Tone, Enhance and Recover with LA Muscle’s New Grooming Range / LA Muscle Launches New Body Enhancing Gels

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Premium British supplements brand LA Muscle, have launched into grooming with a range of innovative gels to enhance your muscles and define your body. The exclusive collection which includes the Six Pack Toner, Muscle Builder and Workout Recovery gels are designed to use pre, during and post workout to increase and repair muscles and help breakdown fat, making your training work harder and taking your physique to the next level.

Six Pack Toner

The revolutionary Six Pack Toner helps to boost that ultimate sculpted torso you’ve been training for. Apply directly to your abdominal region and the active Amino Acids and Ficus Carica will absorb through the skin breaking down your fat to reveal a perfectly toned chest.

Muscle Builder

Increase muscle growth fast with Muscle Builder from LA Muscle. As it absorbs into your skin, this pioneering new formula will increase your strength and muscle building male hormones. Amino Acids increase blood flow, speeding up recovery and aiding muscle growth for sculpted, defined muscles to rival Adonis.

Workout Recovery

Workout Recovery gel is an instant cooling gel which targets your muscles to assist your repair post training. You will feel the powerful herbs and Amino Acids working immediately after every application as they increase the body’s blood flow, nutrients and oxygen, gearing you up for your next hard gym session.

This trio of body buffing gels are available individually or buy together for the definitive physique that will have women flocking and make you the envy of the weight room.

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