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Leatherman engineers the next generation of small but mighty tools available at > www.whitbyandco.co.uk

“Absolutely delighted with my new Leatherman tool from Whitby & co, as a keen outdoors person and loving hiking and the woods, haveing this sturdy well made tool adds a little peace of mind should I need a particular tool ready to hand for opening a water bottle lid for example” InTouch Rugby Outdoors Editor


Leatherman has announced the launch of the T-Series, a set of multi-purpose tools that are part of the premium Leatherman FREE Collection.
The T-Series follows the successful introduction of the innovative P-Series for pliers, and features first-of-its-kind magnetic technology, which is fully integrated into the design, making it easier for users to open, handle and close each tool.
A new locking system also helps to reduce the wear and tear of each tool and the addition of elastomer springs makes the T-Series the most durable in Leatherman’s history.
Garry Woodhouse, sales and marketing director at Whitby & Co. – exclusive distributor of Leatherman in the UK for over 25 years – said: “We are thrilled to release this 21st century multi-purpose tool which includes two new styles. The Leatherman T-Series has been engineered to make every tool even easier to use.
“Cutting-edge magnetic architecture makes this series the easiest multi-purpose tools to open and close with no need for a nail nick. The smooth mechanism and distinctive solid click gives the user confidence that the tool is locked in place and ready for use.”
The Leatherman T-Series is available in two styles: T2 and T4, both offering users a choice of 20 tools between the two styles, to suit their needs.

All of the tools made on the FREE platform include:

Access to all implements from the outside of the tool plus the elimination of a nail nick, which required a fingernail to deploy the tool.

A proprietary magnetic architecture which ensures smooth, frictionless deployment of the implements.

A new locking system which drastically reduces friction when opening and closing tools. The addition of new elastomer springs makes this collection the most durable Leatherman has ever produced.

Epic haptics that allow each tool to open and close seamlessly with a distinct click providing confirmation that the tool is open and ready for use.

Textured signature design to provide a distinct look and offer enhanced grip.

The T-Series features eight to 12 tools that pack into a convenient size, making it perfect for everyday use. At just 3.3 ounces, the T2 is the most compact offering from the FREE collection, fitting easily in the user’s pocket or purse.
With all the assets of the T2, plus a scissors, tweezers, and a heavy duty fie, the T4 was designed with everyday problem solving in mind, making it one of Leatherman’s most universal tool to date.
Garry added: “Fans of Leatherman will be really impressed by this use of cutting-edge engineering technology which creates tools that are packed with new features, putting a toolbox full of functionality in the palm of their hand.
“Regardless of who our audience is or what they do, we’re committed to providing high-quality, multi-purpose tools that our existing and new fans can always rely on.”
The Leatherman T-Series Collection is now available to buy at www.leatherman.co.uk. Prices start at SRP £49.95.


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