What Is Tempo Training? MAXIMUSCLE Training Zone & Nutrition guide! Pro Lean Bars & MAX Sustain + Rebuild Protein ! Proteinwww.maxinutrition.com

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What Is Tempo Training? MAXIMUSCLE Training Zone & Nutrition guide! Pro Lean Bars & MAX Sustain + Rebuild Protein ! Protein www.maxinutrition.com


What Is Tempo Training?

If you’re new to weight training or trying to catch up on the new lingo on the gym floor, take a look at this Maximuscle Tempo breakdown.

What Does Tempo Mean?

Essentially, ‘tempo’ in weight training refers to the speed that you lift the weight (the concentric phase of movement) and how quickly you lower the weight (the eccentric phase of movement). Tempo is typically shown as a 3 or 4 digit number, with each number referring to the speed at which part of the exercise should be performed.

For Example – Bench 40X0

The First Number – The first number refers to the lowering (eccentric) phase of the lift. Using our bench example, the 4 represents the amount of time (in seconds) that it should take you to descend to the bottom of the press. The first number always refers to the lowering/eccentric phase, even if the movement begins with the ascending/concentric phase, such as in a pull-up.
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Maximuscle Promax Lean Bars 12x55g

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MaxiNutrition Max 1100g

Why Max?
Maximise your results with the right nutrition and exercise.

MaxiNutrition MAX is scientifically formulated to provide 20g of sustained release protein. MAX is a low-fat protein drink with naturally present salts and added magnesium for electrolyte balance.

MAX is an easy-to-prepare drink containing essential protein that gets to work by helping maintain muscle. MAX provides your muscles with the protein to support your goals.High in proteinEvery serving of MAX contains 20g of high-quality protein, the building blocks of muscles.

MAX provides your muscles with protein to help you maintain and rebuild muscle.Perfect after exerciseMAX is ideal to take after exercising. Protein taken at this time helps maintain muscle – helping to make the most of your hard work.MagnesiumEvery serving of MAX is also a source of magnesium which contributes to electrolyte balance and a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.
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