive tool, visitors are taking part of the personalization process while trying different shades and monograms.

Charlotte hopes you’ll appreciate the look, the details, the smooth Italian leather as well as the research behind every detail of the SOF Case.

– Available for iPhone 6/6s and 7

– Full Grain Italian Leather outside

ABS inside – For high impact shock absorption and easy click on

SOF Case available on :

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