Tucketts are non-slip grip fitness socks that allow your toes the freedom to connect with the mat or machine! www.tucketts.com

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Tucketts are non-slip grip fitness socks that allow your toes the freedom to connect with the mat or machine.

Get the most out of your barefoot workout (yoga, pilates, barre, martial arts, and more) with confidence and stability.



5 styles for Tucketts toeless grip, workout socks, & tons of colors.



Used for all barefoot workouts including aqua aerobics. The soft strap and stitched heel secure the foot for comfort. From yoga and barre classes to martial arts applications and more, one will feel secure in movements, and feet will have complete range of motion. Elastic trim supports ankles throughout the workout, and the top of each sock remains open to allow ample airflow. This innovative design gives the best of both worlds. If you can’t wear shoes but prefer not to go completely barefoot, these non-slip Pilates socks are the perfect solution. Since the toes are open and only the first two toes are separated, one can easily make the small balance adjustments that are often necessary in various workouts.


Perfect for Barre and Pilates, but not for yoga, this patented toe free design feels like a whisper, and allows one to channel their inner ballerina. The ballerina-inspired socks have the shape of a ballet flat with open toes and were created specifically with Pilates and barre classes in mind. Both Pilates and barre were originally designed to be performed barefoot, but, sometimes a little more traction is needed. Just like a ballerina’s pointe shoes must fit impeccably in order to be able to perform at peak performance, non-slip barre socks need to conform to the foot perfectly. With Tucketts signature toeless design, it’s easy to make tiny adjustments to balance. Movements can be executed with complete confidence and never have to worry about slipping. Whether you’re worried about perspiration causing feet to slip or just wanting more traction during barefoot exercise, these socks are perfect.


Used for all barefoot workouts with great arch support, these ankle grip socks are designed for all types of barefoot exercises.. With the dual benefit of traction and circulation, toes will have full mobility, which allows for best stability. Get all the support needed from a compression-style sock without worrying about the possibility of slipping. Unlike other yoga socks that separate or cover the toes completely, Tucketts provides separation between the first two toes only, leaving the others free to grasp the mat and make balance adjustments. No matter if you’re headed to your weekly Pilates class or if you’ve decided to venture out into martial arts, these non-slip ankle socks offer arch support while still maintaining a barefoot feeling.

Knee High

Used for all barefoot workouts with arch and heel support, and compression, these toeless knee-high socks are perfect for Pilates, barre, yoga, martial arts, and more. Whatever your barefoot exercise may be, our socks give you fantastic arch and ankle support that just isn’t possible when you’re completely barefoot.

Leg Warmers

Perfect for all barefoot workouts and streetwear, working out with leg warmers keeps muscles warm to prevent injury. These leg warmers provide complete range of motion to perform intricate movements while keeping muscles warm and agile. Perfect to stay cozy on chilly days! Originally worn by dancers to warm up at the barre and during 80’s exercise classes, workout leg warmers are now used everywhere in the world of fitness. During any type of workout, it’s important to keep muscles warm at all times in order to prevent injury. Tucketts leg warmers assure complete range of motion to perform intricate movements while keeping joints and muscles warm and agile.

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