The Rugby World Cup heads towards the Semi finals and the Ultimate Rugby Final for the Rugby World Cup!

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An incredible tournament, the brave Japanese blossoms, the battle of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere which resulted in a resounding no change position and now the 4 teams in the Semi finals will go head to head this weekend followed by the final the following week. the exit of England of course could not have been more devastating for the English fans and equally could not have been more joyous for the Welsh and Australian teams.
Its been a very high scoring World Cup and a fantastic celebration of the game and superbly organised by the England Rugby World Cup machine. The tournament has yielded the most tickets ever sold at a Rugby World Cup and the highest viewing figures, the most filled seats in a stadium and the list goes on, a truly sensational build up led to a first round that was truly unique.
Expansive attacking rugby has been the victor, perhaps the best example of the developing nations was Romania v Namibia and USA v Japan and with the tournament being held in Japan in 2019 the scene is set for a truly unique tournament for Asia, and of course the single biggest number of bets placed in a tournament was England v Australia with many people using
The Semi-Finals of the Rugby World Cup 2015 will be outstanding games of rugby, these are not boring defensive games, the action will be end to end it will be frenetic, it will absorb all 4 nations and these are must see games for rugby fans. Everything that the Rugby World does leads to this destination every four years with the Female version equally absorbing the Rugby World Cup Semi-finals and final are what its all about. At that stage the teams have played 5 games with the Semi a Sixth and the Final a seventh game. Their resources are maxing out and the potentially that levels the field. Fatigue mental and physical etc injuries all taking their toll and making the games even more engaging and entertaining for the spectators! ho9
Who will it be is impossible to predict with 100% certainty, all 4 teams have had to work really hard to get to this stage with the exception possibly of New Zealand who have literally sailed to the Semi Final so the Semi Final this weekend will probably take soem toll on all 4 teams, and everything is riding on it, everything, careers, history, the future, the past all coming down to 2 games of 80 minutes, to games which will be talked about for as long as rugby is played and the winner will be the champion of thew world of rugby, a world that is growing at an incredible pace as rugby participation reaches beyond already world breaking records.
That is why everyone who is involved actually makes a difference, the tv viewers, the ticket fans, the countries the unions, the clubs, the grassroots and professional community. So well done World Rugby and bring on the Semi finals and the Final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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