Tips for remaining safe whilst on adult online dating platforms! A guide!

Tips for remaining safe whilst on adult online dating platforms! A guide!

Tips for remaining safe whilst on adult online dating platforms! A guide!

Research and develop a series of security measures that you will not relent unless in circustances where the person you are potentially going to meet has passed simple veting procedures.

Facts, and analysis of consistency, and simple protocols which provide security.

It is alost impossible to secure yourself 100%. It is important that you know that. You cannot guarantee your safety 100%. Even long term relationships can end frankly in the most terrible ways, I’m sure you can imagine.

So! Having said all of that there are systems and measures that you can put in placre which will give you up to 99% asurance that the risk has been mitigated, and you must not proceed without your tests of sincerity being passed by the other person.

People are exploring and experimenting in the world of online dating. This includes adult dating & sex dating sites and there is a place of these for those who want to explore these quite normal desires for annonymity, for casual sex and for no strings dating. So long as both parties have consented then this is quite lawful. However, nightmare scenarios, where a person changes there mind last minute require that you implement security protocols.

Most critical is the meeting location! Where are you meeting, is it a public place. Is there an internal security alert system within the establishment such as “As for Angela” a very successful initiative in the UK which many business have signed up to provide a service whereby patrons can ask a memeber of staff to separate them from a date who they feel threatened by.

The recent “Me Too Movement” has brought the issue of sexual harrassment and assault into the the public ocnscousness once again as something that must be re-explored on a regular basis to remind people that dating online has pitfals and dangers and that is why following our short list of simple measures will go some way to mitigate your risks! Do your own research, and explore other peoples ideas on these matters.

Ok! So, here is our list (mnost of these resulted from our own reasearch, some of them are obvious but not intuitive, some are commonsense)


The person you are dating is making claims, are thos real! Check what they are saying, simple google searches will reveal many of their claims


No profile image ( s ) is worrysome. Who is this person? that they say they are? Pictures are just as worrysome! Is it them?? Is this really them!

This is why the next check point is actually counter-intuitive but is actually the smart thing to do!


So many things are answered by meeting!

Our next tips are about meeting safely.

It is all well and good saying meet safely! the truth is unless you have a local establishment that offers the “Ask for Angela” service we mentioned above then bring friends with you!

Finally be careful about information which is location based, such as where you work, where you live, what gym you go to! Adult and sex dating attracts people who are not looking necessarily to fall in love and this is an enhnced target for scampsters, robbers, and blackmailers, so be very careful with personal information.

The vast vast maority of people online are absolutely fine! However you must be careful so research these ideas and tohers and keep yourself safe!

Very, very best wishes!

Intouch Rugby Relationships Editor.