The Vegan Survival Guide… getting the required supplements.

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The Vegan Survival Guide


If you’ve chosen to venture into the phenomenon and lifestyle of Veganism, whether in Veganuary or other months, it is important (as with any physical challenge) to be prepared. Suddenly replacing whole food groups in your diet can lead to fatigue and even vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Fortunately, supplement brand and wellness pioneer Solgar has offered its tips to support a plant-based diet and keep you on track for a very successful Vegan diet.

Paul Chamberlain, Solgar, Category Development & Product Training Director UK & Ireland comments: “a rich, balanced diet is paramount in ensuring a healthy and fully functioning system. For those embarking on an entirely plant-based diet, we strongly advise looking at the food groups you will be giving up and where you can alternatively find the nutritional value. Well-chosen supplements provide a valuable and simple solution to this issue and are certainly an asset to anybody who will be embarking on Veganuary this year.”

So which supplements are right for you?

Most notably, it is crucial that you have a reliable source of vitamin B12, which is vital for many body processes and plays a significant role in the health of your nervous system. Since B12 is most commonly found in dairy products (and eggs and meat), it’s easy to become deficient in a sudden switch to a plant-based diet.

Calcium Magnesium and Zinc that are found in meat, dairy and eggs are essential to promote healthy bones, muscles and the musculoskeletal structure and nervous systems. While multivitamins found in meat and dairy deliver active ingredients and essentials nutrients, you can replenish these with Solgar’s highly functioning VM-75 multivitamin capsules that unlock energy from food, enhance your immune system and boosts energy to name a few.

Finally, Iron is a nutrient used to make new DNA and red blood cells, as well as carry oxygen in the blood. It’s also needed for energy metabolism. Getting information that this vegan iron supplement is indeed the right one for you is essential. It makes a lot of sense, right!  Too little Iron can lead to anaemia and fatigue and is a common deficiency in a plant-based diet. Solgar offers Gentle Iron, a highly absorbable form of iron.


Vitamin B12 Meat & Dairy Fatigue Sublingual Liquid B12
Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc Meat, Dairy & Eggs Decreased immunity & low mood Calcium Magnesium Plus Zinc Tablets
Multivitamins Meat, Diary Fatigue, dizziness, irregular heartbeats, weight loss & muscle weakness. Multivitamin – VM75
Iron Meat & Seafood Fatigue & dizziness Gentle Iron

All of the above are not only suitable for vegan and vegetarians, but they are Kosher and Halal, too.

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