Tournament Draw Limavady Gallant Cup preseason tournament C U There!

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Round 1 kick off 1.30pm sharp
Pitch 1 Limavady vs Cooke
Pitch 2 city of Derry vs omagh
Pitch 3 Rainey vs ballymoney

Round 2 kick off 2 pm
Pitch 1 limavady vs city of Derry
Pitch 2 Cooke vs ballymoney
Pitch 3 omagh vs Rainey

Round 3 kick off 2.30pm
Pitch 1 limavady vs omagh
Pitch 2 Cooke vs Rainey
Pitch 3 ballymoney vs city of Derry

Round 4 kick off 3 pm
Pitch 1 limavady vs Rainey
Pitch 2 city of Derry vs Cooke
Pitch 3 ballymoney vs omagh

Round 5 kick off 3.30pm
Pitch 1 limavady vs ballymoney
Pitch 2 Cooke vs omagh
Pitch 3 Rainey vs city of Derry

Finals kick off 4 pm
Pitch 1 galant cup final 1st vs 2nd
Pitch 2 shield final 3rd vs 4th
Pitch 3 bowl final 5th vs 6th

Rules are as follows all pool stage games are 15min straight period games win of coin toss to decide what way you play
Finals games will be 25 min games with two 12 1/2 min halves

Points are win = 4, draw=2,loss=0, 3 trys=1
In event of ties at pool stage it will go to head to head results in pool stage if still tied points difference will be used to separate the teams

Discipline yellow cards pool stage 3 mins bin and 5 mins at finals. Two yellows in a game resulting in red player must sit next game out and straight red player is banned rest of tournament

Everyone is welcometo stay for the marquee with bar pitch side and a casino night and disco after the tournament in the marquee.

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