Springtime in the city – sunny days and sore eyes … TheraTears Irritation & Redness 5-in1 eye drops

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Springtime in the city – sunny days and sore eyes

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Springtime in the city is a glorious mix of blue skies and blossom amongst the skyscrapers and offices. However, as the weather warms up and people are embracing outdoor city life again, their eyes are exposed to an increased level of allergens and pollutants. Environmental stressors including wind, dust and dry and polluted air can cause eyes to sting and become irritated. TheraTears® has developed a new eye drop specially designed to refresh and relieve irritated and red eyes as the seasons change.
Urban air quality is notoriously bad during the spring and summer months. This is due to a unique combination of rural fertiliser mixing together with industrial and traffic pollution. All areas of the country are waking up and this increased activity eventually finds its way into the air.

TheraTears® Irritation and Redness is a unique 5-in-1 eye drop containing hyaluronic acid that lubricates, hydrates and protects the surface of the eye. They are also safe for contact lens wearers. Natural Euphrasia effectively and gently reduces redness. TheraTears® Irritation and Redness eye drops are ideal to use alongside allergy and allergic conjunctivitis treatment to provide extra relief.

While there’s very little individuals can do to change the air quality around them, there are a few things they can do to protect their eyes:

Wear sunglasses
Wash hands frequently and avoid rubbing irritated eyes
Use eye drops to provide relief and restoration

“The latest product in the TheraTears® range has been developed in response to our eyes dealing with an ever-growing assault of allergens and pollutants,” says Stephanie Krikorian, Prestige Brands. “TheraTears® Irritation and Redness eye drops provide gentle and effective relief from irritated, burning or red eyes and are ideal during the spring and summer months when the air is full of potential irritants.”

So, put a spring in your step with eyes that feel refreshed, protected and restored.

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