Top 5 Rugby Movies

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Top 5 Rugby Movies

Would you like to do something breathtaking? In this case, you can play and win casino online real money, go to the amusement park or watch a championship on your favorite sport. One more way to get new emotions is to turn on a rugby movie. Here are the best of them.

Forever Strong, 2008

The story of Rick Penning, who played on the school’s Flagstaff team, but because of his inappropriate behavior was sent to a reformatory. He got an opportunity to be part of the rival Highland team, coached by Larry Gelwix.

The film is based on true events. Although Rick Penning is a fictional character, a similar incident did occur. Larry Gelwicks did coach the Highland club until 2012. From 1976 to 2012, his team lost only 10 games, had 419 wins, while winning 19 of 26 U.S. Under-19 Championship titles. Larry left the club in 2012, disbanding the team. A little later the team was rebuilt without Gelwicks, but that’s another story.

Freetime Machos, 2009

This documentary is about Finnish rugby players from OYUS Rugby club. The main characters, Matti and Mikko, have the same problems as we do: where to get players, how to solve family problems, and how to get to the next game.

The film faithfully reflects the state of rugby in Finland, where the sport develops only thanks to enthusiasts. This film has been presented at several documentary film festivals.

Invictus, 2009

This is not even a rugby film but a biography of Nelson Mandela, but the topic of rugby is strongly linked to the activities of this great man. In 1994, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa, and in 1995, South Africa hosted the World Cup. Mandela tried to use this event to unite the people of his country.

The film was directed by Clint Eastwood and was nominated for two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and several others.

School Wars: Hero, 2004

A film is by Japanese director Ikuo Sekimoto. Former Japanese national team rugby player Yamagami is invited to work at school hoping he will cope with difficult students who repeatedly cause trouble. But things turn out to be far from simple.

The film is based on the story of Yoshiharu Yamaguchi, a teacher and player for the Japanese national team. From 1967 to 1973, he played 23 games for the Japanese team and scored 94 points. When his career ended in 1975, he was appointed principal of a high school in Kyoto. The events of the film took place there.

Grand Slam, 1978

Four Welsh men travel to Paris to witness Wales win and win the Grand Slam. This film was made in 1978 for the BBC Wales channel. The picture is an iconic film in Wales. It has been broadcast many times on local television since it was first shown.

Some scenes of the film were shot during the 1977 Five Nations Cup match between France and Wales. The screenwriters were counting on Wales to win, but they ended up having to rework the ending of the film as the French won.

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