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Tyrone Homecare use HydraMaster products – top of the range for commercial and domestic cleaning.
HydraMaster commercial cleaning chemicals are strong enough to tackle your toughest dirty jobs. Plus, they are specially formulated to help protect your valuable equipment from heavy scale buildup that can damage heater coils, heat exchangers and pumps.

You just won’t find harder-working, more equipment-friendly chemicals. So choose the very best cleaning chemicals from HydraMaster get the job done right.

Commercial and Domestic Carpet Cleaning in Dungannon
We are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. With more than 22 years experience and based in Dungannon. To view the services that we provide please view the service page.

We first opened for business in 1988, and have been serving Dungannon, and surrounding areas since. We offer a full range of services for both residential and commercial clients.

We can offer you a free no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information.
The equipment we use is totally self contained within a van. It is powered by a 23.5HP diesel Daihatsu engine
The cleaning machine has got its own fresh water supply with a capacity of —— built into it
Leaves very little moisture within a carpet due to a powerful vacuum for fast drying times
Uses temperatures of up to 120°C for more hygienic and effective results

Tel : 07850 306227

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