Two New Alcohol-free Martinis for Sober-Curious Cocktail Lovers

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Two New Alcohol-free Martinis for Sober-Curious Cocktail Lovers

The old-school Martini is making huge gains in cocktail popularity, which is why trail-blazing non-alcoholic cocktail brand, Mavrik, is launching not one, but two martinis for the summer.

For the teetotallers, designated drivers or the sober curious amongst us who want more than a sugary sweet mocktail to enjoy, Mavrik has launched a delicious new Espresso Martini and Passion Star Martini.

With 32% of the nation now semi-regularly consuming low and no alcohol products*, Mavrik’s two new cocktails are perfect for anyone looking for a healthier way to embrace the martini trend, without compromising on the taste experience.


Conveniently packed in 200ml cans that offer two servings when poured into a traditional martini glass, these indulgent virgin cocktails are perfect for summer parties and barbecues.

The new Passion Star Martini is inspired by the much-loved Pornstar Martini and is a smooth and exotic tasting nitrogen-infused passion fruit and vanilla cocktail.

Mavrik’s Espresso Martini is also nitro-infused to produce a velvety smooth and indulgent espresso cocktail with scrumptious coffee flavours, backed with subtle dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla notes, providing all the great flavour and energy boost of a traditional Espresso Martini, just without the alcohol.

These convenient canned summer cocktails are for free-spirited consumers who are out for a good time but who don’t need alcohol as a mood enhancer: just pour them into a cocktail shaker with some ice, give it a good shake and serve! Alternatively you can turn the can over a couple of times, open and pour gently into a large wine glass or martini glass and wait for a head to develop.

Alongside Mavrik’s new virgin martini cocktails, there are four original alcohol-free combinations available in 250ml cans:

AROMATIC G&T: a sublime and refined low calorie pink G&T, without the naughty ingredients (currently shortlisted in the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards)

CUBAN MOJITO: a totally gorgeous, low calorie, indulgent alcohol-free Mojito cocktail inspired by the renowned Cuban highball.

VENETIAN SPRITZ: a refreshing, spirit lifting, low calorie Spritz that takes its cues from the classic Venetian cocktail.

STORM & SPICE: a fiery, tongue tickling, low calorie Dark & Stormy type drink; the alcohol-free version of the classic and spicy Bermudan rum cocktail.

Mavrik’s Passion Star Martini and Espresso Martini drinks are available to stock from , RRP £11.80 for a pack of 4.

* According to The Portman Group

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