Add SIXPAD training to your’s or their daily routine.

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 Add SIXPAD training to your’s or their daily routine.


SIXPAD EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) wearable.

Add SIXPAD training to your daily routine.

ABOUT EMS Technology

– SIXPAD is an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training device that delivers electrical stimulation directly to the muscles causing them to contract and relax exactly as they would during exercise.

– The SIXPAD product range uses an electrical frequency of 20Hz. Muscle fibres react differently to the strength of the electrical current and the duration and frequency of the electrical impulses. Japanese research shows that 20Hz is the optimum frequency for EMS training because when frequencies that exceed 20Hz are applied the muscles quickly tire.

– Each SIXPAD is programmed to deliver a comprehensive 23-minute workout to be worn once a day. The product automatically cycles from warm-up to cool-down. The program progressively increases exercise intensity in stages as time elapses, and automatically stops when the program is completed.

– If worn every day, and used as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, SIXPAD can develop and tone muscle, while it can build core strength and keep muscles engaged for longer.

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