Perfect for Easter – Chocolate Truffles with Japanese Flavourings Think Miso, Pickled Ginger, Rice Wine, Wasabi Furikake & Yuzu >>

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 Perfect for Easter – Chocolate Truffles with Japanese Flavourings

Think Miso, Pickled Ginger, Rice Wine, Wasabi Furikake & Yuzu


Chocolate truffles have just become a little more sophisticated, thanks to the Japanese food experts, Yutaka. Perfect for grown-ups who are looking for a more intense chocolate hit this Easter with a range of interesting flavours:

-Miso Caramel – think salted caramel with a twist

-Shaoxing Rice Wine – a warm, boozy hit

-Wasabi Furikake – milder than chilli with the added crunch of sesame

-Pickled Sushi Ginger – chocolate & ginger with the surprising tang of pickle

-Yuzu – a hint of citrus


Chocolate Easter Truffles Recipe

Truffle ingredients – makes approximately 30 – 36

-200g dark good quality chocolate

-60ml double cream

-80g unsalted butter

-Truffle cases

Method for all truffles

In a double saucepan (or a Pyrex bowl in a saucepan), place chocolate, butter and cream. Heat through slowly until smooth whilst whisking. Remove from heat and divide into 5 equal portions, adding the various flavourings to each individual portion as below. Place in the fridge to set – overnight if possible.

Filling & coating ingredients

Yutaka Shaoxing rice wine flavouring

-2 tbs Shaoxing rice wine warmed

-Vermicelli for coating

Yutaka Wasabi Furikake flavouring

-2 tbs Yutaka Wasabi Furikake

-Drinking chocolate for coating

Yutaka Pickled Sushi Ginger flavouring

-2 tbs chopped Yutaka sushi ginger

-Cocoa for coating

Yutaka Yuzu flavouring

-2 tsp Yutaka Yuzu

-100g white chocolate – gently melted for coating

Miso caramel sauce filling

-75g sugar

-25ml water

-50ml double cream

-1 tbs Yutaka Miso

-100g dark chocolate – gently melted for coating

-Pink salt crystals for sprinkling on the top 

Miso caramel flavouring method

Put sugar and water in a heavy bottomed saucepan, stir and leave on a medium heat, stirring occasionally, until caramel in colour. Carefully add double cream (it will hiss a little) and whisk whilst off the heat, add miso paste and whisk thoroughly until smooth. Add 2 tbs of miso caramel sauce to the remaining truffle mixture.  The remainder of the sauce saved and used over ice cream for a delicious dessert.

To finish the truffles

Remove the various truffle mixes from the fridge and, with a teaspoon, scoop out a goodly amount. Roll into a ball and place on a plate (remembering to keeping the various flavours separate) and continue until all the mixture has been used.

Roll the ginger truffles in cocoa and place in truffle cases.  Roll the Wasabi Furikake in drinking chocolate and the rice wine truffles in vermicelli and return to fridge.

Using a double boiler (or Pyrex bowl in a saucepan) melt the white chocolate over a low heat and, when removed from the heat & cooled slightly, spoon over Yuzu truffles until coated.   You can use a cocktail stick pushed carefully into a truffle to help you turn and coat with the chocolate.  This needs patience!  Leave them to set on a plate.

Melt the dark chocolate and coat the Miso caramel truffles as above.  Sprinkle a couple of pink salt crystals on the top.

Happy Easter!

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