Ulster Rugby Mens I XV Squad for Glasgow This Friday @ Ravenhill – Williams, Court, Annett, Black, Lutton, Fitzpatrick, Muller, Tuohy, Henry, Wilson, Henderson, Doyle, Herring, Payne, Marshall, Jackson, McIlwaine, McKinney, Marshall, Cave, Farrell, Trimble, Porter, Allen, Andrew ALL IN

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The first name on the team sheet is Williams. This is going to be armegeddan, the word on the ground is that Williams is gonna absolutely tear up the ground and anyone in front of him, Henderson the same, Farrell unstoppable machine, Annett the destroyer, Black the beast, the names all merge into one Muller say no MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Porter fighting with everything, Doyle unstoppable, McKinney the punisher, Court the TANK, Lutton the torpedooooooooooo, Tuohy the FIGHT, Henry the FOCUS, Wilson the Furion, Herring the MISSILE LAUNCHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, AAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, PAYNE the feet of bolt, The Marshalls will obliterate themmmmmmmmmmmm Jackson the TIMING, FITZPATRICK the EXCOCET, McIlwaine will break them, Cave will take them apartttttttttttt, Trimble knows only one way to play rugby and that is PASSION, Allen will defeat anyone, Andrew is the soul of fighting.

A sea of RED & WHITE Jerseys across the BIG POWERFUL STRONG NEW & MIGHTY RAVENHILL will greet the enemy and 15 MEN will seeth with the frenzy of battle


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