Fit-Hub Letterkenny Fitness, Training & Nutrition Centre T: +353 85 875 3926

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Fit-Hub Letterkenny Fitness, Training & Nutrition Centre T: +353 85 875 3926

Fit-Hub Letterkenny is Irelands first all in one fitness, training & nutrition centre. The facility hosts every type of effective training & classes from Weightlifting to Hot Yoga, athlete strength & conditioning, functional training classes & personal training – Fit-Hub has it all!
Fit-Hub also boasts some of the countries most qualified & passionate coaches, trainers & athletes with backgrounds in endurance training, Nutrition, strength & conditioning, MMA & GAA to name but a few.

Fit-Hub Personal Training

For those individuals who would prefer one to one or small group sessions, for whatever reason, Fit-Hub will also cater for your needs.  We have variety of trainers & coaches who are all experts in exercise physiology, nutrition & weight management in addition to having specialist areas of their own.

Sessions start with a free one to one consultation.  We use this time to get to know you on a personal level & gauge what is the best way forward for you, the client.  We also use this time for goal setting & body composition analysis using the state of the art Body-Metrix Body composition analysis ultrasound (click here to find out more).

You will be constantly monitored & motivated by some of the most decorated trainers in the industry.  We have such confidence in our methods & results that if you do not reach your goals, we will offer a full refund.  Just leave your name & contact details here & we will contact you within 24 hours for your FREE consultation.  Include some detail regarding the areas you wish to work on & we will assign a trainer to contact you.

NB Nutrition Centre

Who we are?

Neil Barrett MSc. (Master of Science in Human Nutrition)

Neil has been working as a nutritionist since 2008. NB Nutrition has worked with national and multi-national companies such as AIB, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Aviva Health as their primary Nutritionist up until 2013 when Neil returned home to set up his own practice. Since then, with the help of his team of Nutritionists, NB Nutrition has helped hundreds of individuals realise their physical goals using simple, science based nutritional principles that can easily be applied to daily routines.

Deirdre Crealey BSc.

In addition to practicing nutrition, Neil also contributes and delivers Sports Nutrition Modules as a part-time lecturer with the Letterkenny Institute of Technology which allows him to hand pick the most qualified and hard-working individuals. Deirdre Crealey BSc. is just that, an extremely talented young woman with an excellent scientific knowledge base and a warm and personable client centred manner.

Deirdre has been interning with NB Nutrition since completing her Degree (Bachelor of Science Honours) in Food Science & Nutrition. Deirdre brings a fresh approach that will ensure a very bright future in the industry.

Fit-Hub Sports, Rehabilitation & Neuromuscular Therapy.

Fit-Hub Sports Therapy Clinic is a leading provider of physical therapy services treating a broad range of pain, injury and dysfunction. We focus on getting long lasting to permanent relief from conditions such as myofascial pain, back pain, arthritic conditions, sports injuries and more relieving our customers from pain and rehabilitating injuries. Our service extends from treatment to coaching on preventative exercises and functional movement.

Unit 4 & 5, Pinehill Business Park, Mountain Top, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland

+353 85 875 3926



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