Introducing a new look for the ultimate ‘SUPER-SUGAR’

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Introducing a new look for the ultimate ‘SUPER-SUGAR’



With more and more people opting for a low-sugar or sugar-free lifestyle, the only substitute to trust is SugaVida, the UK’s exclusive supplier of organic Palmyra Jaggery (a crystallised, unrefined nectar alternative to sugar). The ultimate nutritious ‘super-sugar’, SugaVida has a low GI making it safe for diabetics by regulating blood sugar levels. Available now at major retailers with new packaging, SugaVida RRP £6.49 (250g).

Whilst many other ‘natural’ sweeteners claim to be healthy, there isevidence to show that none can compare to SugaVida’s Palmyera Jaggery. This is because it’s a nutrient dense traditional ayurvedic medicinal ingredient, which helps reduce inflammation in the body, leading to a myriad of health benefits as a result. One teaspoon of SugaVida contains 36% of the RDA of vitamin B12 (in fact, SugaVida is the only plant-based source of B12 which is great news for veggies and vegans), 210% of the RDA of vitamin B6 and a whopping 500% of vitamin B1.

Highly versatile, it can be added to tea, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes and water as a superfood supplement, as well as used as an ingredient in baking and cooking, using the equivalent of 30% less sugar. It’s regularly endorsed by top nutritionists, dieticians and Michelin star chefs across the UK and Europe, and is used by raw, organic chocolate brand MULU in its range.

What’s more, SugaVida is organic, ethically sourced and sustainable for the communities who farm it. Founded by husband and wife team Kristina Locke and Max von Berg, SugaVida – meaning ‘sugar of life’ –  is all about making the sweet things in life healthy. Kristina says: ‘With years of experience in the spheres of medicine and nutrition, Max and I want to bring this incredible ingredient to the UK mainstream to enable people to enjoy sweet food and drink, without the disastrous health effects. In a world where we hear daily about how damaging sugar is on our body and minds, we feel it’s essential to provide a simple and practical solution to the problem, and that is SugaVida, which is tasty, versatile and accessible to everyone.”

SugaVida: the UK’s ‘super-sugar’        @lovesugavida

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