Ulster’s Johann Muller explains the workings of the line-out

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“We’ve got a good line-out as well. I think Robbie Diack has been outstanding for us. He’s been a revelation this year, not only at the line-out but in general play also. With Dan [Tuohy], myself and him in that line-out, we’re pretty confident we’ll be alright from that point of view.”
The scrum is so often a major talking point of post-match analysis in rugby these days, but the equally important line-out is very often ignored. It is true that the scrum has more scope as a penalty-winning exercise, but first phase ball from touch is a vital attacking source for most teams.
Muller says his decisions on where to call the ball to on Ulster’s throw depend on varying factors. He can throw into the ‘free’ space that the opposition have not marked, or he can back his own set-piece to beat them in the air, even if they are defending alongside Ulster’s jumper….. for the full story follow this link http://thescore.thejournal.ie/johann-muller-lineouts-1207887-Dec2013/?utm_source=facebook_short

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